Thursday, April 07, 2011

Alberta Quiet Now, Soon To Erupt!

Alberta, the "bad boy" for voting Conservative is being battered from all sides because we dare to be productive and create jobs, which in turn creates wealth. I am sick and tired of the NDP and Liberals using us as a whipping boy to incite the masses against our oil sands.

We have one lone NDP MP "environmental" lawyer in Alberta, she only got elected because Conservatives were ticked off with Jaffer. As I drive through that riding to get to work, I see lots of Duncan signs, but I drive through the university area so that is expected. Soon the university students go home and the properties with signs will sit empty. That means the real residents of the riding, not the university students will actually get to determine the results in the riding.

What bothers me about Duncan is that she won because of all the Liberals voting for her instead of their own party. It was a mini Liberal/NDP coalition. That really tells you exactly how "principled" those Liberals are, if they would abandon their own candidate and vote NDP. It also shows you how FAR left the Liberals have drifted. Classical Liberals would be more at home with Conservatives.

Duncan released her report after the standing committee on environment and sustainable development failed to reach a consensus after a two-year study into the effects the oilsands industry has on water in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. During the two-year study, the MPs on the committee heard from 60 witnesses and toured the oilsands around Fort McMurray, Alta. In the end, no report on the committee's findings was issued to the government.
It would be safe to say that Duncan is the first Green candidate to be elected to Parliament. She hates the oil sands, wants to stop the development, and actually thinks Alberta is going to thank her for it. Vote her out. She already has a huge university pension, and if she is re-elected she will get a huge pension paid for by Canadian taxpayers.

Funny how those NDP candidates like Layton and his wife talk about supporting the "poor" and suck up over a million dollars a year in income from taxpayers. Duncan is no different. She wants to retire with two golden pensions that middle class Canadians could not even imagine.

The environmental effects also spill over into the neighbouring jurisdictions of Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories.

The report says additional oilsands projects should not be approved until environmental assessments do a better job of outlining cumulative impacts.

It also recommends Environment Canada dispatch inspectors to Fort McMurray to keep on top of environmental law violations.

Such a monitoring system should be paid for by public and the oilsands industry, Duncan said.

The report released by Liberal members of the committee came to similar conclusions.

Linda Duncan has been working against all the hard working people who have come to Alberta in hopes of getting a good paying job in the oil industry. She has her law degree, those who toil daily in the oil sector do not. She wants to send more people to the unemployment lines, because it won't impact her in any way. It's easy to preach from a golden pension platform, looking down at the peons.

This election, both the NDP and Liberals have come out against the oil sands, even though Iggy stated he would not kill the golden goose.

“Under Stephen Harper, every single Quebecker is sending roughly $75 a year to subsidize dirty fossil fuel producers,” Mr. Layton said at Insertech Angus, a company that trains underemployed young people to rebuild computers from cast-off parts.

“The result of this subsidy is an increase in the greenhouse gases pumped out in Canada and a competitive disadvantage for businesses looking to build clean solutions and the new energy economy,” Mr. Layton said.

He fails to mention the 17 BILLION that Alberta sends to the rest of Canada, 8 BILLION going to Quebec alone. He also fails to mention that oil companies already pay into a research and development fund in Alberta. He came to Alberta and forgot to even mention the oil sands, then he goes to Quebec and slams our province. Hypocrite. Here is an even bigger hypocrite, who told Alberta he would never, never, never ever kill the golden goose and then turns around and proceeds to do just that:

Once again, Canada's most valuable resource and prime job-creator sounds like a temporary case of gas. Two days before, Ignatieff made Alberta's political irrelevance even more obvious when he released his energy policy.

There would be a tanker ban on the West Coast, so forget pipelines and oilsands exports to China -forget, in fact, the province's entire strategy for the future of the oilsands.

The Liberals also plan to institute a national cap-andtrade strategy that would surely suck billions out of Alberta.

To ensure that no coin is overlooked, they would immediately halt an investment-friendly tax break the Conservatives will allow to linger until 2015.

Can you say NEP II??? This is worse than Dion's carbon shaft, this is a clear indication that the NDP and Liberals, with Bloc support are planning to steal from the west to give to the east.

Alberta is quiet now, we have been listening to Layton, Iggy and Duncan closely. We have made our minds up, and will vote Conservative this election, but what the opposition doesn't understand and obviously doesn't care about is that Alberta is simmering. We are stoking the fires right now, waiting for the election results, but we are tired of all opposition parties making us the "bad boys" of Confederation, when we are the ones who are feeding them.

