Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Would You Vote Liberal?

As families meet around the table this Easter, I hope they talk about the two clear choices they have before them, a majority Conservative government or a coalition. This is not a vote for your favorite party type election, this is an election about Canada. This is an election about your kids, and grandchildren, it's about leaving them a country that is a leader in the world, not a piker. It's about rewarding those who work hard for the betterment of our country, and not supporting the separatist Bloc.

Canadians have been guided gently through an economic crisis that the US is still feeling. Our Prime Minister has been fighting not only the opposition but also the biased media everyday, every minute, since he has been elected. He has shown class and patience with an opposition that feels it is their duty to oppose everything his government proposes. He has given everything for this country, without asking for anything back. He has governed in fairness to all Canadians. He is now asking Canadians to give him acknowledgment for a job well done by giving him a majority. He has been open and candid about his hopes for a chance to govern for 4 quiet years, so he can continue to move Canada into the spotlight as one of the best countries in the world.

Are Canadians so petty that they will not vote Conservative because they fear a "hidden agenda" but think a coalition including the Bloc is okay? Are Canadians, supposedly one of the happiest nations in the world, so deceived by the biased media that they actually believe the slop they are selling?

What has PM Harper ever done to you, except govern this country better than anyone of us could hope to do? I am sickened by the "Harper Haters" who bash him constantly for petty little things like not showing everyone on TV that he actually ate the "wafer" at a funeral Mass. Sad little people with tiny little minds.

Our Prime Minister has made this country proud, he has taken a strong stance for Israel (loosing a seat at the security council because of his support for Israel), he has supported our military like no PM in recent history, and he has not bowed down to the separatists. He is asking for one small thing, a majority, so he can govern without fear of another election in 6 months.

As Canadians, proud of our country, solid hardworking citizens wanting the best for our children, we can not fail him now!

I am talking to Atlantic Canadians right now. You send your young people to the west because there are jobs here. That is how I met my husband, he came from PEI to Alberta over 25 years ago, and he is still here. Why would you vote Liberal?

Many people from Newfoundland come to work here and send their pay cheques home, improving the lives of all people living in Newfoundland. Why would you vote Liberal?

I ask you to consider what your lives would be like if the Liberals or NDP imposed a cap and trade on the oil industry. Alberta would be closed down once again, NEP II. Your jobs would disappear, and no more pay cheques would be arriving in Newfoundland or PEI. Think carefully about how you vote.

Ontario voters need to understand that if the oil industry is over regulated, they will move their operations to Venezuela and all those jobs manufacturing tiny little bearings or huge tires for the oil sands will dry up. Think carefully about how you vote.

Albertans are some of the staunchest supporters of Canada. Don't let us down!

Think carefully before you vote, Canada is too important to let petty, partisan politics destroy this country.


L said...

I love your post! This is so thoughtful. We all have to vote to keep Canada safe.

L said...

To all new Canadians: please vote for conservatives, as you will enjoy a stable government. Newfoundland/Labrador, we need your votes to develop your economy.
Quebec: what have you been thinking? You have to contribute to Canada by having MPs who are in cabinet! Any you have to pay your own way, not on the backs of Albertans!

Ontario- you have sold out - get your act together and vote for a government that bring bring you out of the McGuinty hole of excessive taxation.

BC - you are coming around, but don't be tempted by the NDP as they WANT YOUR MONEY!!!

Anonymous said...

Huntsy...why aren't Stephen Taylor's blogging tories having a more balancing effect on the so-called left-wing bias of the awful media, in your opinion? I mean every day you type out these screeds and yet....and yet..... and yet....Canadians in your view are STILL "so deceived by the biased media that they actually believe the slop they are selling".

"What has PM Harper ever done to you, except govern this country better than anyone of us could hope to do?"

Hahahahahahahahaha! That's right. Take a look at that Harper Government record. It sucks.

Brian said...

1. Cap & Trade
On page 46 of Red Book # 2, it clearly states that if elected, the Liberals would implement a “Cap and Trade” system .

Cap and Trade has been a disaster in Europe , and only the criminals have benefited , yet this mere detail doesn't seem to have registered in the Liberal mind , unless ... they see the possibility of hosing the Canadian taxpayers with ADSCAM#2 under the guise of an (ADSCAM) style Cap & Trade.

