Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Who Can Form a Secure Majority?

Look at the map and you decide! If you squint your eyes you can see the red in the west. Expect the Territories to go blue, and Newfoundland, maybe PEI. BC is ripe for more blue as is Ontario and Manitoba. I suspect even Quebec is going to get into the game.

The momentum is building, a Big Blue Wave is about to swamp many areas of Canada.


Anonymous said...

This post is a barn burner!

West Coast Teddi said...

It's OK Mysty-Sue, our volunteer fire fighters will be getting a tax credit and will SAVE the barn!!

Southern Quebec said...

"The momentum is building..."

:) :) :) :)

liberal supporter said...

Poor Steve, I hope he's wearing steel toed boots. I'm surprised he can still walk, considering how many times he's shot himself in the foot in just 11 days.

Now we know what happened to Dion's "war room" team.


West Coast Teddi said...

Hey LessQue and Libby ... we got that covered too. Tax credits for "tools" (that's you ya know) so that we can BUILD a better more inclusive economy for the Great Land called CANADA (and not let the barn burn at the same time)


hunter said...

Maybe if you worked for a living too, you might not have the time to comment on blogs all day. Right Mysterymeat and SQ?

Funny, I thought SQ said she was an accountant, isn't this a very busy time of the year SQ? Yet hear you are commenting as usual, is your business failing?

Southern Quebec said...

Oh, I'm seriously busy Hunter. When I take a break I come to your blog for the comic relief.