The sickening part is that the opposition think they can continue to stomp on us with their Birkenstock, while sipping their lattes, and calling us knuckle dragging (Fife CTV), rednecked, hillbillies, while taking our taxes from us to support all their socialist programs. Shades of Atlas Shrugged!

Be very careful what you vote for Canada. Our very existence as a country depends on it. Ignore the west if you dare. Join us if you want a strong vibrant country. We will not be stopped by eco-nuts like Duncan Donuts. It is still the wild west, where we believe in the individual, guns, private property and God.


Southern Quebec said...

Have I said too much?
There's nothing more I can think of to say to you.
But all you have to do is look at me to know
That every word is true

Don't cry for me Alberta...

maryT said...

Election Canada told me yesterday that yes, students in university can vote where they go to school, BUT THEY MUST VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE IN THEIR HOME RIDING, JUST LIKE MILITARY PERSONS AND OTHER SERVING OUTSIDE OF CANADA. If those UofA students vote Duncan and do not reside permanently in her riding they are casting a fraudulent vote. If they do that, what else will they do as adults.
Every election there are complaints re voter turnout. I don't think that is apathy, I think it is where the polls are. The sitting MP has a lot to do with where polls are situated, especially in rural areas. Last election we worked very hard to get a travelling ballot box to get shutins, and residents of lodges a chance to vote. You just have to register with your local EC office.
Anyone with accessible transportation should make it available to your candidate to get w/chair bound voters to the polls.
Might be time to re-run your post on the oilsands, before they were developed, and pictures of the areas still not developed. A lot of people refuse to accept the fact that instead of polluting etc. we are reclaiming very polluted land. I agree, AB is simmering and this election will tell the story. A lot of eastern workers families will be hard hit without those 60-100 thousand jobs their spouses, kids, etc are sending home to support local business.
Find out if there will be a poll in your small town, and if not work to get one. When one has to travel 20 miles one way to vote, a lot of people stay home, if there is no transportation available.

maryT said...

Another problem is we have people living in one area of a riding and on the voters list in another area. Travel time sometimes make it impossible to vote.
Polls will be open in AB from 7:30a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Get out and vote conservative, or for the coalition and the breakup of Canada as we know it.
If the coalition wins, we must petition our provincial govt to stop the cheques to Quebec, immediately.

wilson said...

Albertans don't whine and cry,
we just answer back when Quebec politicians attack us, trying to deflect their poor handling of Quebec's economy.
The seppies are messing up their own 'nation'.

Since the separatists started dictating in Quebec,
young educated Quebecers and small busnesses has fled your 'nation'.

While Canada's population grew by the millions,
Quebec's has decreased from 25% to 23% of the population.

Thank your separatists for that.

Anonymous said...

maryT, I'd recommend just calling one's local NDP candidate for the free ride to the polls. If it's one thing these commie/socialists do well is providing free transportation to the ballot stations. A free ride is a freee ride, there's nothing saying you have to "dance with the one what brung ya". Besides, do you think the Dippers ever "counsel" the old Grannies as to whiche candidate to vote for once their free ride arrives at the polling station and this is not simply a public service? Hah, never.....

Keep twanging SQ. Funny how you and your fellow countrymen are the recipient of so much government largesse and you have the nerve to bite the hand that feeds you, namely Alberta. But who am I but a western redneck to judge so, so enjoy your ignorance.

Frances said...

Mary T - a university student in Vancouver in the 1960's established the principle that a student can determine his or her place of residence for voting purposes. Said student came from interior BC but said he was now resident in the Point Grey area, and only returned to his parents' place for visits. That was accepted, after a considerable fight, and gave voting rights to all the out-of-town students who had been disenfranchised by the former rules.

Things may have changed since then, but many students do effectively leave home after Grade 12 and are only visitors. It would be unfair to base their voting rights on their parents' residence. The military is different; the custom is long-established and there is a process for procuring ballots from all ridings for the benefit of the personnel deployed at various bases. The logistics of doing that at each university, technical institute, and college are mind-boggling.

maryT said...

Frances, that is the info I got from EC yesterday.

maryT said...

Regardless, you have till April 26 to get registered to vote, and you must go to your local EC office. That I found out today, in trying to move a voter from a poll in our local area to one in the city he now lives in. Same riding, but what a procedure. Bring ID and someone to vouch for you that you are said person. A voting card from previous area would help, which we just received today. I did learn that there will be a poll at the UofL, in Lethbridge, for students.
And isn't there such a thing as an absentee ballot those students could apply for.