Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rise Up! Rise Up!

Everyone needs to watch this, it gives a very clear picture of what the Dion Liberals/Separatist Coalition is all about...

Link doesn't seem to be working, so try this:


Believe me, it's a must see!!!

PM Harper was outstanding! Most importantly watch the Liberals, they are not happy, many are not supportive of Dion. They know they are going down big time if they continue to support Dion and the Separatist Coalition. Watch it to the end, Dion and Harper go toe to toe, and Dion lost a foot!

The coalition is dead, before it was even born, funny that, it's been aborted. Liberals should support that.

What went wrong?

The opposition had a premature ejaculation, they got so excited about gaining power that they jumped the gun over nothing. You see, they were planning this for months, and only listening to themselves, they forgot us, the voters in all their calculations. They thought (as we are endlessly told) 62% of Canadians would be overjoyed with the coalition.

They were plotting for a defeat of the budget in March/April, that's why they passed the Throne Speech, hoping to buy time and give Dion one more chance for an election before the Liberal's May convention, but they saw their taxpayers subsidies disappearing, the NDP freaked out, so they moved up the date. Bad mistake because with only an update to quibble about, with the contentious parts now omitted, after only 6 weeks since the last election, they over played their hand, and Canadians are giving them an earful. Dion clearly has no political sense, and if Iggy and Rae continue to support this coalition, they might become leaders of the Liberal party, but nothing will be left, except debt and empty seats. Let's go, and let's go NOW, no delays.

And for those fools saying PM Harper must go.....get a life. I am 100% behind PM Harper and all Conservative MP's. Your attempts to sabotage the Conservative party are pathetic. Try saving the Liberal party, after this coalition garbage, they will need serious resuscitation.

This coalition of the want-to-be's, is unacceptable, not just to Conservatives, but to other party members.

If this coalition is such a great idea, call an election, let Canadians decide, that's all we are asking for, a fair vote, which is one of the options the GG has, so let's use it.

Now, let the fighting begin within the coalition as to which party will run their candidate in which riding, that should be fun. Does the Bloq get all candidates in Quebec without any Liberals or NDP? Good bye Justin and Mulclair! How about the newly added Greens where does May get to run without coalition opposition? Or do they all run only the standing MP in the riding's, then fight it out in the Conservatives riding's? Such fun!

Further to the rally at Linda Duncan's riding office, we finally found it, they seemed to not be answering calls from Edmonton, but we tracked her office location down, more fun happening on Thursday and Saturday!

The first one is Thursday at the NDP offices at 10049 - 81 Ave
This is Linda Duncan’s New Office. This rally is being organized by the Concordia Conservative Club.
When: Thursday Dec 4th 1 pm
Where: 10049 - 81 Ave: Linda Duncan’s Office Edmonton Strathcona
Bring: Yourself, friends, and relatives!

The Second Rally being planned for Saturday noon it is organized by www.RallyforCanada.ca it will happen in the same place on Saturday at noon.
When: Sat. Dec 6th Noon
Where: 10049 - 81 Ave: Linda Duncan’s Office Edmonton Strathcona
Bring: Yourself, friends, and relatives!

Get your signs ready, Conservatives are going to show lefties how to protest. We don't do it often, but when we do, we do it RIGHT! HA!


wilson said...

I am 100% behind PMSH.
There are some fine conservative MPs that will eventually make a great leader when PMSH hangs up his holster. But right now, we have the best man for the job.

The poor coalition is getting from the Quebecers too.
Good timing PMSH!!, right in the middle of a Quebec election, when all the seppies rear their ugly heads.

Dumont attacks:
“I say to those people today: Look at what’s happening. Pauline Marois and Gilles Duceppe lack judgment to the point where they find themselves in the same bedroom as St├ęphane Dion."

Southern Quebec said...

"This coalition of the want-to-be's, is unacceptable, not just to Conservatives, but to other party members. "

Obviously it is acceptable (not dead)to other party members because they have signed a letter of agreement. It is not only acceptable, it is LEGAL! HRH PMSH tried to do the same thing 4 years ago. Get over it! This is the way the parliamentary system works. Learn how the PS works.

Sean McAllister said...

I am so sick of hearing "this is how it works". A car can go 100mph but should you drive it that fast? Just because you "can" do something, doesn't mean you "should" do it. The Bloc has no business in the house, and sure as hell no business having a say in how Canada is run. The people of Canada will have our say on this, and it won't be pretty for those idiots who cooked this up.

Ruth said...

To all those that are 100% behind our PM, please start writing to the journalists that are trying their best to get rid of him.
Even Ian MacDonald keeps saying that it is all the PM's fault. No one is to blame for this coalition except the three stooges, that were just waiting for the confidence vote.

Alberta Girl said...

"Good timing PMSH!!, right in the middle of a Quebec election, when all the seppies rear their ugly heads."

I think the timing of this was EXACTLY what the PM had in mind.

Good point Ruth! Does anyone have a site for email addresses as it is really hard to find them. I don't think the media like emails because they sure don't publish them anywhere that is easily found.

