Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Huge Win For Wildrose!

I know you are all waiting with baited breath to hear what I have to say about the Alberta election. HA!! So, here it is:

Yuck. Get ready to tighten your belts, because Premier Mom is about to reach in and grab you by the short and curly ones, and it's going to hurt.

I was busy scrutineering, locked up in a gym, waiting as the paid Alberta elections people counted the votes. We had some really slow guys, so I didn't know any results until close to 9:30. Of course, by then, it was all over. Make of it what you want, but last election the Liberals just about kept the riding, losing by 58 votes. The Liberal vote collapsed, as they ran to Mommy to protect them. That is why Mommy Dearest has changed the name of the PC's (Progressive Conservative) to the PL's (Progressive Liberals), because they can not hid behind the Conservative name anymore. They are not Conservatives in any way, shape, or form.

I will watch as Alberta goes further into debt with each election promise Alison fulfills, remembering the 20% decrease Albertans took to get rid of our debt for the future of our children during the Klein era. Alison will wipe that all out, in a flash, just watch her. Her first budget already reflected her big spending ways.

Do not despair. I'm over the shock, and excited to see Danielle take on Alison in the Legislature. It's going to be fun. It's going to be an eye opener for real Conservatives in Alberta. It's a great opportunity for the Wildrose. I give Albertans credit for voting for the Wildrose. They are breathing down the backs of the PC/PL's. They claim victory today, but with only a 10% lead they should not get too comfortable.

Looking at last election results, Wildrose was only at 7% of the vote, and the PC/PL's had 72 seats and 53% of the vote.

Last nights results show that the PC/PL's have dropped from 72 to 61 seats and from 53% to 44% of the vote. Alison did worse than Stelmach, imagine that!! Most important, is that the Wildrose went from 7% of the vote and 0 seats to 34% of the vote and 17 seats. If the expectations hadn't been so high, the Wildrose would have been seen as a huge winner against a 41 year old party with tentacles into every aspect of our lives.

We will live to see a brighter day, four years from now.  This is a huge win for Wildrose, they are now on the political map in Alberta, and they have 4 years to prove to Albertans that they are not "scary".

Which reminds me, because of the vile campaigne the PC/PL's ran, I will never vote for them again. Alison talks about building bridges when all they did was burn them this election.

I was disappointed that the Wildrose didn't do better, but there is always another election, and if RED Ali thinks she has free range, she will find out very quickly that the fickle Liberal/union voters who got her into power are very hard to satisfy. She is now a bought Premier. Bought by the Liberals, and bought by the unions.

To my candidate, be proud, you did everything you could do to win. To the other candidates in my riding, you all fought hard to win. I will never forget the face of the young Liberal scrutineer when he realized that the Liberal voters had switched to the PC/PL's, his bright shiny ideals hit a huge political brick wall. Too bad, because politics should not be about shifting your vote to keep a party out, it should be about standing up for your principles and voting for the candidate you actually want to support.

Huge win for the Wildrose? They don't think so right now, but it's a great start, and they will show how old and tired this government is, they will expose the underbelly of the entitled, and it's going to stink.

I will be holding Red Ali to ALL her election promises, and if she weasels out on them, it's just more fodder for the next election. No increase in taxes, but 150 new clinics? Good luck with that ONE promise, never mind everything else she threw at us. It's going to be fun. 

As a final note, my son was just dancing around with the puppy. I've never seen him actually dance before, but they were both loving it (He didn't know I was watching, so it was a spontaneous joyful dance between a boy and his dog). It was a funny, special moment, and all thoughts of politics disappeared. Family, it's the most important thing in our lives, and no politician can take that away, not ever, no matter how hard they try.

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