Monday, April 11, 2011

The Iggy Debate Drinking Game!

Here is what you do. Every time during the debate, Iggy says, or does these things, you drink. Seeing as it is a weeknight, I leave the choice of drink to you.

1. Eyebrows, anything with his eyebrows moving...DRINK.

2. Shoulders shrugging...DRINK.

3. Says, "I"...DRINK.

(Maybe we should make this just count the number of times instead, because if we drink every time he says "I", we won't last past the 5 minute mark.)

4. Points his finger...DRINK.

5. Says, "A _____ if necessary, but not necessarily a _____. DRINK.

6. We will have to raise taxes....DRINK.

7. Any reference to Americans or the US, such as "I voted for Kerry" or "the US is my country too". ..DRINK.

8. Coalition, alliance, ...DRINK.

9. Pretending he is just an average Canadian...DRINK.

10. Any reference to "didn't get it done"...DRINK.

11. Lies about not voting in other countries, or voting in Canada...DRINK.

12. Likes his junk touched...DRINK.

13. Likes ladies underwear...DRINK.

And the big one:

14. Any time he refers to himself as being Canadian!...DRINK.

(I suspect we are going to be double drinking because he will try to use the "I am Canadian" line, which means we drink because of the "I" and the "Canadian". )

Okay, your mission is to add to the drink game. To my lefty trolls, this is not about Harper, if you want it to be, go create your own game.

To start the game off, we have the first comment that really illustrates why Iggy is not Canadian:

Jim Lad

10:24 PM on April 11, 2011

While Mr. Ignatieff was gone, I emigrated to this country from Scotland, married a Canadian girl, had two sons, lost my wife to cancer, married again, had another child, saw one son go off to join the Canadian forces, had a thirty year career in entertainment and I don't even get to vote. I used to but Pierre Trudeau and Bill Bennett took the vote away from landed immigrants.
Do I have a grasp of Canadian politics?
Of course I do.
Do I feel qualified to represent Scots in a General election?
Certainly not. I'm completely out of touch with respect to British politics.
To imagine that I could somehow go home and hold the highest office in the land after a thirty year absence? That would take a heck of a lot of arrogance.

More comments like this one should be easy to find. So, get your beer and popcorn ready! Let the games begin!


charlie said...

In reference to your first comment,if the guy spent 30 years as a political professor studying and writing books about political systems, he would be able to go back to scotland with the confidence that he knows something. Poor example,but,I'll drink every time cons use the "bogeyman" theme. glug,glug,glug...

Archie said...

I suppose the Liberal puffins are going to clean up the empty bottles.

The_Iceman said...

Hunter, it is irresponsible of you to encourage an activity with such a high probability of leading to alcohol poisoning. The Ignatieff drinking game is dangerous and should only be attempted by professional alcoholics. Novice and intermediate drinkers risk harm to themselves by participating.

Geez, just be more carefull next time and include a disclaimer and warning.

Archie said...

Who's supplying the beer and popcorn

Southern Quebec said...

"Who's supplying the beer and popcorn"

Maybe Tony Clement has some of OUR money left over from the $50 million.

Every time Sweet Contemptible Steve smirks I will throw something at my TV. Bye-bye TV!

BTW Does SCSteve wear lipstick?

The_Iceman said...

Southern Quebec, I can't say that I'm pissed off that they spent some money to make Huntsville look nice ahead of a major summit of world leaders. I grew up nearby, have been there many times, and it didn't always look nice. Whether all venues were used or not, I supported the initiative.

Tony Clement is an excellent Minister.

Anonymous said...

That's about right. The Blogging Tories will drink, gobble popcorn and sneer at debaters other than fatso while the rest of the country quietly makes up it's mind to vote the cons out on their sorry behinds.

Anonymous said...

"Tony Clement is an excellent Minister."

Tony Clement is an old Harrisite. Plus ca change...

Anonymous said...

Ten bucks says that in addition to lipstick fatso will be wearing an unnatural amount of face powder.

Prairie Kid said...

I don't think Tony Clement is going to make it to the end of the election. I heard the NDP candidate put out a contract on him. Or at least said he should be shot. I just hope his gun is registered.

