Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The 50 Percent Rule!

The opposition is talking about the fact that PM Harper didn't get 50% of Canadians vote, therefore they deserve to rule.

Let's take this from the macro party level to the individual micro level. What MP got 50% or more of the vote in his or her riding?

Let's see, PM Harper first:

Wow! 72.9 percent of the vote goes to PM Harper.

How about Dion, remember to deduct at least 9% because he had no Green candidate running against him:

Yikes, he barely makes it over 50% in a very Liberal riding. Next up Duceppe, the darling of the separatists:

Yikes, another squeaker, by .3%, what a strong leader! HA! Let's not forget Layton, bet he wiped the floor with all the leaders....

Well, well, well, only 45% Jack? Does this mean you should not remain leader of the NDP, after all, you didn't get 50% support from your own riding let alone the country!

Check out Elections Canada to see if your MP would make the 50% rule being applied to the Conservative party. Let's get rid of all MP's who did not get 50% of the vote in their riding. If you can not win 50% in your own home town, how can you be expected to represent all voters in your area.

Thanks to this poster on CTV for making me think about the micro view:

Ian in Sask
Mr. Layton is telling all of Canada that Mr. Harper should not be Prime Minister because he did not receive over 50% of the popular vote. Using that logic why is he representing his riding when he, himself did not receive over 50% of the popular vote. I guess the candidates he ran against should form a coalition and represent that riding.

I knew micro economics would come in handy someday!


Bec said...

Good stuff and PMSH had no other party break the 10% mark.

The CPoC was #2 in Dion's riding?
(shoot now I need to go back and look) lol
The break downs are intriquing. A Green, in Dion's riding, may have been a serious vote splitter.

wilson said...

I'm betting PMSH is going to the GG tomorrow with a letter in his pocket,
a letter from the LPC stating they have no objection to the Prime Minister being granted a prorogue of parliament.

Prorogue until Jan 26,
Dion is replaced,
Libs come back after break as if nothing happened

hunter said...

Or he goes with a letter from 12 Liberals stating they will support his government. Iggy is smart enough to understand that nothing will be left of the Liberal party if this nonsense keeps on.

They couldn't even get a tape ready for prime time news, how will they govern? Canadians saw it, the MSM can't deny it, they have no way of spinning it. The coalition couldn't even show up together, it's a fraud on Canadians, and they can spin all they want, we see it for what it is, spin.

liberal supporter said...

They couldn't even get a tape ready for prime time news, how will they govern?
Not bad for two hours notice. It made Harper look like those car executives traveling by private jet. And it shows once again how Steve always has to stack the deck and tilt the table. He had lots of time to prepare his video, and gave the coalition a few hours. Just like he wants to take away the $1.95 without restoring the earlier fundraising methods (which the other parties outperformed the CPC at). He just can't handle a fair fight. He's just a cheater.

Canadians saw it, the MSM can't deny it, they have no way of spinning it.
No need to spin it, Canadians see the fat cat CPC's trying desperately to cling to power.

The coalition couldn't even show up together, it's a fraud on Canadians, and they can spin all they want, we see it for what it is, spin.
You see only what you want to. You are the ones spinning a normal reorganization of the House as a "coup" or is it "putsch" these days?

Prorogue if you like, the next time the House votes, the CPC is gone. The CPC only holds together by Steve's autocratic bullying. The coalition holds together because we're all sick of Steve. You want to waste yet another month while the economy tanks? No problem. It will simply cement the CPC as being unfit to govern.


Ardvark said...

Hey Lord Haha; what was your record in predicting the results of the last 2 elections?

The coalition will not last until the new year.

Alberta Girl said...

Ah - so we finally have an identity for for anony haha....

LS - you are seeing a backlash from the Canadian people like you and your ilk never expected. Even so much that your faux leaders are trying to spin it as being part of the Tory Advertising Machine - a fake call and letter writing scheme.

What do you mean he gave the Opposition only a few hours to get a tape. In this age of technology, how long does it take to set up a camera and shoot a video? Come on - even you can't believe that one. Seems like Dion doesn't have good luck in front of camera's does he.

I think the wheels are coming off this pretend government - the majority of Canadians do no want it.

So LS - here is a question - if the coalition is touting the fact that they got the majority of the votes as three parties; join together on that basis and then hear from a majority of Canadians that they do not want that; why are they not listening to that majority? Could this be about power rather than governance??

The last question was rhetorical - I know the answer. I would appreciate the answer to the first one.

Anonymous said...

I support the coalition.

Southern Quebec said...

Using your 50% rule would mean that the CPOC should not be in office as they only got 37% of the vote.

I support the coalition.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Very impressive, Hunter.

Well done.

maryT said...

It was announced early yesterday that the PM would address the nation. The opposition had that much time to prepare a rebuttal. And then they found out that the networks wanted one rep of the coalition to speak. Why should all three leaders have a say, they are a coalition which means one leader.

