Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Radical Conservative Candidate Booted!!!!

Oh, sorry, that WOULD have been the headline to this story, except it was a Radical LIBERAL candidate that had to be booted, so the story has all but disappeared from all media sites.

Nope, can't see the story here! I see they are still on the university students being booted out of a Conservative rally. No bias there. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

Way, way down at the bottom of the page, I finally found it! Even at the National Post, it has been buried, except that readers keep on clinking on the article and have made it one of the popular picks (#4):

Wow, Iggy was Shocked! I'm Shocked he has a candidate in Quebec running who has been charged with failure to blow, OOPS, wrong candidate. Okay, maybe it's this candidate? Yup, that's the guy. Media coverage, non-existent.

Meanwhile back at the Liberal media anti-Harper party, they are still promoting their newest "scandal", some people getting booting from campaign rallies. Activists might think they are scoring points, but what they do and say will come back to bite them, like this guy, who is getting his butt handed to him over at SDA's :

Izzy responds:

Hi everyone,

This is Izzy, the man in question. I would like to clarify that I was kicked out of the rally without being identified. Nobody that kicked me out knew my name or had researched me beforehand - it was by facial recognition only and no Facebook probing or anything. All the media did in fact, speak the truth.

I apologize for my comments as a young highschool student filled with angst at our governments actions FIVE YEARS AGO. Clearly a naive adolescent as many are at the time, I have grown and matured much since then and am well on my way to obtaining a professional degree. I hardly think my comments should come back to haunt me - it was a joke after all.

As well, I am open to all political parties as long as the issues I care about are represented in their platforms. If currently the only platform that does that is the Green Party, then yes I am proud to support them but that in no means should present a threat at a Harper rally. In fact, the Greens support communication and non-partisan open dialogue amongst people from all ends of the political spectrum.

I am also proud to be able to represent Jane Goodall to youth in Canada, and proud to have delivered the last lecture valedictory speech for my class, which some of you may be mocking, but it was most genuine and a highlight of my life. So please stop harassing me and get on with your lives.

Posted by: Izzy at April 6, 2011 11:39 PM

Kate responds:

Izzy, you need to grow some integrity.

Your "vote mobs" are clearly Green Party organized, and thus the "non-partisan" claim from their organizers is intentionally deceptive.

You have the good fortune of a supportive media, but that doesn't excuse your dishonesty.

When the Prime Minister of Canada is being stalked by individuals who invoke hashtags like "surpriseHarper" and "trackHarper", it should come as no surprise when you're asked to leave.

Non-partisan groups don't target political parties. Don't treat us like we're stupid. You're not dealing with journalists here.

That is the beginning and the end of the issue. You are being dishonest. If you wish to be involved politically, then be truthful in what you do.

I'd suggest you begin by making calls to the reporters who were so willingly deceived and apologize.
I give the guy points for having the guts to post on SDA's, but as Kate points out, he is being completely hypocritical. Typical university student who needs to mature, but his posting about OUR PM needs to be considered as serious, and his coming a Conservative rally to protest the PM means he hasn't changed his views. Funny how the media hasn't picked up on this, just like they ignored the fact that an assistant for an NDP MP was front and center during the Ann Coulter protests.

Thank goodness for Blogging Tories. Sun News can't come fast enough for me. I am sick of my tax dollars going to biased media like the CBC. Why don't the lefties want the 1.3 BILLION the CBC gets yearly go towards solving poverty? HA!


The_Iceman said...

Isn't the bigger story that it took Iggy several hours to turf the candidate? All he had to do was Google his name to find the website and then phone the candidate. Why did this take 5-7 hours? The story was breaking news on my way to work when Iggy said he'd look into it, and the turfing was breaking news on my way home from work. I worked a full day.

I did get a good laugh when Barney Fife reported the incident and he boasted that it "only" a few hours to boot the guy. This guy was the Liberal candidate in that riding for 18 MONTHS! Didn't anyone do a Google search?

So is this worse than the Dipper who stepped down in the 2008 campaign after video of him showed up on Youtube talking about how much fun it is to drive a car while tripping out on acid?

It's called vetting guys...

Patrick Ross said...

He isn't the only one with no clue what "non-partisan" actually means. Sister Spiteful also identifies herself as "non-partisan" because she only hates Harper.

And speaking of hate...

Southern Quebec said...

The difference here is that Iggy DID turf the candidate. SC Steve would have denied knowing the candidate or said that the candidate was vetted by that nice RCMP man.

On another note, Dear Leader's NAC singing debut has been pulled from Youtube for copyright infringement! Rules...they are for other people! IOKIYAC

Skinny in Toronto said...

Oh mr iceman, let's dooooo talk about "vetting". I'm guessin it may go where you may not wish it to go hmmm?

Guffman said...

Southern Quebec...
I don't think it was Harper who posted the video of himself singing... use your brain. And do you think the famous little girl who sang the Lady Gaga tune should have been slapped with a 'cease and desist' too? There are MILLIONS of people singing there own covers of other peoples songs on YouTube, but *somehow* Harper got targeted.
Here's an idea, next time try making an intelligent point.

MONSTER said...

Pull the 1.3 billion and the leftards lose their propaganda organ. Oh wait, they would still have the majority of the MSM to cover their butts. Media bias? Right there out in the open.