Saturday, April 02, 2011

Calling Atlantic Canada, We Need You!

Atlantic Canada can determine whether the Conservatives get their majority or not. It is your time to shine! Don't let us down. We only need 9 seats, Newfoundland has 7 and PEI has 3. Being realistic, if we get 3 from Newfoundland and 1 more from PEI (please get rid of Wayne Easter, he makes PEI look bad), that only leaves 5 from the rest of Canada. We are working hard in Edmonton to take back the only NDP riding in Alberta, so there is 1 more, leaving 4 to go.

PEI voters showed up to support PM Harper and the Conservatives. I don't know what the media is going on about when they say Harper is angry, watch this and see him, at ease and having fun.

Quebec is moving towards the Conservatives, so even if we only hold the seats we have there now, it's a win. Ontario is a key province, and something I found really interesting was this poll result:

Vancouver 41.6% CPC 29.0% LPC
Calgary 52.7% CPC 22.3% LPC
Toronto 40.9% CPC 34.8% LPC
Ottawa 38.4% CPC 43.8% LPC
Montreal 16.2% CPC 25.9% LPC

Toronto is at 40.9% supporting the Conservatives, and only 34.9% for the Liberals! THAT IS HUGE! Think about it, the only Liberal strongholds left are Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Vancouver is at 41.6% Conservative to 29% Liberal...OUCH! The only hope left for the Liberals is Montreal, and even that is shaky. Funny how the media missed those little details! HA!

I know the polling pundits are saying that Ontario and BC are critical, and they are, but Atlantic Canada can deliver a Conservative majority if they want to, and I hope they do.

I remember the 2006 election. It was the first time I volunteered and got involved in the actual election, I was ticked at the Liberals for stealing our money. This election is starting to feel the same way, but this time I am ticked that the opposition think they can take over the government without winning the election. It might be legal, but it stinks to high heaven.

This time PM Harper is openly asking for a majority, and Canada needs to get behind him, starting with Atlantic Canada, flowing to Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies, BC, and the Territories. The wave of support starts in the Atlantic, on election day send us here on the prairies a message, send us the majority the PM Harper deserves. We will be happy if our votes end up being a "Me Too" vote!

This is not a media election, even though they are trying their hardest to get us to vote for the Liberal coalition. This is an election for Canadians, by Canadians. This is an election where we decide whether we want a stable majority Conservative government, or a coalition government ruled by the losers.

It starts with Atlantic Canada, don't let us down, we have faith in you.


Miles Lunn said...

So far I've calculated at the moment that there are two winneable seats in Newfoundland, two in PEI and two in New Brunswick. In Nova Scotia, I cannot see the Tories winning anything beyond what they have a two of the seats they won there were by fairly narrow margins thus they will be fighting to hold what they have. Also the Tories have plenty of opportunities to make gains in Ontario if their numbers hold up. In terms of the 40% in Toronto, that is the GTA not Toronto proper. In 2008, they got 35% in the GTA yet were shut out of the 416 area code. The breakdown in 2008 was 42% in the 905 belt and 26% in the 416. The same goes for Vancouver as that is the GVRD not Vancouver proper. In 2008, they got 42% in the GVRD but only 29% in Vancouver proper while 46% in the GVRD suburbs. Only 25% of the GVRD's population is in Vancouver proper, the rest live in the suburbs.

Jeff said...

Victory will lie in our ground game. To our supporters, we need your help to make phone calls and go door to door for you Conservative candidate. We have four weeks, and in that short time, we can make a big difference for Canada.

Southern Quebec said...

Sure Jeff. Dear Leader has been head of your Party for how long? Please explain how he can make a difference now, as opposed to the last, say 4-5 years. "New Improved Stephen Harper?" Get real, these guys are only protecting their pensions. There is nothing there for the average Canadian!

Any Conservative turns up on my doorstep and they get the same treatment as the relgious whacko's.