About the debate, I think Iggy and Jackie boy have no choice but to go after one another because they both have the same platforms now that the Liberals have moved so far left. Even the Red Star loved to see all those lefties demonstrating in downtown Toronto. I say watch those 2 go at it.

Anonymous said...

Iggy is circling the bowl and will soon be a footnote in Canadian history.

Paul MacPhail said...

Iceman, forget about the alcohol poisoning. Who could afford to buy the amount of alchohol needed to get to the two-minute mark?

Paul MacPhail said...

Even Charlie Sheen would opt out of this game.

wilson said...

Hunter, this drinking game needs a salute;
you raise your glass and shout:

"I am an American Democrat. I will vote for Kerry in November"

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff is going to wipe the floor with the NDPCON coalition.

Bottoms up!

Anonymous said...

Oh mysty, you crack me up. On May 3rd, Iggy will be but a skid mark on the porcellin bowl as he and Zuzuzusanna will be busy picking out new blinds at the Lowe's in Cambridge, Mass for his old Harvard office. And looking for where he left his Democratic party voter registration card.

Anonymous said...

Wrong Eskimo.But nobody ever thought you were anything but deluded. Did you click on the forbidden link to find out what I'm talking about or did you just start spewing your toilet bowl imagery instantaneously?

Anonymous said...

You know... Stephen Harper is just so lackluster in these debates with all his franklys and to be clears that spoil his diction. Comes off like bottled insincerity.

Say, do you think he'll sport that captain Canada jacket he keeps wearing tonight? Gosh I hope so. I think it's his only hope.

MONSTER said...

Iceman, the only way to get to the pros is with constant practice.And dont worry abot the liver, its a small price to pay to make it to the bigs. Besides ya got two of them anyways.

maryT said...

Lots of long faces at cbc, the At Issue panel declares PMSH the winner tonight. Chantel said iggy did not do what he had to do. Zinger for the night, by Layton to iggy, why were you absent so many times, you want to be PM, learn how to an mp, most people who miss work do not get a promotion. CTV also gave iggy a bad time. Duceppe must be afraid of PMSH in Que and if polls are right and ndp are #2 there, they just might get more than one seat.

maryT said...

Really upset at the questions and the moderator. All the coalition members went off message when answering them and they should have been called on it. The PM just looked out at Canadians and gave his message. Too bad the cbc camera just kept it on the back of the PM's head. But that let us see the looks on the other leaders faces.
Iggy bombed big time, wonder how he will do in the French debate.

Anonymous said...

Hello trolls.....?

I guess they're leaping from the bridges they live under!

At least Iggy never mentioned that his immigrant family arrived with "nothing". Good zinger from Lenin about Iggy's absente voting record. Anyone else notice how Duceppe's English got worse over the length of the debate?

MONSTER said...

Hands down Harper won. Noticed how the others kept trying to interupt him but he just kept going ahead.He never walked on the others. The triplets couldnt stay on topic and I was glad to see them turn on each other. Is that how a colilition would run? Iggy was so far in over his head that his new port of call is China.Go away Gilles and try to make your socalist fairy land with out Alberta`s cash infusion. Can you say third world. Jack did a good job on beating up Iggy,though against Steve he got his ass handed to him. Harper showed why he is the PM and they arn`t.Cool and poised. I thought Iggy was over board with going on about his parents being imigrants. Poor poor refuges down to their last couple of million. And his chatter about the gun registrey? Sheesh. Harper kicked butt.

hunter said...

Harper kicked butt! So true Monster! Good points MaryT, Layton had the knockout punch against Iggy.

Harper 1 Coalition 0

liberal supporter said...

Your "drinking game" is straight out of the CPC "how to disrupt committees so Parliament becomes simply a bickering society". Trivializing whatever Parliament does, hoping everyone will walk away in disgust and let you rule by default.

Iggy called your leader and by extension your entire party on it. Parliament isn't some annoyance, to be circumvented at every opportunity. It is how we govern our country.

Snigger away all you want, it does suit you, but the fact is, Canadians do deserve better.

Your efforts at voter suppression are failing, but I can understand your reasoning. You'll never get a majority if everyone shows up and votes. Your only hope is to so poison the well, that people say "a pox on all your houses" and either don't vote, or vote fringe.

Not going to happen this time.