2. Vote Liberal to form a coalition of Liberal/Visitor , NDP/Socialist and Bloc/Traitor giving Duceppe and the Bloc the power to hold Canada to ransom ... what could possibly go wrong ?

L said...

Cap 'n trade is all about Paul Martin, Iggy, Boob Rae, Gilles and Jean Charest making $$$$$. We must run away from this like the plague.

Charles J said...

What a pile of shit. The Coalition is off the table. Harper rode Liberal economic policy through the recession and still spent the country into a massive deficit. Plus food and gas prices are skyrocketing despite Canada being one of the largest exporters of agriculture and oil. Great economic management there. Also, why would the media favour a PM who made it his first order of business to shut down the Parliamentary press gallery. They're not bias they're just deliberately left in the dark by a secretive and deceptive government.

Get a clue.

Jan said...

Charles J.,
Wow! Don't often get coalition trolls on this site --you must be very desperate!
Have you got shares in Power Corp too?
P.S. Cap & Trade is supported by ALL parties EXCEPT Conservatives (the troika ---new secret agenda!

Prairie Kid said...

Here is my Easter dinner time speech.

IF we have a Conservative minority, here are the facts.

1. Conservatives will present basically the same budget as the one voted down.
2. After the budget defeat, Iggy (or Layton) will go to the GG and ask to become Prime Minister.

Iggy (lets use him for arguments sake) will get together with Layton and Duceppe and say, “how can we work together? What do we all have in common?” Corporate taxes. So the first thing they will do is raise the corporate tax. ALL businesses will pass those expenses on to their customers. Bank fees will rise, investment in banks will slide (along with pension funds, etc). Gas and heating fuel will go up as oil companies will pass on the increase to consumers. With increased gasoline costs, food and consumer goods will rise. Last but not least, how many jobs will be lost? John McCallum already said there would be job losses.

And if that isn’t scary enough, add in Duceppe’s $5. billion dollars a year for Quebec (which he will use to get Quebec out of Canada), Layton’s Pharmacare and Iggy’s Day Care, Cap and Trade and arenas, and you have the makings of the largest deficit Canada has ever seen.

Prairie Kid said...

Charles J . . . You nust be the only LIberal not to watch the CBC. So let me recap. Iggy said if the Conservatives win a minority, the GG could go to him (more like him going to the GG) and form a government. Iggy needs Duceppe and Layton to do that. What part of coalition don't you understand?

Secondly, go back to all the times Iggy and the Liberals were screaming at Harper for not going further in the hole during the recession.

Get a clue.

Lynn said...

Well,CharlesJ has convinced me. I WAS going to vote for Harper,but now am going to vote Coalition,as soon as I can figure out who the Coalition candidate is.

Boy,the power of just one post!

Alex said...

hehehe and the leftards show up to drive your point home. GOOD POST!

wilson said...

2 ballot questions:

-a majority Conservative government or a coalition?

-Prime Minister Jack Layton leads coalition?

There has always been an ASSUMPTION that Liberals would lead the coalition.
Liberal PM, Liberal cabinet.

That's no longer the case.

Now Liberal supporters who were just 'ok' with a coalition because their team was still boss,
will have to do a rethink.

wilson said...

The NDP surge and possible replacement of the LPC as Official Opposition will cause all those 'strategic voters' serious migraines!

Kelly Jamieson said...

I know you're going to say "well that's no fair, the Liberals governing with less seats", but really, it is fair that our representative democracy can reject an minority government. It's actually more democratic than allowing 40% having %100 percent of the power.

If the Conservative come back with a minority and can't maintain the confidence of the house, they cannot govern. They will have to concede to the Liberals to govern, and, if they truly believe that the Bloc shouldn't have any say then they will have to put their money where their mouth is and prop up the Liberals. To let the bloc have the propping power is a clear statement, that Governing (ie the Conservative Party) is more important than Canada.

maryT said...

What if the bloc and ndp can form a coalition without the liberals.
Jack did tell us he was running to be the PM of Canada. What did he know and when did he know it.
He did make a deal with Duceppe before the 2008 election, and no matter how much Dewar denies it, there is that tape. And who was put in charge of the deal, Dewar.
Sounds like there was a huge turnout in Linda Duncan's riding today, and it took over an hour to vote. Many walked away, hope they come back.