Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quebec Debate...Yawn. Give Us A Western Debate!

Duceppe was declared the winner of the Quebec debate because he promised Quebec more goodies. If he has to form a coalition with the Liberals and NDP to get them, he doesn't care. Separation is his song, but it is getting really old, tired and out of date. We all know that Quebec is special because of their culture and language. It is time for Quebec to stop being on the outside, with no chance of power and come back to Canada. The only party that can form a majority are the Conservatives. If Quebec continues to vote Bloc, and the Conservatives form a majority without Quebec, they will be out of luck. The Bloc will have no power.

If the coalition actually does take power, all voters west of Ontario will have little to no representation in the takeover government. This could have a devastating impact on the economic engine of Canada. All opposition parties want cap and trade. If you think that the NEP was economically destroying in Alberta, cap and trade would be ten times worse. Quebec and Ontario would suck Alberta and Saskatchewan dry, causing a huge divide in this country.

I want a debate in western Canada, on western issues. For example, the Canadian Wheat Board does not allow western wheat farmers to sell their wheat to anyone but them. The Conservatives are trying to give western farmers choice, but the opposition parties refuse to let our farmers go. I want the debate to ask how the opposition parties think that cap and trade would benefit western Canadians. The opposition wants to stop any pipeline to BC to ship our oil to China and India. How does that benefit western Canadians? Oil is a provincial responsibility, what gives them the right to stick their noses into our business? It's time for all political parties to explain to western Canadians, why they suck money out of our provinces to give to Quebec and now Ontario, because those provinces refuse to elect governments that are fiscally responsible.

Demand a western Canadian debate, if Quebec gets one to yap about their specific issues, then western Canada should get one too. We are so far away from Ottawa, that our issues are very different from those of central Canada. Iggy has no plans to visit Alberta this election, what does that tell you? The Liberals have written off the economic engine of the country because they see no votes here. That is how shallow the Liberals have become. The Liberals, a party that doesn't know who they are, what they stand for, and who are obviously only interested in those that can help them gain power.

If the coalition gets in, the west will want out.


The_Iceman said...

I can't really comment on the French debates becuse I didn't watch them. I opted instead for hockey playoffs. Layton tweeted about watching the Canucks game, so be careful to anyone who gets between Layton and a camera at a sports pub...

Dollops said...

"We all Know that Quebec is ..." Sorry but I don't know that about any anachronism. If the Quebec Act had been given a best-before date (as with Indian status and every social safety net) nature would take its course and people would acculturate to meld into the mainstream - Canadian, eh?

wilson said...

The Wednesday French debate,
summed up:

liberal supporter said...

If the coalition gets in, the west will want out.

yet again, admitting you are a traitorous separatist. But it's not surprising, given your leader made a deal with Quebec separatists in 2004 with the aim of becoming Prime Minister.

Western separatist or Quebec separatist, you should be hanged by the neck until you cheer up, you treasonous dogs!


hunter said...

So, LS shows his true Liberal intent, he wants to hang all Conservatives. One sick troll.