Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Power grab! I Love Sun News!

Ignatieff says he is "serene" with the election. Does he realize he is so low in the polls that he should concede the election right now? Or did he purposely spike the election by declaring that he will try to take power if the Conservatives only get a minority? Is he that anxious to get back to his villa in France? You decide:

Power grab is so true. The lefties try to wrap it up in bows and ribbons, but it is really lies and a grab for power.

Let Canadians beware, the Liberals have finally come out and admitted that they will NOT accept a Conservative minority government. A coalition/accord/arrangement, is not just a figment of PM Harper's overactive imagination, it was 100% confirmed by Ignatieff tonight.

What this means in black and white, is if Canadians do not give the Conservatives a majority, we will have a coalition government. We will lose the best Prime Minister Canada has ever had because of a power grabbing opposition who could care less about Canada. They are willing to sleep with separatists to get back into power, and that should disgust all people with even a hint of morals.

Power grab, plain and simple.

Wake up Canada!


Southern Quebec said...

"We will lose the best Prime Minister Canada has ever had..."

Sounds like someone has been inhaling too much sour gas out in Alberta! hahahahaha

gimbol said...

The only thing to remember about any potential "arrangement" in Parliament, is this.
We have a 2008 document that shows the liberals would give the Bloc whatever they want, and the same document tells Canada that price is a veto over legislation.
So ask yourself this, of all the party leaders, who would be most likely to offer it to the Bloc?
Harper has been asking for a majority, Iggy has been saying he would go for a coalition. Jack and Gilles have been on the coalition bandwagon from day one.
Bob Rae has too.

bertie said...

I would say Southern Quebec that PM Harper is better than all 4 of your duds from Quebec ..Trudeau the nation destroyer,,the Shawinagan strangler Chretien was good for a laugh once in awhile but a real embarassment,Martin and his steamships,and Carbon Tax Dion.Yes, PM Harper is at least twice as smart as all four of these guys.Hope you didn,t vote for any of them.

Jerry Prager said...

The real problem with the conservatives of Stephen Harper is that you came to office with moral authority, and have spent the last five years digging yourself into an ethical hole. Nothing you say about ethics has any meaning, because your tolerance for Harper's corruption is so high. There isn't a single principle you value, except power. And for those of us voters who actually believed we might get some transparency, accountability and democracy when the reformers came to power, we have had to sit back and listen to your support of the endless corruption streaming from the PMO. "The Liberals did it too." is ethically bankrupt. Harper has bankrupted the nation with your help. That's his real legacy: corruption and hypocrisy and none of you have any reason to be proud of yourselves. You've disgraced the nation.

bertie said...

Jerry you have been brainwashed too,sorry.You and your Liberal power at all cost friends do not know anymore what honest government is,you don,t really know what honesty is.You believe lies and you attack the truth.Your world is backwards.You vote for corruption and theft and think this is good for Canada?And you call the nation bankrupt??What pills have you been taking?.I really think you need help.Please don,t try to get it from your Liberal leader ,he will send you to the NDP doctor or the Blockheads for another shock treatment.Sorry about your condition,I am sure that a Conservative majority will heal all.Thanks for trying to cheer up the IGSTER but send your posts to the Liberal site next time OK.That,s where he hangs out sometimes.

Alberta Girl said...

So Jerry...just WHAT "ethics" are you talking about...because all I have seen is psuedo ethical scandals created by the Harper Haters in the opposition and media.

so please elaborate on your accusations.

Southern Quebec said...

Alberta Girl, are you unaware that PMSH has a convicted criminal as part of his inner circle, or that he was held in contempt of Parliament?

Bertie..."Trudeau the nation destroyer..." Canada is stronger that ever. Your statement is invalid.

When PMSH came to power he had a surplus. He has been spending like a drunken sailor. Has anyone here enjoyed the benefits of the fake lake or the gazebo left over from the G8 summit? Just curious...

FoxtrotBravo said...

My Canada is in the G8, and one of the most advanced countries and civilizations on the planet. Folks like Southern Quebec get all worked up over "fake lake", G8 summit, and "facebook creeping". How simply petty, small minded, and backwoods. I know the Conservatives are going to buy fighter jets, and that probably really bugs you too, but hopefully after paying your taxes in potatoes you'll still have some hay left to feed your donkey which you probably ride to work.

Southern Quebec said...

Foxtrot, I don't know about you, but I work hard for the money I send to Ottawa. Spending $1 million on a fake lake seriously pisses me off. I guess you are unemployed so it would have no effect on you...

wilson said...

SQ said
'When PMSH came to power he had a surplus'

And a surplus in 2006-07, and surplus in 2007-08
-paid down $30 B on the national debt
-lifted our military out of the Decade of Darkness
-increased healthcare transfers by 30%

And successfully fought a recession,
Minister Flaherty voted Best Fin Min on the planet by his international peers.

