Sunday, December 14, 2008

Global Warming, Or Not!

Way back in the day, acid rain was eating up the ozone layer at astonishing rates. The people were panicked, and the sun was about to fry us.


By Amy Silverman
Published on May 04, 1995
Scott Bundgaard used to believe that chlorofluorocarbons--most commonly known by the trade name Freon--were depleting the Earth's ozone layer and increasing dangerous ultraviolet radiation. He'd nag his sister for using aerosol hair spray.

Then he was elected to the legislature, where he and his colleagues on the House Environment Committee considered a measure that called for Arizona to ignore federal law and an international treaty and allow the manufacture of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) after January 1, 1996, when an international ban goes into effect.

Freon advocates offered both pragmatic and ideological justifications for the law. The ban would force Arizonans to pay for new air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, or swelter without it, they claimed. And, perhaps more important, the legislation offered yet another great way for Arizona to tell the feds--and, for that matter, the world--to buzz off.

Then, there was the small matter of science.
The House Environment Committee was told that the scientific theory behind the hole in the ozone is a hoax, manufactured by NASA scientists who want money to conduct research. The ozone crisis was also being advanced by big companies that stand to make billions by selling replacements for the banned CFCs, the committee was told.

In a story he wrote for the Washington Post in 1993, veteran science writer Boyce Rensberger observed that while ozone depletion from CFCs is real, the final link has yet to be demonstrated. Ozone-hole theorists criticized the piece, which perturbed Rensberger. "My story said that the threat of ozone depletion has been exaggerated, not that it wasn't happening," he says. "That the health hazards and the environmental hazards have increased ultraviolet radiation have not been demonstrated yet--that remains true."

Not that there haven't been attempts to codify the link.
In his 1992 book, Earth in the Balance, now-Vice President Al Gore says higher UV-B radiation resulting from ozone depletion has blinded rabbits, salmon and sheep. This was never proved scientifically.

Funny way back in 1995, Al Gore was spouting nonsense, he still thinks DDT is dangerous because some idiot wrote a book about birds eggs softening, and this one book led to the death of millions of people to malaria. This says it all about the environmental movement:

And last year, there was debate over a decline in the world's frog population, possibly because of ozone depletion. It was later revealed the scientist conducting the study knew nothing about the ozone layer, but leapt to conclusions in trying to link ozone levels, radiation and bad frog eggs. The frogs suffered from a fungus, which was at least partially responsible for the high death rate.

It's a long article, going back in time, but read it, the eco-nuts are using the exact same arguments now, as they did 13 years ago.

So, how is the ozone hole doing?

US government scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) say this year's ozone hole reached its maximum level on September 12, extending to 10.5m sq miles and four miles deep. That is bigger than 2007 but smaller than 2006, when the hole covered over 11.4m sq miles.

Scientists blamed colder-than-average temperatures in the stratosphere for the ozone hole's unusually large size this year. "Weather is the most important factor in the fluctuation of the size of the ozone hole from year to year," said Bryan Johnson, a scientist at NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, which monitors ozone, ozone-depleting chemicals, and greenhouse gases around the globe. "How cold the stratosphere is and what the winds do determine how powerfully the chemicals can perform their dirty work."

Yikes they blamed COLDER than average temperatures....hold it, what happened to global warming???

Just watched Hannity on Fox, and he interviewed the producers of a new film called "Not Evil, Just Wrong", here is a promo of the film:

Bet it doesn't get the same attention that Outrageous Lies...oops, Inconvenient Truth got by the media.

Global warming, send it to Edmonton, we would love to warm up 2 degrees to -30! Lizzie May, I am ashamed that you think you are a Canadian, go back to the US, better yet, try going to Siberia and explaining global warming to them! You are giving real females a bad name!


Anonymous said...

It seems that every 5-10 years, we have some new environmental crisis situation and, with each new one which comes along, we have a whole new industry arising - one which sucks people into shelling out way too much money. The ozone layer gave rise to a whole new sunscreen industry which, to my complete surprise, produced a product (overpriced)that really does not screen as much as it is supposed to screen. Furthermore, we have children who are at risk of rickets because of a lack of rays getting through to produce vitamin D in the body. And, parents are scared silly of letting their kids play in the sun that a whole new generation is growing up with vitamin D deficiency.

