Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Layton Refuses To Answer Questions On Cap And Trade

Not quite, he just refuses to answer ANY questions when he is in Edmonton, but the effect is the same. PM Harper gets slammed by the media constantly because he only allows 5 questions from the media, now we find out Layton refuses to even TAKE any questions while he is in Edmonton. What you hiding Layton? Fess up buddy, or do you think us rednecked hillbillies don't understand the impact cap and trade would have on our economy in Alberta and in Canada?

"People are going to look at Jack Layton not only as a guy who is inexperienced, everyone starts off with no experience that is a given, but a guy who comes from a party who has financial economic policies who are not in the interest, certainly of Alberta as the very least, and very questionable," said Conservative candidate Laurie Hawn.

The Conservatives have pointed out when Jack Layton is in Alberta he says, ‘oil sands', but when he is in the east, he uses the activists term, ‘tar sands.'

Layton, lying out of both sides of his mouth. His rise in the polls is because of the Liberals tanking, but no media is mentioning that little gem. Funny how the Liberals have always said that people needed to vote for them to stop Harper, now the NDP are singing the same song.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, PM Harper, is steadily steering the Conservative ship towards a majority. I know it's kind of unexciting, but it's better than a Layton coalition government.

The polls are all over the place, I wonder if Avaaz is paying the pollsters? Who is getting money? University kids to post on media sites? Maybe SUN News can find out.

Ignore the white noise that is our media. PM Harper is going to PEI again, and from the comments it sounds like they are enjoying the attention. If only the people of PEI could understand that we dislike Wayne Easter because he supports the Canadian Wheat Board that suppresses the ability of our western farmers to compete. The Liberals threw our farmers into jail, some for over 6 months because they wanted to sell their wheat in Montana. How would PEI potato farmers like to be told that they can only sell their potatoes to Alberta and they couldn't sell them to McCains unless they sold them to Alberta first, then they could buy them back from Alberta at the higher market price?

PEI can deliver some Conservative seats, please help your western buddies! (I thank you for sending me my wonderful husband who left PEI in search of a better life, and has found it here in Alberta! He still needs yearly trips back to the Island, I suspect if we retire there it will solve his homesickness and satisfy my love of lobster.)

Newfoundland needs to be scared of the Layton surge, they will pander to Quebec and you can say goodbye to any hopes of your plans for power independence. The only party that will actually support you is the Conservatives. Think hard about your choices and your future.

I expect the media to be shouting about Layton not answering questions about cap and trade in Edmonton. Who is the dictator now? How will cap and trade, that ALL opposition parties support, impact us? I leave you will this video that answers that question H/T to Jan Webb over at BLY:

UPDATE: Linda Duncan doesn't care about the people in her riding:

Are there not oil-reliant jobs in her riding? “So what?” she says. “Does that mean the oilsands should develop unmitigated?”


Charles said...

I was in our campaign office yesterday (Eastern Ontario). One woman said: if Layton ends up PM she is moving to Alberta, next woman said her daughter has been after her to go to the States. I would like to live in Alberta, but I love the Kawarthas and Land-o-Lakes region where I live. Is there any chance when Alberta becomes a country we could annex Saskatchewan and Manitoba (for the fishing). There is a real sense of an unraveling of the country at the thought of an NDP lead government. We remember Bob Rae's NDP government in Ontario and we don't want to live through that again.

Alberta Girl said...

Charles..I sincerely hope that the thinking people of this country wake up before Monday.

I am wondering why the media is not asking Jack about all the vacationing candidates (conveniently they don't have to take questions) and Jack's feeble excuse - "We didn't know there was going to be an election" - is just that FEEBLE. - yet no media is focusing on this - instead falling all over themselves in wonder at Jack's popularity.

They may wake up Monday morning with the biggest hangover they have ever had and wonder how the hell they are going to get rid of the gigantic headache.

They will just have to look in the mirror.

Southern Quebec said...

"...if Layton ends up PM she is moving to Alberta,.." what does this even mean? Alberta will still be in Canada after Monday

"... next woman said her daughter has been after her to go to the States..." where she would have no medical care, but would be able to own a gun! It's win/win!

"There is a real sense of an unraveling of the country at the thought of an NDP lead government.."

The only people unraveling are the wing nuts. Get over it!

hunter said...

"The only people unraveling are the wing nuts. Get over it!"

So SQ are you calling Liberals wing nuts now, because they are the only ones unraveling if you look at their polling numbers.

liberal supporter said...

It's really Quebec outsmarting us again. They now get that the Bloc bugs everyone else, previously they figured we didn't get that the Bloc cannot actually achieve sovereignty. But they like having a strong voice, which comes from being the biggest source of support to one party. Choosing the NDP makes sense, it takes the separatist idea off the table, leaving it for the traitorous western separatists. If PMJL is from Quebec, and he has many seats from there, Quebec has more say than if they just go with the Liberals like everyone else. Since we all know strategic voting doesn't really work well riding by riding, they have implemented strategic voting by region.

As for the "place holder" candidates, they are there to meet the need to run in all 308 ridings, something the CPC apparently couldn't be bothered with. Yes, they only missed by one, but I do recall hand wringing from you in the last election that some parties must be disqualified because of a single digit number of ridings without a candidate.

It is truly laughable to hear CPC supporters whine about MPs who will be little more than trained seals in behaviour due to their inexperience. Hopefully, the training of these MPs will not include the manual on how to disrupt Parliamentary committee work, and they will not be issued gags of the same tightness as those that were issued by the Harpergovernment PMO.

As for cap and trade, it is not very different in concept from charging people to dump garbage. Yes, there are scofflaws who dump elsewhere, but most people and businesses pay, and then learn to be more efficient. It is often treated as a cost of doing business, until some entreprenuer finds a way to save on your tipping fees.

It's true, it using tax incentives to encourage a desired outcome. But it can work. Just as massive tax breaks for the oil industry built Alberta, using the tax system to encourage innovation will make us leaders in the green and clean fields.

Eskimo said...

Looks like Jack has more to answer to than just cap and trade.

I wonder if the NDP platform will go from "a chicken in every pot" to "massage" covered by health care.

Not exactly the "happy ending" to the campaign Jack and his toadies were expecting.