Your one liner SQ is a Liberal talking point that has not fooled Canadians one bit.

Iffy is a dud.
Iffy's 2011 Red Book is a dud.
Face it.

wilson said...

Jerry Prager,
you are preaching to the wrong audience,
go rally the troops at Liblogs, they need it right now.

Iffy just sunk the ship with his confession to seize government with the other 2 LOSERS.

And Iffy just got outed as a participant in the planning of the Iraq war.

TJ said...

"Spending $1 million on a fake lake seriously pisses me off."

That's why the liberals and media created that lie. To piss people off with false information like all the other fake scandals they have run on Harper.

Actual cost of "fake lake" that was actually just a small water feature in the conference center was $57000.

How does it feel to have been lied too?

Anonymous said...

Thanks TJ for pointing out the hypocricy.

Funny how Iggy rails about the cost of the G8, yet he pi$$es and moans that the CPC wouldn't put money toward the sinkhole of Edmonton's Expo bid.

The real scandal is this $300 million LPC leadership race the coalition has foisted on the public. Makes Adscam look like pocket change.

Hey SQ..... ADSCAM!

And Jerry, the CPC isn't corrupt just because a coalition of opportunistic losers, all drooling to control the purse strings say so. Take off the blinders and see what this really is. The Liberals have gone bat poop psyco that THEY are not in power. They've learned nothing from when the electorate sent them into the political wilderness because of ADSCAM!

ADSCAM! The gift that keeps on giving!

Say it with me folks, ADSCAM! the Liberal party legacy.

ADSCAM! Brown paper bags!
ADSCAM! On our streets!
ADSCAM! In Canada!
ADSCAM! We're not making this up!


oxygentax said...

Foxtrot, I don't know about you, but I work hard for the money I send to Ottawa. Spending $1 million on a fake lake seriously pisses me off. I guess you are unemployed so it would have no effect on you...

So your answer is to vote for people who would take more of your money and spend it foolishly on more things that Canada doesn't need or want?


By the way, the "fake lake" was only 2% of the $2 million spent on a MEDIA centre in Toronto.

L said...

The coalition does not have the confidence of the public. We are sending conservatives to parliament to govern the country. I could not give a fig if Gilles Duceppe is unhappy with my vote. He does not care about 75% of the people of Canada. PM Harper will indeed go down in history as the best PM we have had since Pearson. He represents us with pride and respect on the global stage and will get the deficit down if we stay the course.

liberal supporter said...
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hunter said...

LS I am tired of your garbage, bye and take SQ with you!

liberal supporter said...

Good to see you share Harper's view on democracy and free speech.
It's my way or the highway with all of you. Spare me your sneers about "it's my blog", because while that is true, it simply allows you to reveal your true colours. You just can't play (or work) with others can you?

The Harper slide is on, and you're getting more bitter by the day, aren't you?


Anonymous said...

You are not free to pee on the floor of someone else's house, oh gentle little troll.

Prime example of the left's entitlement mentality.

This is Hunter's blog. Don't like it? Start your own little on-line kingdom and you too can rule supreme.

One thing is clear. The only way the Liberals can form government won't be by people actually voting for them. They couldn't even pull off a minority on their own. It would have to be by coup. Banana republic stuff.

liberal supporter said...

They couldn't even pull off a minority on their own. It would have to be by coup. Banana republic stuff.
How can any party pull off a minority on their own? You have to get the confidence of the House.

Suppose this election produces exactly the same result as 2008:
5,209,069 CPC votes
3,633,185 Liberal votes
2,515,288 NDP votes

If the arithmetic is too hard for you, the Liberals and NDP put together got more votes than the CPC.

How is it a "coup" with the Liberals governing with the NDP agreeing not to vote against them for a couple of years? Such a government has more of a mandate than the CPC ever did. The NDP could easily renege on such an agreement without too many repercussions if it was over say, the Liberals deciding to repeal the Canada Health Act.

A coalition means other parties have Cabinet posts. Anything else is not a coalition, and is simply a minority government, which is exactly what Iggy will provide.

I consider majority power for Harper more of a "coup" than any of the above.

Compare a government that can be defeated at any time, with one that cannot be defeated for 5 years, and can pass whatever legislation it wants, no matter how extreme, such as repealing the Canada Health Act, reinstating the coat hanger, and reinstating the rope. Naturally these changes would all be through "private member's bills", to give the Leader plausible deniability.

Which is the real junta here?

As for the $300 million cost for this necessary election, I think democracy is worth $30 per voter. I suppose if elections are so tiresome, we can give Steve his majority, and maybe we won't have any more pesky elections at all. The Soviet argument was, "you voted for us once, why do you need to vote again?"

So many irreversible steps await, when majority Steve introduces Bill C-1. There will only be one omnibus bill, right?

Nice try, Monte...