Saturday, April 16, 2011

Liberals, Bringing Out Their Politically Dead!

Okay some of these politicians are still alive physically, but politically they are dead. There was a big political rally for the Liberals in Edmonton today, sadly, I was busy spring cleaning and couldn't make it. I did go to Global Edmonton to see what I had missed, and was stunned that SO many Liberals showed up to see ex-PM Paul Martin, and Global has the pictures to prove it for you non-believers!

Can you see the crowds? I bet Laurie Hawn the Conservative MP is shaking in his ex-military boots!
Here we have ex-PM Paul Martin and the Liberal candidate cutting into the crowd to get their hot dogs!

What a success, one Liberal supporter shows up to see the ex-PM Paul Martin, Mary is sure to win this riding! HA! I drive through the riding every weekday, Laurie Hawn is winning the sign war, and I see more NDP signs than Liberal signs. I don't think Conservative MP Laurie Hawn needs to worry too much. I am sure that all 50 people who showed up to listen to Iggy and Martin are going to "rise up" any minute now!

This poster says it perfectly:


Iggy screamed "rise up rise up " and sure enough out came Jean and Paulie. Hey Iggy , could you bring back my sainted grandmothers while your raising the dead ?
Bringing out the politically dead. Jean and Paul, should be great ambassadors to a dying party.

Elections Canada is doing everything they can to help call out the dead, or in this case, not eligible to vote. Can Elections Canada get anymore ridiculous, it would be funny but they are endangering our democracy.

CALGARY -- Questions are hovering over Elections Canada’s voter registry following the recent distribution of information cards to untold numbers of those ineligible to even cast a ballot.

Elections Canada officials couldn’t provide an assurance illegal voters possessing the cards could be vetted at ballot stations.

Mizue Asai, a Japanese emigrant who has lived in Calgary for nine years, was perplexed upon receiving a notice which indicated she is registered to vote, in spite of the fact she is not a Canadian citizen.

It is “at least” the second she’s received since living in Canada, said the 39-year-old.

Under the Canada Elections Act, only Canadian citizens 18 years or older qualify to vote.

“I’ve always thought it was strange because I know I can’t vote,” Asai said.

News reports state other foreigners living in Calgary have received the cards, which indicate their designated voting station.

Elections Canada's reaction?

Saulnier said there are procedures in place to ensure non-citizens are prevented from casting ballots.

“If they show up at a poll to vote, they are going to have to prove who they are, where they live, so there is an opportunity to ensure the person who is going to vote is legitimately entitled to vote,” he said.

In the end, the real deterrents are the legal punishments, which include fines, jail time or both, he said.

“If they choose to vote knowingly, and they’re not qualified to do so, then they’re liable for an offence under the electoral act,” he said.

Another Elections Canada employee was surprised by the revelations surrounding voter information cards.

“In all honesty, I’ve never come across that. Mind you, even if there was only one instance of it, that’s too many,” he said.

Elections Canada is lying. If you show up with a voters card, you don't usually have to show any other documents, and they would certainly NOT know that you are not a Canadian citizen. The card means that you are on the voters list, and your address will be listed, they take the card, cross off your name, and away you go to vote. Elections Canada allows a "mob vote" to stand even though it broke two or three rules, and now this? Something stinks.

Iggy is going to get this guy to "rise up" next!

Liberals, bringing out their politically dead!


Southern Quebec said...

Real men aren't called Laurie. Sounds like one of them metrosexual fellas...

MONSTER said...

Hey SQ Laurie is the given name on my birth certificate and the name I go by in the world. Mr Hawn not a real man? Could you drive a CF-18? As for me being a metrosexual, you can lick my John Justins.

Alberta Girl said...

I heard old Paulie on the radio this morning telling the "crowds" that Stephen Harper is going to cut health care - because he said that "health care is not a federal responsibility".

I think Paul must have forgotten some things since his days in office because health care is NOT a federal responsiblity - it is a provincial responsibility.

It just shows that liberal ethics are alive and well! Guess if you can convert even one person with a lie, well that makes it OK.

Roy Elsworth said...

funny the news media didn't tell him well stephen harpers rite it isn't a federal responsibility

fernstalbert said...

The Liberals trash talk Alberta and then hold a barbeque. Even the panhandlers didn't show up for the free lunch. lol ps: my apologies to the panhandlers, they have standards.

Southern Quebec said...

Monster, I believe you "fly" a CF-18 not drive...

What's a John Justins?

wilson said...

December 1, 2008
Every Liberal and NDP MP signed an agreement to toss out the voices from the West and replace them freaking Quebec separatists.

Time to send the American Democrat home and his Adscam party into the wilderness for a long long time.

MONSTER said...

SQ, ask Laurie Hawn whether he flew it or drove it.Colicuile term.John Justins? the best damm boots made. Great walking heel yet still good in the stirup. No reply from you on the name Laurie though. How about your libby hero Jean the creature. My mammas middle name is Jean.So is my aunts. SQ I must ask, are you nameaphopic?

Joe said...

Partisan politics aside, Laurie Hawn is a very straight shooter. What you see is what you get. On a slightly different topic: Several weeks ago I was walking behind a young lady carrying an arm full of soda pop and talking on her cell phone. I over heard her say that Ignatieff was coming to Edmonton and they were having a rally at a large hall not far away from where we were walking. Something in the tone of her voice led me to believe that she borderline despised Ignatieff. Then she entered the local Liberal candidate's office. She was working in the office. I guess the hall she was talking about was too large because the Liberals rented a much smaller venue for the MIA Ziffy and Paulie show.

Southern Quebec said...

I don't know, Joe. That story sounds so...what's the word...false! Yes, that's it!

MONSTER said...

SQI`m still waiting for your reply on the name issue.

Anonymous said...

You'll be waiting for Sissy Q's response for quite some time, Monster.

Southern Quebec said...
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Southern Quebec said...

"SQ I must ask, are you nameaphopic?"

I am not now and have never been a nameaphopic(sic)! How's that for ya?

MONSTER said...

SQ, its so good to hear that. I wouldn`t want to think that you have any fears of the handle one goes under.

Joe said...

Well SQ you may want to believe it is false but a bit of digging will show you that originally the Liberals were going to rent one hall with a seating capacity of 1500. The hall they actually rented seats up to 450 if the two main rooms are opened up to make one room. I wasn't there so I can't comment on whether the liberals rented the 450 capacity or something smaller. Either way it doesn't look good for one Count Ziffy MIA and Red Green's nephew Harold.

Anonymous said...

So Iggy is allegedly campaigning on an ethics platfom. Why drag out Chretien (Adscam) and Martin (Canada Steamships Subsidies)?

Puleeze! Stinks to high heaven.