Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vimy, Castro and Lefties

I have an 18 year old son at home, I can not imagine seeing him go off to war, like thousands of Canadian men and women did in WWI and WWII, and Korea and Afghanistan.

We lost so many of our young people, but we became a country, in our own right, not just an arm of Britain.

We are not peacekeepers, that is a fake liberal feel good mantra. Our soldiers are respected around the world for their fighting ability. To call them peacekeepers is to disrespect everything they have done and everything they do to keep Canada safe.

Presently the lefties are busy bashing the government over the costs of fighter jets, they see no need for Canada to protect her shores. They prefer to bow down to this guy:

Trudeau ‘brilliant’ while Harper full of ‘illusions,’ says Fidel Castro

OTTAWA— From Tuesday's Globe and Mail
Top two comments?

Lefties, praising Castro, look at all the comments (1193 at time of posting). This seriously rings their bells, makes them salivate. Yikes they are creepy.

Give our veterans the respect they deserve, because without them, Canada would be a whole different place. That is obviously what lefties wish for, socialism, or better yet, communism. Is it because they are so weak minded that they long for someone to take the heavy burden of just living day to day out of their hands?

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