Thursday, April 14, 2011

When Will The Polls Move?

It has been steady as she goes for weeks in the polls. Now that the debates are over, we should start to see a shift. Voters are beginning to make up their minds. Will it be a stable majority government or a coalition?

Talking to two co-workers after the English debate, both of them Liberal voters, and both of them thought Ignatieff sucked, big time. They didn't even want to talk about it they were so disappointed in his performance. They might not even bother to vote.

Conservatives were sure PM Harper had won the debate, no matter what the biased media told us, and it appears that even voters of other stripes agree.

Of course, that high number will probably drop and the media will use that as a hammer to show that support is dropping. Whatever. What it shows is that PM Harper is heads above the opposition, and even if his numbers drop, he is still seen as the best option for Canadians as the Prime Minister.

What I did notice about the latest poll numbers is that Atlantic Canada seems to be coming on line.

No one is mentioning Atlantic Canada, everyone is concentrating on Quebec and Ontario, but Atlantic Canada can set the tone, they can get the majority rolling. Newfoundland and Labrador can give us 2 or 3 seats, if not more. They should be really concerned about a coalition that gives the Bloc the power to stop their Churchill project. PEI alone can give us 3 seats. Combined, those are half the seats we need. Atlantic Canada can be the majority makers! By the up swing in the Conservative numbers, I wonder if Atlantic Canada hasn't started the majority trend that could sweep Canada.

In Quebec we will hold what we have and maybe gain a few seats. Think about this, if Quebec in 2006, had not elected 10 Conservatives, Martin would have been much closer to getting a minority. Ontario is doing it's usual waffling but I hope they will come through for us.

The Prairie provinces are solid Conservative, that's why everyone is flying over us instead of stopping by for coffee. Come on Iggy, we only have a few questions about your cap and trade plan. Don't be scared, we are probably the most relaxed and non-confrontational of all the provinces. BC is it's usual schizophrenic self, but there are solid pockets of support that will help hold everything we have, and help us win riding's like retired Keith Martin's.

As for our biased media, you will not dictate to us who we vote for, you do not have the power to do that, as no one is reading your papers anymore, and no one is watching CBC or CTV. We will tell American Soros to get lost. I find it really rich that Liberals talk about Harper/Bush when Iggy is the one who spent his time in America talking like an American and actually supported some of Bush's wars!

Some dimwit on CTV called the ethnic "costume" item a SCANDAL!!!!!!!! Wow I'm shocked too! NOT. Then 7 lefties come out to protest, and it's headline banner news? Give me a break, or better yet, give me SUN news! As a Canadian born woman, I actually think it would be awesome to not only wear your ethnic clothing, but bring your ethnic food too! Perogies! YUM! The media is giving the Conservatives a majority by being so biased that even my Liberal parents have mentioned it.

Canadians are making up their minds right now, and the choice is clear, majority or coalition. PM Harper has been mentioning it since the start of the election, and it is sitting in the back of people's minds, fermenting. Only lefties think a coalition when the economy is fragile is a good thing, but then they really don't like Canada anyways. This last stretch is going to be the most important, and the toughest. Here is a pick me up:


s256 said...
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Archie said...

It's amazing what some of these lefties will do.

Has anybody ask if Count Igor will be coming to Alberta or Saskatchewan or does he consider us as not part of Canada and our votes not worth going after

Cory said...

The first comment from S256 is typical of the mindless, drone-like commitment to left-wing ideology.

What's really sad is this person is perhaps a father, a brother, or at the very least, someone's neighbour.

Scary thought, huh?

Thucydides said...

Let's look at

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But wait

the IP addresses seem to be hosted at foreign universities. I saw Princeton, UWash, Berkley, UC Florida, GIT, Stanford, and even University of Ljubljana. Digging a little deeper I get:

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'nuff said

MONSTER said...

The worst possible secenario if the the tories don`t get their majority would be a coalition with Iggy as the boss. I would give it six months before it fragmented and we are back at the polls again. Are we to turn into Italy? The triplets just don`t seem able to play nice together. They could still manage to do horrible things to the country in six months though.

hunter said...

Excellent catch Thucydides! Perfect proof that the Americans are trying to influence our election.

I deleted the troll, but I wonder if they came here because I used Soros as a keyword? Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It appears Elections Canada exists only as a partisan arm of the Liberal Party of Canada and condones voter fraud. That has to be the SHORTEST investigation into 'voter irregularities EVER.

Now there's sobbing Helen G. conveniently in the spotlight...wait for Linda Duncan to try and make hay on this one.

I am convinced that if the CPC doesn't get elected (with at least a minority as strong as they currently hold) this will be the beginning of the end of Canada as we know it. South of the border the mid term elections bought them some time, but they are well on the road to riun. Like we will have in a few weeks, they have one chance left in 2012.

The left is in full panic mode now. They are enabled by the MSM who are happy to take marching orders. It's time to pull out all of the stops and get real dirty now, seeing that's the way the left wants to play it.