Anonymous said...

Well, we are prorogued. Yesssss.

liberal supporter said...

Well, we are prorogued. Yesssss.

Arrrgh, me hearties! We are a failed state with no functioning government. Like Somalia, we'll have to get our economic stimulus from piracy now. Shiver me timbers!

Anonymous said...

LS - we'd have a functioning government if the Libs and Dips weren't so concerned with feathering their nests. Perhaps if they tought of Canadians and worked with the government, it would function as it should.

West Coast Teddi said...

Hey LS ... we do have a functioning government, one that can make appointments to the senate, one that can fund this or that through orders in council, one that can meet with business, union, government leaders of all kinds, one that can hand out all the goodies it wants (in envelopes it you like!!) for you see the Conservatives are still the government hehehe. Buy hey ... that's the democratic way.

liberal supporter said...

we'd have a functioning government if the Libs and Dips weren't so concerned with feathering their nests.
So you agree we do not have a functioning government. Your reasons are bogus, but you reach the same conclusion.

With the current proroguing precedent, there is no reason to continue to prorogue indefinitely. The Harper coup has succeeded. For now.

for you see the Conservatives are still the government hehehe.
They have usurped the power of Parliament in the Harper coup. They are no longer legitimate. You could consider Somalia as "functioning" since it has a government in exile, but most viewpoints consider it meeting the definition of a failed state, just as we now do.

Snigger away, and hope they don't come for you one day.

I expect the Rally for Canada will now live up to its name as the population protests the Harper coup.

Darth Vader said...

I was pleased to attend the rally in front of Linda Duncan's NDP office. CBC was there in full force but I have not seen anything on TV about it yet.

Duncan, of course, refused to take any phone calls from her constituents.

She is toast now.

liberal supporter said...

She doesn't like armed stormtroopers like yourself.

After all, today is the day that democracy died in Canada. Now we are to be governed by the Harper junta.

We shall overcome.

Darth Vader said...

Armed stormtroopers? Gee I thought I left my rocket launcher at home. There were probably more woman than men there, after all it was during working hours.

Perhaps it was the rabble rousing songs like "Oh Canada" that struck fear into the hearts of her supporters and made them stay away.

liberal supporter said...

No, it was the guns. You know you have them.

Anonymous said...

Boy, don't the resident lefty trolls have short memories. Here's a sampling of the left's double-standard, brought to you by a news item from a few years ago:

OTTAWA — The NDP may not go along with the Liberals plan to ignore a Conservative Party non-confidence motion if passed, former NDP leader Ed Broadbent said Friday on Parliament Hill Friday.

On Thursday, the Speaker of the House ruled in order a committee report amendment tabled by Conservative Leader Stephen Harper calling for the government to resign.

A vote in the House of Commons will come on May 18 at the latest, but Government House Leader Tony Valeri has said he does not view that motion as a confidence motion.

But on Friday, Broadbent, whose party has agreed to support the Liberals on all non-confidence votes until a new budget with increased social spending receives Royal Assent in the senate, said his party saw things differently than Valeri.

"We do not agree with him," Broadbent said. "We think it is a confidence vote. Thinking it's a confidence vote, ourselves, the government is mistaken on that. We have taken the position that until the budget is finished we will not be voting non-confidence in the government. So we'll vote against the motion."

When asked what the NDP would do if the motion passes and Prime Minister Paul Martin decides to ignore the will of the House, Broadbent said, "We'll have to see what happens at that time."

Anonymous said...

"...Armed storm trooper..."

yuk, yuk, YAWN.

Is this a 'soldiers with guns in our streets' dilusion or just standard limp-wristed lefty talking points?

liberal supporter said...

Is this a 'soldiers with guns in our streets' dilusion or just standard limp-wristed lefty talking points?
No, it's more like the SPP summit where government paid goons carrying rocks tried to incite a riot.

You know you'll try again.

Nice try with the sneering dismissal. But we're not going to be like Saddam Hussein's cousins. You can give me all the nice words or nasty words you want, but you'll never get me in your gunsights, Esk. And I know you have them.

Darth Vader said...

LS, I was quite impressed with Dion's performance on the TV last night! Gosh you guys sure have a knack for attracting articulate and photogenic personalities.

And the video quality! Outstanding! I didn't know you could do stuff like that with a disposable cell phone.

I thought with a few more broadcasts like that you would convince anyone to join your party oops I mean coalition err maybe it's a party.

Too bad Monty Python wasn't on TV anymore. They would steal your leader away to do skits. I mean he is a natural for spoofs on political parties.

Anonymous said...

You know you'll try again.

No, that would only waste valuable seconds. Your dunce cap web handle of 'trough swilling supporter' is satisfaction enough for me!

Darth Vader said...

The Libs and Dips are stalemated now. If they have a vote of non-confidence on the budget and are sucessfull in bringing down the house that means there will be an election.