As for global warming - there is no reason for Canada to be so panicked - we produce so little CO2 that our whole green shifting "stuff" is nonesense. China and India need to clean up their acts because even if Canada reduces its CO2 output to zero, it will have no effect globally.

It's a load of hooey, as far as I am concerned.

Southern Quebec said...

"An earlier documentary, Mine Your Own Business, contended that the actions of environmentalists were destroying communities and lives in developing countries. And the documentary was also criticised because it was 70 per cent funded by Gabriel Resources, the Canadian mining company that wanted to develop an open pit gold mine in an impoverished village in Romania. This surely compromised the editorial objectivity of the film." The Irish Times

So who is funding this film I ask?

PS Rachel Carson was no idiot.

Alberta Girl said...

I just spent the last hour and a half watching The Great Global Warming Swindle - it sure puts into place WHY we have this mass hysteria about global warming and makes one think about how we really are being controlled.

so much so that i wonder if the whole world economy collapse was not part of the plan.

I know, I know - I sound like I have my tin foil hat a little too tight...but it is pretty interesting to watch the whole thing.

Secrets of Vancouver has a link.

Funny also - I remember back in the 70's we were heading to an ice age - and in the film above, they used wording that sounded like it was coming from Liz May's mouth - until he told us that they were from 1970 issues of Time Magazine about the coming ice age.

The whole global warming scam is meant to benefit certain industries and groups and it is to their benefit to keep it alive even as more and more scientists are debasing their theories.

So we see the screeching and name calling of denier, heretic becoming more and more vitrolic as they see their livelihoods threatened.

Also - pay attention SQ - it was pointed out that it is almost a given that in order to get funding from the government, you need to "believe" in global warming hence it benefits many organizations and businesses to jump on the global warming bandwagon to increase their profits.

So SQ - more importantly - who is funding the global warmists.

SQ - have you watched "The Great Global Warming Swindle"? You might want to in order to give yourself a well rounded view so that you can make a true informed decision about the true facts.

As I sit here in the -43 (with the wind chills) - I can only think how cold it would be if we weren't in this global warming period - right SQ

Jeff Davidson said...

As I sit here in the -43 (with the wind chills) - I can only think how cold it would be if we weren't in this global warming period - right

it's plus 7 and raining where i live. so what's your point?

Southern Quebec said...

AG: Is this the film that had to retract a lot of the "facts" because they were in fact LIES!

And yes, your tin foil hat is on way too tight.

Southern Quebec said...

"Way back in the day, acid rain was eating up the ozone layer at astonishing rates"

Acid rain has nothing to do with the ozone layer. Acid rain in caused when there is too much sulphur in the air -- like say around coal fired power plants. The result was "dead" lakes (no fish) and decimated forests. In the east this was noticed when the maple trees stopped producing.

But hey, Hunter, don't let facts get in the way of a good rant.

Anonymous said...

To a large extent, there are industries (which pollute, by the way) which benefit from every environmental trend we have. There are companies, right now, who are producing "green" products and, in producing them, product lots of pollution either directly or indirectly.

We could solve a lot of our environmental issues if we changed our consumption habits.

Why do we need bottled water? Why do we need disposable diapers, ready to eat frozen dinners, SUVs, the latest fashions, fast food, Tim's drive through windows? Why do we need so much waste. Why is shoplifting such a problem that stores have to have products bubble-wrapped in indestructible plastic. Why do we need all sorts of expensive and useless cosmetics in hugely overpackaged format? Why do we need to use our dryers when a clothesline does a better job?

We don't need government intervention. We don't need tax shifting, we don't need "green" industries which are out to separate us from out money, we don't need hysteria about global warming. We need to slow our wasteful consumption habits.

LogicallySpeaking said...

Yay! Let's hear it for anti-science debates that have been thoroughly debunked five years ago. Awesome.

My favourite part is: "Yikes they blamed COLDER than average temperatures....hold it, what happened to global warming???"

That just screams 'I have no idea what I'm talking about'. Maybe you should learn about the actual predictions that global warming scientists make before you embarass yourself further.

If you have the time, you should really inform yourself about the history of DDT as well. DDT was never banned for medical purposes.