Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Far Left Is Panicking!

It really should come as no shock to Conservatives that the media holds us to a higher standard than the Liberals/NDP/Bloc. Any misstep by PM Harper is magnified a 100 times. Listen to the way the media asks PM Harper questions, they are disrespectful and downright hostile towards him and will not even let him answer before they interrupt with some other "got you" question. Roger Smith even brings up the scary "hidden agenda" again. They wonder why they get so few questions, maybe they should ask intelligent questions. They are like piranhas, jabbing, poking, and taking off pieces of their victim, then they run back to their studios where they feel safe and continue their biased message, not happy that their victim refused to roll over and bow to them. What babies.

Don't think that the media are the only ones working against the Conservatives this election. Special interest groups are scared silly that their government gravy train is going to fall off the cliff. They are sending all their little mindless university activists out in force, whether it is to protest Conservative rallies, or to set up faux debates then cry when the Conservative candidate refuses to show up. They are also hitting the comments sections of all newspapers. Here is an example of what they are doing:


11:02 PM on April 10, 2011

The following links are directed toward all supporters of the Harper Conservatives. Stephen Harpers Canada is a Canada that does not value peace and tolerance, measures its history and value by armed conflict, does not encourage citizens to work for social justice, is not concerned with protecting the environment, reveres the monarchy, warns immigrants to tame their savage ways, and emphasizes obedience to authority.

Is that a Canada you want? Please do not vote Stephen Harper on May 2, 2011.–canadian-women-s-rights-in-decline-report-says

I find this one interesting because it actually serves to highlight what Conservatives have been saying for a long time, the media is biased. That this is a comment troll is easy to figure out, she links to rabble, a far far far lefty site. By the way, don't bother clicking on any of those links.

Some days after reading comments, I feel discouraged. Even at my own blog trolls leave comments that are so untruthful and distort the truth so badly that I can't believe these people actually exist. What usually happens is that one of my readers will step up and totally destroy the troll by using facts and logic, and that always brightens my day!

What we as Conservatives have to understand is that lefties operate on emotions, not logic. Balancing the budget holds no interest to them, saving the world is uplifting. They are immature, they lie and distort the truth to fit their agendas. When they talk about Liberal "values" call them on it, ask them what that means, you will find they don't actually know what it means. Their moral compass has been lost and so they flounder around looking for some meaning to life and then get mad because they can't find it. They have no certainty about their beliefs so they attack those who know what they stand for, because they want them to be as miserable as they are.

So, go and comment on blogs and online newspapers, get our message out! Call the lefties on their lies and distortions. It will not change their minds, but it can impact those voters who are not sure yet of how they are going to vote.


Anonymous said...

"Special interest groups are scared silly that their government gravy train is going to fall off the cliff."

Absolutely scared silly!

Anonymous said...

"Here is an example of what they are doing:...By the way, don't bother clicking on any of those links."


Anonymous said...

Nice try mystery meat. Say, when are your criminal liberal masters going to pay back all that Adscam money? Also, why is Iggy and his lap dog press so quiet about their cap 'n trade / Carbon Tax II proposals? Could it be a....dare I say it....hidden agenda?

I can't wait to see the look on the faces of Peter and Lloyd (and Fife and Jane and Craig) when they HAVE TO announce a CPC majority on election night. They will have the appearance of having gone a dozen rounds with Mike Tyson Waiting also for the B list celebrities in an 11th hour act of desparation threaten to move away from Canada in the event of a majority! Perhaps Sun TV can have camera crews fan out across the nation as the lefties start to hurl themselves from bridges and rooftops! Wow, this script writes itself, don't it? Heh heh!

Anonymous said...

From over at Kate's site:

"I am an American Democrat. I will vote for Kerry in November," Ignatieff told The Glasgow Herald in 2004.

That's gonna sting.

If the press decides to pick it up, that is.......

Cory said...

mysereeoso is a foolish liberal lapdog. No doubt, one who possesses a university degree in some rubbish discipline.

Note how he draws attention to particular statements, without context? The "gotcha" moments are all they're after.

To think, such types want to run the country.

We'll be the last ones laughing come election night.

oxygentax said...

I find it interesting that these people are seeking to persuade Tory supporters to disenfranchise themselves rather than actually put that information into the public and debate it.


Southern Quebec said...

So...what did Tony Clement do with the $50 million in his riding? Enquiring minds want to know! Oh, they paid $1.1 million for a sidewalk 100 km away! Go Tony! hahahahahahahahaha

Is he scared silly?

Anonymous said...


hunter said...

Destroying the reputation of the AG, the most respected woman in government, by the opposition parties and media, is not going to help the coalitions cause.

Personally, I think the media just handed the Conservatives their majority.

West Coast Teddi said...

Sorry Hunter but Mysty-Sue and LessQue just don't understand your comment. So sad that they are such unfortunately admiss in their "ass-analisys" that their thought fails all.

Southern Quebec said...

Hunter, Ms Fraser has said that the CONSERVATIVES have misquoted her! Conservatives...liars all the time!

C said...

During the Dion coalition attempt a common argument for the coalition was "We don't elect a Prime Minister" but isn't it funny how the left obviously campaigns against one man.

MariaS said...

Hahaha... I will be dead drunk in the first 15 minutes if I play this game. Every time his eyebrows shoot up, I am going to laugh like crazy. He just looks so funny.

MariaS said...

Anybody know if Mrs.Iggy got her citizenship by now. The last I heard

she was not a citizen and would not be able to vote.
Can you believe it?
Iggy wants to become PM and his wife is not a citizen of Canada. They got married in 1999 and even refugees get theirs within a few years after they apply .... but I guess the Lib leader and his wife are Canadians of convenience.
What other reason can there be for not having applied for the citizenship ?