Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Harper 1, Coalition 0 WINNING

My non-partisan hubby watched a few minutes of the debates, and couldn't believe how bad Iggy, Layton, and Duceppe were on the issues. He commented on how they were all attacking PM Harper, and that it made them look bad.

PM Harper did win this debate, Iggy lost. He was actually pathetic. Scripted answers to the questions, looked angry, hand on hip was arrogant, and he got confused near the end, stumbling over his answers.

Trust Jack to provide the zinger of the debate. This was worse than Dion's retake video, because "master debater" Iggy had no answer to Jack's question. He also stopped answering questions when he was asked about his voting record by the press, after the debate. He bolted back into the conference center. While PM Harper walked out the front door, Iggy was walking out the back.

PM Harper stayed calm under an assault from the 3 coalition members. As a matter of fact, the opposition gave him lots of air time because they were all attacking him. He got more response time than the 3 of them combined, and he was able to get out the Conservative message. He appeared to be the only intelligent person on the panel.

Soon, Canadians are going to get engaged, and the Conservative message about either a coalition or a stable Conservative majority will get some attention. I think that Canadians are not really scared about a Conservative majority anymore. They are also sick of having 4 elections in 7 years.

None of the biased media attempts to influence our vote have worked so far. They are getting so desperate that they are clearly showing their true lefty bias. Just like they fought against Ford for mayor of Toronto, they are now fighting against the Conservatives. It will bite them when Sun News comes on line. Thank you Shaw!

(This blog post was written under the influence of honey and lemon in an attempt to stave off a cold, but in the spirit of my Iggy Drinking game, I did add some rum to my drinks!) HA!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Something tells me Jane Taber and Craig Oliver had a restless night's sleep last night.

Looking forward to the LPC spin on Iggy's absentee voting record. Maybe he'll come up with a story about spending time with a homeless man in Ottawa....wait, that was tried already!

Harper's calm demeanour won him the debate. Iggy's "don't tell ME about...." persona proved him to be arrogant, elitist and condescending. The precise mixture that you DON'T want as the leader of your country. Look how that turned out south of the border.

The French debate doesn't matter.

Southern Quebec said...

On the plus side, PM Steve has solved the problem of convicted criminals not being able to find jobs. He has hired them all to work for him! Go Steve...please.

Southern Quebec said...

BTW Your headline is redundant. Just sayin'...

West Coast Teddi said...

Oh LessQue EsQue ... you are the "sheen" of the blog world hahaha.

The PM won (1), the coalition lost (-3) and "your boy duception" will need to bicker-babble tonight to try to win back the seperatists. Southern Quebec might just go Tory Blue hahaha

Southern Quebec said...

Seppuku would be preferable to the CPOC.

Anonymous said...

Is that a promise, SQ? Trust a stark raving lefty lickspittle to have nothing to offer but violent metaphor.

I'm counting the days to a Harper majority so I can grind my heel into the temples of the lefty trolls.

SQ's self-sacrifice will be like a paper cut compared to the impending liberal exploding heads come election day.

Get help, SQ.

Southern Quebec said...

"Is that a promise, SQ? Trust a stark raving lefty lickspittle to have nothing to offer but violent metaphor."

followed by:

"I'm counting the days to a Harper majority so I can grind my heel into the temples of the lefty trolls."

Irony is officially dead...

Anonymous said...

Hook. Line. Sinker.

Thanks for playing, SQ.

liberal supporter said...

Ignatieff could have done better, but he certainly countered the years of CPC taxpayer funded attack ads, and demonstrated he is a viable alternative.
He reminded us all that the ReformaTory party's strategy of trying to make Parliament an irrelevant farce is contrary to what Canadians should expect of their government.

This blog is a little debating society that is consumed by petty bickering, and I enjoy it as such.

But I, and millions of others, expect better of the Government of Canada.

After denying Harper a majority last night, does he dare to dream of defeating the ReformaTories?

hunter said...

LS lives in the dreamy socialist world of the Liberals. Puke out goodies for everyone, then slurp it back up and forget you even promised Canadians things like getting rid of the GST and free trade.

Not a pretty picture, but accurate.