Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Biased Media Making Up The News?

Seriously, a group of anti-Harper protesters get booted out of a Conservative rally, and it is PM Harper's fault? Is that all the media has? They looked like whiny babies. WHAAA. How about them questioning Iggy on the WEST KILLING carbon tax and his lack of support for the military?

I find it interesting that the opposition brought down the Conservative government on a vote of non-confidence because of "contempt" by the government, but that didn't play very well, so the media have gone back to the faux scandals, like the wafergate, the Odagate, the _______ (fill in the blank) gate. The media is going for the emotional issues, because they know PM Harper will win on the economy and tax issues. BOO HOO a pro-Iggy supporter got asked to leave a Harper rally. Now she is a victim? Give me a break.

On Sunday, the Liberals released their "red book" and it stank, that's why the media is trying to change the channel. They don't want us to know about the cap and trade/carbon tax that the Liberals (and NDP) want to impose on the west. They don't want us to know about how the Liberals will gut the military, AGAIN!

Here is one of the best blog postings I have seen totally destroying the "red book". Some highlights:

The current Fleece Merchants obviously consider Pierre Trudeau, who almost bankrupted Canada, to have been a piker. This time around, the Liberals will do a much better job of bankrupting Canada and extracting every last cent from our wallets.

Traditional Liberal supporters and money holes like First Nations/Aboriginals/Metis, Artists and "free money" outlets (Council for Arts), the Civil Service and special (entitlement) interest groups are favoured in the Liberal income re-distribution scam.

But there's more! By re-positioning far to the left of the NDP's platform, the Liberal Party has to cater to a host of new supporters, and welcome back all their old supporters, at a large cost to you and me. Examples include:
Go check out this blog post to see the examples, it's a must read.

The slimy media has nothing to do but attack PM Harper for something he had no control over, and American Iggy couldn't help but slam him, smugly, in a Tim Horton's. You are not fooling anyone Iggy, blue sweater or not, you are a snob!

PM Harper has done a terrific job during a very challenging time, where every country took a hit. We have come out of it quicker than any other country thanks to his management. (Lefty trolls will say it was Martin who is responsible, but the Liberals has been out of power for 5 years, they just haven't gotten used to it yet).

Why did the opposition cause this election? To attain power. Simple.

How? By any means possible, like a coalition. This time they won't actually sign a document, but if you have ever watched the committees where they have the MAJORITY, you will understand how they collaborate to make Parliament dysfunctional.

Both the Liberals ( in their red book of tricks) and the NDP have come out saying they want to shut down the oil sands. NEP II. This will not sit well with the west, but we have so few votes that we have to rely on Ontario to help us out. Think about this, PEI has 4 MP's when their population would only actually deserve 1 MP. Little PEI is more powerful than Alberta, the engine that is driving our economy. Alberta is getting smoking hot again, this means more revenue for the feds, our deficit could disappear sooner than projected, unless the coalition gets elected.

Now the Liberals/media are attacking a very good ad by the Conservatives, because they use the flag that Iggy called a beer can label. They are disgusting, and the media is pandering to them so badly no Conservative can watch them anymore.

Bring on Sun News!


Dance...dance to the radio said...

We should change the channel, too, by suggesting that a majority means a leadership reset for all the parties.

For five years we've listened to the same arguments from the same people.
I'm tired of them.
A majority gives us peace and wholesale change at the top including the prime minister next time around.

Anyone undecided should ask if they want to see these same five people in another election ever again.

Jason Cherniak said...

Is it the "Liberal media"'s fault that Soudas apologized? Even the Tory campaign isn't pretending that this was about protesters or Liberal plants.

Southern Quebec said...

"For five years we've listened to the same arguments from the same people."

YES!!!! Time for Sweet Contemptible Steve to go!

Southern Quebec said...

Jason, everyone knows that facts have a Liberal bias!

Blame Crash said...

I'm certainly not "pretending".

All I have to do is use my common sense to see that this is just another example of manufactured propaganda by the Toronto media dirt bags for “their” political arm called the Liberal Party of Toronto.

Seeing as how we’re on the topic of “pretending”. I’m wondering if the Liberal Party dupes are still pretending that they are anything other than useful idiots for the corporate and bureaucratic power brokers who own the Liberal party? Are they okay with the realization that they’ll always have an appointed leader forced on them by the Liberal Politburo?

Blame Crash said...

Wrong again SQ.

Everyone with a brain knows that Liberals have a bias against the truth and honesty.

Cory said...

I had to laugh when one of these activists was tossed for her environmental activism; she notes that all she wanted to do was "ask questions."


Yeah, and we wonder how you were going to ask those questions, lil' miss enviro nut.


Southern Quebec said...

Because, Cory, we know that SC Steve does not answer no stinkin' questions! Answers are for smart people and we all know who the base of the CPOC is!

Who's contemptible, now Blame Crash? First time in Canadian history! Go Cons! Please...

Blame Crash said...

I don’t know what you’re blathering on about SQ!?!

It’s not that the members of the Kookilation pretending that they were judge, jury and executioner over another one of their manufactured propaganda stunts is it?

I love it when people self-beclown themselves in public. You make me laugh! Keep up the good work!

hunter said...

Well SQ it appears your party had a candidate who was a racist, any comment about that? How about you Jason? Nothing?

Some college kids teaming up to make the Prime Minister look controlling and the media believes them and runs with the story. Go to SDA and see what some of those little innocents are up to.