Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finish Line Is In Sight!

Windsor Conservatives did us proud and loud during this speech by PM Harper. If anyone wants to talk momentum, it's the Conservatives that obviously have it!

Yeah, yeah you say, but it's the NDP that are surging! Only in Quebec and it serves the news media to make hay about their popularity. PM Layton? Oh give me a break, not happening, ever!

What is interesting is that Democratic Space, is predicting a Conservative majority.

Maybe those of you on the ground can tell us if they are predicting your riding correctly. Check out their pdf file for more detail of each riding.

I smell a Conservative majority happening with the high voter turn out at the advance polls. Over Easter, families talked about the election and realized that if the Conservatives were leading by 10 to 12%, they might as well give them the majority that PM Harper has been asking for, it would reward the Conservatives for a job well done during a world wide recession.

The finish line is in sight, and the steady and sure Conservatives are leading the race, with the NDP, Bloc and Liberals back in the pack busy trying to trip each other up. The biased media is running behind everyone yapping and shoving each other to try and get the scoop that will bring them fame. They stink of sweat and fear.

Most importantly, vote.


oxygentax said...

I find it funny that Iggy's own seat is only leaning Liberal but he's not spending any time campaigning there.

West Coast Teddi said...

Over Easter it was 100% CPC, 0.000% all others, in our house (results +-0.0% 4 times out of 4). May 3 can't come fast enough as we have all voted!!

burpnrun said...

I wouldn't be so elated. If you want to see a CPC minority, at a minimum, on May 2nd, you better read this real quick:

The real threat to Canadian Democracy (Soros, Avaaz, unions, media, etc):

Folks, there's only 3 days to get the word out if you come to the same conclusion that I do. This is very serious.

Southern Quebec said...


Paranoid much, Burpy? Get real. If we want to read teh really stupid stuff, we go to Dodo's. You really can't compete on her level.

Anonymous said...


liberal supporter said...

It's fun watching the CPC online voter suppression team in full flight. I'm now understanding how ridiculous Martin looked to non-liberals as he watched government slip through his fingers while begging for votes. Harper is looking exactly the same now. Telling us we should vote for him because don't need to have elections, while this one is actually serving a purpose, because we are actually seeing "seismic" shifts, just goes to show Harper's complete contempt for democracy.

I thought you would be cheering that the Bloc is likely to lose a lot of seats. I thought you would be pleased that the separatists are losing. But as a western separatist yourself, I now see it was never really about the Quebec separatists, it was only about getting more CPC seats there to allow the Harpergovernment to really get started on their mission to make Canada unrecognizable to the majority of its citizens.

A Layton majority would be annoying.
A Harper majority would be frightening.

If my own riding NDP shows signs of having a better chance than the Liberal, I'll switch my vote.

The criminal CPC has to go.


hunter said...

LS, vote switchers show their lack of principles, you are only in it for the power, not for Canada. You would prefer for the Dippers to rule, knowing they would break this country apart. I thought you had a modicum of intelligence, guess NOT!

SQ, your screed is getting screechy, worried are you pumpkin?

Southern Quebec said...

Hunter, Burpy just posted that Soros was a threat to "Canadian Democracy (sic)" and I'm the one that's screechy?

BTW I voted NDP on Monday! Go big Dippers! :)

liberal supporter said...

LS, vote switchers show their lack of principles, you are only in it for the power, not for Canada. You would prefer for the Dippers to rule, knowing they would break this country apart. I thought you had a modicum of intelligence, guess NOT!

What a laugh. I was called "unprincipled" by a dipper too recently, when I told them "voting their conscience" is just enabling a Harper majority. I wonder why they have not chastised me as unprincipled now when the situation has changed and I'm prepared to support their guy?

Switching votes to stop Harper making Canada unrecognizable is about the most patriotic thing I can think of to do. How dare you accuse me of not wanting what is best for Canada. You, an admitted western separatist? Don't try to talk down to me as if you are morally superior, for you are not. Traitor.

The dippers ruling will not break the country apart, though it might be used by traitorous western separatists as an excuse for their evil secessionist plans. Good thing PMJL will bring the troops hope, looks like he'll need them to deal with treasonous separatist scum.

MONSTER said...

Hey LS walk me through this please. Alberta separtists are traitors yet Quebec separtists are just trying to assert their rights as an independent nation? How does that one work. My self I don`t mind staying in Canada and seeing Quebec leave. I`m getting a little tired of paying for their $5.00 a day child care and all of their other socalist programs that Alberta ends up footing the bill for. As for smiling Jack dodging questions and Linda the commie on the news saying about how busy he is and his tight scedule. B.S. Chicken is as chicken does. Tarsands in the east, oilsands in the west. Jack as p,m? Olivia as defense minister? Ya then it would be time for Alberta to leave.