They cannot afford another election. For all their talk of so much support from Canadians the truth is they don't get any. The average Lib or Dip voter is too cheap to give even $20 bucks to their much "beloved candidate". They are broke, fiscaly and moraly.

The only chance they have is convincing the GG to toss the keys to power over to them rather than have an election.

That senario is dependant on their still being a Three Stooges coalition together in 6 weeks, which looks pretty doubtfull now. Plus if she did that there would be such public outrage the Three Stooges would have to declare Martial Law.

Ardvark said...

If I had a bugle I would play taps.

Ipsos CPC 46, LPC 23, NDP 13, BQ 9, GPC 8

Ekos CPC 44, LPC 24, NDP 15, BQ 9, GPC 8

Whopping 62% "angry at Coalition"

RIP New Liberal Bloc Party Coalition. We hardly knew you.


hunter said...

They might be down, they are not yet out, rally Saturday in Edmonton moved to the Legislature grounds, guess they expect more than the 350 at Duncan's office. Get out, get heard!

Alberta Girl said...

"The Harper coup has succeeded. For now."

Coup - HE WAS ELECTED you moron.

So the house was going on xmas break next week - wow - they shut it down a week early - the horror.

What did you idiots expect was going to happen - you really didn't think that you could actually overthrow the sitting elected government with no consequences, did you.

It is hilarious listening to all of you decrying the Harper government as some tin pot dictator when your ilk was playing fast and loose with "parliamentary procedure"

At least the polling companies got of their rear ends and found out that 62% of Canadians actually would not vote for a coalition.

What do you think the government does when he house is not in session - it's not like they are taking a seven week holiday - they are actually continuing to work on the economy = you know the one that has garnered Canada #1 in the world!

Anonymous said...

Save you breath, Alberta Girl. I think what I'll remember most from this past week's gong show was whoever first stated that the loony left's hatred for Harper is greater than thier love for Canada.

Sad but oh so true.

Eric Culligan said...

I attented the pro-coalition rally today at the city hall/churchill square in Edmonton tonight. I wasn't surprised to find some coalition supporters were actually drunk. (I consider it a lack of respect for the public, after all it was only about 25 minutes they'd have to stay sober for. -that was about how long their rally lasted.) It seems cliche to say but I suppose you'd have to be drunk or on something to actually think a coaliton is in the best interests of Canadians. Particularily western Canadians -and to LS, it would be wise for you to get out and see the world, you could start by going to one of the rallies to see how many of the classy old ladies and five year olds were carrying guns and how many of the coalition supporters were disgracefully intoxicated on one thing or another.

liberal supporter said...

Coup - HE WAS ELECTED you moron.
Yes he was. Just like the other 307 MPs. And MOST of those MPs do not have confidence in his regime. Voting his government down and presenting an alternative government is not a coup, it has been done before, though your screeching harpies insisted it is a coup. Why do you now claim that your Leader's actions, unprecedented in Canadian history, should not be considered a coup?

No, the house was prorogued, having done no business in this session. It was prorogued to avoid a confidence vote. That is essentially a coup, since it thwarts the normal operation of the existing House. If you want to claim the coalition seeks to "overthrow" the CPC, then you have to live with similar terms used to apply to the Harper junta. Don't try to pretend this is business as usual.

the one that has garnered Canada #1 in the world!
Yes, those 13 years of Liberal rule. But it's slipped under the CPC and now will plunge under the Harper junta.

For Darth Vader: I wish someone would build a statue of Emperor Harper. It would be great in late January to re-enact the final scene from The Return of the Jedi, no?


liberal supporter said...

Gosh "Eric Culligan", with your shiny new blogger account, do you really think we were all born yesterday? Your clumsy attempt to paint your enemies as drunks while your cohorts are the grandmas and kids is laughable.

And the guns won't come out until your side is clearly losing and growing ever more desperate.

hunter said...

LS, you are disgusting. You have no points to make, you talk about guns? Your guys yelled "down with the dictator", ours sang "Oh Canada", now which one is more likely to have guns? You are a trolling misfit, get help.

As I am sure all your lefty friends will tell you, counseling is available, and free of charge under our medical programs.

This is MY BLOG, not yours, get back over to the dark side before I have boot you back there!

Anonymous said...

"And the guns won't come out until your side is clearly losing and growing ever more desperate."

I get it - your side is so cowardly that you can't fight an opponent unless the opponent is hobbled or disabled. Wow, you sure are an impressive lot. Coward. Low-life. I'll bet when you were a little boy, you hid behind your mother and stuck out your tongue at the other boys.

Anonymous said...

"No, the house was prorogued, having done no business in this session. It was prorogued to avoid a confidence vote."

Wrong again, coward. The government could do no business because the cowards on your side were ganging up to bring it down. Not one of them could take on Harper alone and, it seems, they can't take him on even when the gang up. Cowards.