Saturday, April 09, 2011


There I said it! It feels right. I'm not the only one who has been saying it, so has PM Harper. Since the start of the election, he has been saying we need a stable Conservative majority government. He is taking a big risk, but the options are clear. We either get a stable Conservative majority government, or we get a coalition of loser lefties proclaiming Iggy as the new PM against our wishes.

If the polls are anything to go by, Canadians are now ready for that majority. Every other election when the M word was used, the poll numbers for the Conservatives have dropped, this time, it's steady as she goes. Now that voters have accepted the idea of a Conservative majority, we can move on to the policies.

The number one policy, of all parties, that should grab voters interest is the income splitting for families. It will reduce taxes for families by about $1,300 a year. It encourages parents to stay home and raise their children, instead of shuffling them off to a daycare. The Conservatives have not mentioned this enough. They need to hammer the tax advantage home, and not rely on the PM rallies to get the word out. I know this because I was talking to a co-worker and mentioned it, and he hadn't heard of it. His wife is at home with their 3 children and this would be a huge tax break for them. He got quite excited about it, and went to figure out what it would mean for them tax wise. This policy needs to be in an ad.

The second policy would be the increase in the tax free saving account to $10,000 from $5,000. Lefties will whine that only the rich can benefit from it, but they are wrong. An 18 year old opens up a tax free saving account and deposits $100 into it. The $9900 not used gets carried over until they can afford to put more into the account. These accounts also let you put mutual funds, shares, and other investments into the account, so you are not restricted to the interest a bank might offer. You can also take money out for any reason, like a down payment on a house, or a car purchase, and you can then replace the money without penalty. If you don't have a tax free savings account, you have no clue about saving.

The opposition/media has jumped on the fact that these 2 programs will not start until the deficit is gone. Good fiscal management means that you do not spend beyond your means. You balance your cheque book before you write anymore cheques, and if there is no money left, you do not write a cheque that you know will bounce. Why should the government be able to do what we as taxpayers can't?

I watched the media asking Iggy questions today, and they gave him such a free ride it made me sick. Fife didn't even get to finish his question before Iggy stepped in and started yapping, laughing and slamming the Conservatives. Fife laughed right along with him. I wonder if he felt a tingle up his leg? Iggy is a faux American after all. Sun News can't come fast enough.

Which reminds me of the email I received from Shaw Direct:

Hello XXXX,

We certainly do value customer feedback. We are currently in negotiations to acquire this channel. We have not heard if or when we will be getting it but I assume we are aiming for the launch date of April 18, 2011. Check out or for updates.

Thank you,

Business Support - Social Media
SHAW) Direct – 100% Digital Satellite TV
Suite 100, 2400 – 32nd Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 9A7
Phone: 1.888.554.7827 Fax: 1.800.872.8219

So, it appears if you are a Shaw satellite customer, they will be providing it.

Finally, a funny CTV comment:

Mark@ontario said

I can't beleive the way the media has given Ignatieff a complete pass on any tough questions during the media scrums, his wife is not even a Canadian citizen, who is she and where is she from, why did he spend over 20 years in the U.S. who is this guy and why does he dress like Mr. Rodgers all the time.


Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

Tell your friends about this wonderful policy that the Conservatives created. This will stop them in their tracks. I got hardcore lefties admit it is a wonderful rich package.

johndoe124 said...

Conservatives are trying to let you keep more of your own money so that we can decide for yourselves. Liberals are taking more of your money so that they can decide for you. The difference couldn't be more stark. Freedom vs. Servitude.

Southern Quebec said...

Why don't we tell them about the deficit that the "Conservatives" ran up? Why don't we tell them about the surplus the "Conservatives" had when they came into power? Why don't we tell them that the Stephen Harper was held in contempt of Parliament?

Alex said...

SQ is again forgetting about the whole recession, the worst in anyone's memory globally.

No wonder Liberals think voters are stupid with mayfly memories. The bulk of their supporters are that dumb.

Southern Quebec said...

Jedi: The recession was bad in the States. Canada...not so much. Why you ask? Because the banking system here did not collapse. Why you ask? Because Paul Martin would not let them merge into TBTF banks. (You're welcome!)

oxygentax said...

Uhhhh SQ? Every Canadian bank has US and International operations. Every One. They were all exposed to risk - they just weathered better through different regulations that ALL governments have maintained.

As for your comments about deficits, do you ever wonder what the Coalition would have done had they been allowed to take power? Discussions during January 2009 were that the Coalition would have spent 6-10 Billion MORE than the Conservatives consented to, and that in areas which would have added structural spending, not temporary. I don't know if you're any good with numbers, but a deficit of 2.48% of GDP (2009 estimate per CIA World Factbook) beats the crap out of all other countries in the G20 (never mind the G8).

In perspective, we have spent less than any other country, and it could be said that this is part of the reason why we have weathered the "Great Recession" as well as we have.

Southern Quebec said...

"SQ? Every Canadian bank has US and International operations. Every One. They were all exposed to risk - they just weathered better through different regulations that ALL governments have maintained."

Your comment makes no sense -- you have no idea the difference in the two banking systems. The US banks gave mortgages to anyone who had a pulse. The mortgages were based on a fantasy evaluation of the house and then the mortages were sliced, diced and packaged as AAA financial instruments. Not only were they not AAA they were junk. Anyone that shorted these financial instruments is very, very rich today. Read some Michael Lewis if you want to inform yourself.