Sunday, April 01, 2012

Reformers Rising Again In Alberta?

It's interesting to see the Reformers rising up again...I missed them. It is Reform that got PM Harper into office, and it looks like it is going to be Reformers that get Wildrose into office as well.

Liberals/NDP mock Reformers and Albertans as rednecked, neanderthals. Good, I like being different from lefties. They underestimate us all the time. They call us heartless, dumb, religious (is that supposed to be an insult?), gun loving, stupid....the list is endless. Then they show their true tolerant selves. 

The tweet: “If @ElectDanielle likes young and growing families so much, why doesn’t she have children of her own?  #wrp family pack = insincere” – Amanda Wilkie, "Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of the Office of the Premier (Southern Alberta Office)". March 30, 2012 (via Twitter).
As you can see from the posting, from Danielle Smith's response, it is the Wildrose that are tolerant. These are the supposed "Alberta Progressive Conservatives". There is nothing "Conservative" about them anymore.

The first ones to understand this were the Reformers. Never doubt that Albertans can smell a rat in a field full of wheat, this province is rat free, or it will be after this election when we exterminate them. Do not assume that the "senior" Conservatives will not change their votes. They are the most astute voters, they are least likely to be fooled by fakes, and they will not tolerate phonies.

Another example of the tolerant left is right here:

That is what happened to one of my Wildrose signs last night. Probably kids? Then why was only a Wildrose sign damaged? This next picture shows you my surviving sign, and that the PC signs next door were perfectly fine, no damage.

What did happen is the opposite of what the sign bandits wanted. First of all, it made me more likely to vote Wildrose, as well as my son, who was leaning Liberal. Second, my neighbours noticed the damage, and one will now be voting Wildrose for sure, and the one with the PC sign is now thinking of voting Wildrose as well. So, all in all, one torn up Wildrose sign, might end up gaining them 3 or more votes.  In this election, every vote counts. Go Wildrose!

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