And Hunter - dead on!!! If the weather is good - we may be driving the two hours to Edmonton.

THAT SQ is how much Tories believe in Stephen Harper. The crap about the 62% and Stephen Harper doing this before is all smoke and mirrors designed to justify the unjustifiable.

In your heart of hearts you must know that this is wrong.

Canadi-anna said...

southern quebec -- Harper did no such thing. Get your facts straight. Voting together to topple the government is one thing -- signing a deal to create a working governing coalition is a different ball of wax.
BTW, read the papers, watch the news, not all Liberals are overjoyed at this -- in fact, many are aghast. Some morons hate Stephen Harper more than they love their country -- that doesn't make it a good thing. Legal, yes. Right or righteous, nuh-uh.

Southern Quebec said...

Sean: The Bloc was voted in the same way other MP's were. Are you saying some votes are worth more than others?

AG:In my heart-of-hearts, I do know that the Three Amigos have 62% of the votes. That is a fact, that you cannot change. You may not want to believe it, but that doesn't change it.

Annie: Harper doesn't have a problem joining with the Bloc when he needs something. But...but...that's different...!!!

Sean McAllister said...

SQ, no I don't understand how a party that only runs in Quebec can have a place in the Government. I don't understand how a party who's mandate is to break up the Country has a place in the house. I don't understand how that is possible. If that ishow the system works, then it needs to change because that is wrong.

maryT said...

Until all those of the 62% that voted against PMSH sign an agreement for this coalition it is just a piece of paper with 3 names on it.
In the USA, when a filibuster starts you see senators bringing in cots and supplies to keep it going. How about all cabinet ministers doing the same and refusing to leave their office.
Or how about the GG telling Dion he can be PM but must work with the conservative cabinet as is.
How long did dion think the deal for billions for quebec and senate seats for bloc members could be hidden from the public.
Yes, PMSH did sign a letter but that letter said to consider a coalition. He never had a deal signed with the rest. This time it is very different.
The attempt by the media and dion to say PMSH did the same thing tells us that they were counting on that to get them thru this coup d'etat.
Unions are picking sides in this, without thinking that we might get a majority conservative (huge majority) and those public servants (leeches) will not like the results. The same goes for any group or organization that depends on govt funding.
Ed Broadbent on cbc now, calling PMSH a liar, re the flag at the signing. I watched that signing and there was no flag in the picture. Anyone have the original clip of that. It might have been there out of sight.
Ed is complainig there was no stimulus pkg. Now he is saying the cbc should find out who come up with the panel of Frank, Manley etc. What if that was a reporters invention, as Ed says it did not come from Dion, Layton or Gilles office. Backtracking big time. Considering Frank stated, in Calgary, that PMSH was on the right track.
Now he is talking about the 37% vote, and 62% against. But, no one is asking if those figures would have changed if they knew about the secret deal for a coalition.

Southern Quebec said...

MaryT: Ed Broadbent is correct. Dear Leader is a liar. The photo op (with TWO Canadian flags) is all over the internet. When it reaches the point that the only thing Dear Leader can talk about is a flag then the Cons are scre*ed.

With apologies to Sinclair Lewis:
When fascism comes to Canada, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.

maryT said...

Ed did not look his happy self, has anyone got a clip of him when this started, all smiles and today. I think they are all worried this will backfire big time. Calling PMSH a liar will not get far, considering all the clips of Dion saying he would never form a coalition. Who is the liar.

Alberta Girl said...

"MaryT: Ed Broadbent is correct. Dear Leader is a liar. The photo op (with TWO Canadian flags) is all over the internet. When it reaches the point that the only thing Dear Leader can talk about is a flag then the Cons are scre*ed."

Oh puleeze....please give me a link to where Stephen Harper himself said there were no flags.

Did you notice that the flags were NOT behind the three losers - when the press conference took place, those flags were not visible.

You are trying to justify this as somehow being about Harper when you know it is falling apart as we speak (write).

Southern Quebec said...


For all you do, Alberta Gril, this links for you...

(Probably a Communist newspaper, but you never know...)...and yes, Dear Leader is still a liar...

maryT said...

I imagine everyone here watch the PM tonight. But, all the networks waited and waited and waited for Dion's response. CTV didn't run it.
Wonder how many times he asked them to start over as he didn't understand what the PM did or didn't say. Then, after he was finally on air, all the other leaders had to have their say. I thought they had formed a coalition or is it in name only.
One commentator made the remark, is this how all decisions will be made if they are given power.
CNN had this coup d'etat story today.
Funny how so many cbc talking heads, and others were upset that the PM did not offer an escape route for the coalition. Are they starting to be afraid of what they have supported for months. One guy said if Harper and Jim F were to resign, everything would be just fine and the conservatives could govern with no problems.
The media and opposition hate Harper, just like they all hated Bush.

Darth Vader said...

I could not believe the stupidity of the Liberal party with the Three Stooges Plot!

The Liberals are toast and deserve all the scorn they have gathered.