Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Townhall Meeting In Your Own Home!

Voters have listened to the debates, they have heard the stump speeches (too many times), they are now turning their attention towards their riding candidates. This election is down to who voters are going to vote for in their ridings.

I was reminded of that this evening by a phone call from my MP, James Rajotte. It was a townhall meeting in your own home. It was a conference call made from my MP to over 9000 people. If you stayed on the line you could listen to the questions and hear how your MP answered the questions. You could ask a question if you wanted to, or just listen. I listened, and it was worth it. The questions were actually about the issues and party platform. One NDP voter noted that even though he didn't vote for James, he respected him and the job he was doing. That is what becomes most important, electing a MP that will listen to all sides, and work with everyone in the riding. James is an excellent MP, and will get re-elected with his usual over 50% of voter support, from all parties. I'm hoping he will get to become a Minister, but that doesn't really matter, I just like that he helps all constituents.

I wonder if NDP MP Linda can say the same thing? NOT! She wants to shut new development of the oil sands down, killing thousands of jobs on top of her party wanting to bring in cap and trade.

Driving through the Edmonton Strathcona riding, it is a close sign race. Linda has more huge signs (not very environmentally friendly, tsk, tsk!) and more signs parked on public land, such as one right by the crosswalk of an elementary school (NDP going for the kid vote!). Ryan has more signs the further you get away from the university area.

Voters are going to start concentrating on which local candidate to vote for during Easter, then they will tune out to watch hockey and the royal wedding.


Southern Quebec said...

Are you allowed to ask more than 5 questions?

liberal supporter said...

That is what becomes most important, electing a MP that will listen to all sides, and work with everyone in the riding.
So much irony, given your own voter suppression efforts.

Alberta Girl said...

Hey SQ and LS - at least we don't have to cheat to get votes!

I assume you guys are going to complain to EC about that unauthorized vote held at U of G???

Being that you appear to be so concerned about appearances by the various parties.

MONSTER said...

The story thats out (I heard it from a very good source) is that Linda`s paying university students $14.00 an hour to place signs. Any one else heard of this?

Anonymous said...

Monster, maybe we need to have a volunteer university student visit the Kremlin on Whyte Avenue (NDP HQ) for a job interview. Perhaps a Planned Parenthood style exposé with a hidden camera peaking out of a student duffle bag.

My son may be just the candidate. He's a first year student at the U of A and lives at residence. Unlike some of his fellow students, he will only be voting in his home riding when he moves back here next week after exams. No "double dipping" voting in the university riding and then again back home. He's an honest kid and unlike some of his fellow students he's well aware that cheating is for lefty's. He's also a staunch Conservative. ('atta boy!)

Perhaps junior could first stop at a thrift shop so he could get into costume for a job interview at Duncan's office. Standard issue campus Marxist attire: smelly old black wool trench coat, Che Guevera T-shirt, knitted wool touque, wool gloves with no fingers, some clip-on facial hardware and a paste-on goatee. For footwear there are 3 options. Berkenstocks, skater type running shoes or jackboots. Accessorizing with an iPod and a Starbucks cup and junior will be the pride of any university protest or sit-in.

I'm, sure he'll have many questions about posible employement within the NDP. First off, is the $14 per hour before or after the obligatory deduction of union dues? Which union represents "Electoral Sign Erection Technicians"? How much money will be withheld for donations to the WWF, the Suzuki Foundation and Friends of Medicare? How many coffee breaks are allotted? Can he get paid time off for gender re-assignment counselling? If he uses his own vehicle to haul signs, will Linda pay him the standard 55 cents per kilometer gas allowance or is this perk only available to volunteers who drive hybrids or buy their fuel from sources other than Alberta oil sands? When is the company softball game and does he have to bring a donation for the food bank along with his ball glove? Even though he owns his own vehicle, can he still get a free ride to the polls? Will they serve coffee on the bus to the polls and how many nursing homes will they be stopping at along the way? (His time is valuable to him) Does he have to declare his politcal party affiliation as a condition of his employment? If he keeps this secret and is subsequently hired, but somehow it is revealed he plans to vote for Tim Uppal, will his employment be terminated? If he is, will he qualify or EI benifits? Would the union take this up for him seeking a grievance for unwarranted termination?

The logistics of such an operation is extensive, but do-able. Anyone interested in helping out, we'll be holding a strategy meeting at Chianti's on Whyte over the lunch hour! Unfortunately my video camera is an old analog model, so I will need some time to digitize the job interview and e-mail it to Ezra.

Film at 11:00.

MONSTER said...

Eskimo, you are a logistical and planning genius. I love the op that you have put together. I was just gonna phone them and see if their story was different from my source which comes from a meeting with some one I do not believe would make this up out of whole cloth.He recieved this information from talking to some young people putting up those orange signs.

liberal supporter said...

As usual, a fun read, Eskimonte.


MONSTER said...

As usual LS a well thought out and written comment that adds to the debate and stimulates thought. By the way, do you type out the haha`s every time for every blog you vist or do you just cut and paste to save time?

liberal supporter said...

Why thank you, monster. Despite your flattery, I must say it isn't difficult to rise above the quality of most of the comments by the western separatists here.

I type each and every haha by hand. I laugh each one of them out loud too. You may note there was a haha for each comment in this thread. You do know that suppressing laughter, like suppressing voters, is bad for the health of the human body or the body politic respectively. Those who do not laugh heartily, soon become right wing extremists, reduced to frat boy sniggering, which isn't really laughter, but a simple defense mechanism for the foolish.

hunter said...

Eskimo, awesome! Now Linda Duncan is going to be worried that we have sent a mole to secretly video tape her volunteers. Too funny!

Monster, LS is a big baby, every time I delete a comment of his, he cries.

liberal supporter said...

Poor hunter, reduced to lying and deleting again.
But we both know why you deleted that other comment don't we? You don't like be blowing your operatives' covers do you? Not the pretend one that Esk invented, but the ones from CPC HQ. About the only thing that is transparent about the Harpergovernment is the real identities of their blog commenting operatives.


MONSTER said...

LS, In the west we know all about the Lib concern for the health of the voters. Going as far as raising the dead so as to give them a chance to vote. Defense mechanisim? Didn`t figure I needed one when being attacked with such lame comments that are the standard reply from the left. I find that answering with the truth is all the protection I need.

MONSTER said...

Darn it LS you just done outed me.