Monday, December 15, 2008

As A Conservative, I Support PM Harper!

The little wiggly worms are on the march. Read comments at CTV, and the Globe and Mail, and you see the wiggly worms in every thread.

Stephen Harper has to go. I would vote for the Conservatives if they got rid of Stephen Harper. Stephen Harper is the problem....BLAH, BLAH.
makinaw dandy
It is time to get rid of Steven Harper once and for all!

Harper supporters, give your heads a shake.

Harper is wrong for Canada, and needs to go.

So obviously "Joe" isn't a Harper supporter but he feels free to tell us Harper supporters what to do, this after the Liberals crowned Iggy without a vote??

I have not heard even one Conservative say anything against PM Harper, and seeing as I'm in Conservative country, I talk to lots of Conservatives, lefties might even say we are infested with Conservatives here in Alberta. It's only going to get more infested now that the Alberta Liberals elected an eco-nut as their new leader, kind of Dion exdux! HA!

So, if Conservatives aren't behind the "get rid of PM Harper" scheme, who is? Might it be our coalition members? Are the lefty socialists so scared of PM Harper that they want him gone? Can't be those tolerant progressives, who love everyone and just want a piece of this earth. Not those lefties who, by forming a coalition, have created huge rifts between east and west, Quebec and the ROC. Not Scott Brison who wants "honesty" from the Conservatives, while he is a member of the corrupt Adscam party? I ask you why do the lefties want PM Harper gone? Supposedly no-one likes him, even though he has the highest ratings amongst all leaders of all parties. I get it now, PM Harper has erased two Liberal leaders, Martin and Dion, and Iggy is not going to do much better.

I want it known that I support PM Harper as leader of the Conservative party! He has taken us out of the wilderness by joining two parties into one, winning two elections and managing the longest running minority government in Canadian history. He deserves our support.

Watch his interview, without re-dos on CTV.

This is our Prime Minister, and I support him.


maryT said...

I support our PM also, and the conservatives who sit in caucus with him.
Re the new Alberta Lib leader. Isn't he the one who quit some organization because they didn't buy his crap. Didn't he go on a hunger strike for some cause. Guess Alberta liberals are as weird as those in the east.
The media might build up Iggy, but he still has all those hangers on from Cretain and Martin sitting behind him, plus all the rejects of other parties.
And try as they might, they can't get rid of the coalition with the separtists. Duceppe was in Ont talking to steelworkers today and said, the coalition is not negotiable. Iggy will wear it into the next election.
I hope all those MPs enjoy their extra week of Christmas Holidays. The House was set to recess on Dec 12, agreed to by all parties.

Patsplace said...

I too support Mr. Harper and the MP's that we elected.

Bring on an election and vote the Liberals and Dippers into obscurity!!

revanche said...

I am behind Harper 100%, the first middle class PM we have ever had. He also drives Liberals completely batty. I figure another year in office and Liberal backrooms will have rubber walls.

Steve L. said...

sometimes we really need to make our support known.

Southern Quebec said...

Oh, boy! Another conspiracy theory!

Mary HInes said...

It is the liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition that wants Harper gone... He is way ahead of them and beats them to every "step" and they can't deal with it. To listen to Scott Brison talk about honesty - wasn't it the liberal party that stole and "cooked" the books from EI money just to make it look like they were balancing their books!... Maybe Mr. Brison could look and see if the liberal party could honestly see if they can find any of 'OUR' Adscam money to flush into our economy - that would help us at this time.....Liberals are so arrogant - I wonder if they are going to push Iggy as a "Bush clone", means Canada was not good enough to spend his working years here - no Harvard with the big name - our Universities were just not good enough for him to teach in... - liberals hate Americans so much... they are so arrogant they can't see straight! with only one thing in mind - power at any cost....

Alberta Girl said...

"It is the liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition that wants Harper gone."

And don't forget the MSM, Mary H.

Anonymous said...

You are a little fudgey with facts Hunter. It's good that you know Harper's minority guv is the longest running in Canadian history - but it seems to me that if you know THAT, you would see the contradiction in your words:

"...those lefties ... by forming a coalition, have created huge rifts between east and west, Quebec and the ROC."

You then say Harper "... has taken us out of the wilderness by joining two parties into one"

Somehow methinks youthinks;-) what's good for the minority is less good for the majority. Are you into oligarchy? Do you just need to bone up on parliamentary procedure...Or did you not notice the other day when PMSH addressed the nation and called the bloc separatists in English and sovereigntists in French. Talk about a cowardly wedge driver.

Jeff Davidson said...

Supposedly no-one likes him, even though he has the highest ratings amongst all leaders of all parties.

actually, iggy had higher numbers in the last poll i saw.

the facts are, in much of canada, people do not like harper. they liked dion even less.

i hope harper stays. iggy will mop the floor with him.

Alberta Girl said...

"i hope harper stays. iggy will mop the floor with him."

Jeff - if I had the time, I would go back and collect all the comments where you predicted that Harper would lose, that Dion would "wipe the floor with him"; that the Tories are done; that Harper is going to wear this; etc. etc. etc. This is just another in a long line of predictions that given it is made by you; really have no importance.

maryT said...

And also remember that it was our PM, PMSH, that was voted the most respected leader at a recent world conference.
Libs and ndpers are furious that we brought out that the Bloc is a separtist party that wants to break up Canada.
The Bloc does not consider Quebec residents part of Canada, hence the opening stmt,
Canadians and Quebecers.
And considering thousands of Quebecers voted for the PQ, it tells me that they also don't think of themselves as Canadians.
Their days of blackmail are over, done, finished.
Manning started this with calling their bluff years ago, now we all know the truth.
As more media goes under the less opportunity there will be for the msm to dispense their lies. Sun to lay off 600 full time people by end of December 2008.

liberal supporter said...

Great post hunter!

My browser must not be working right though. I couldn't hear the stirring music that must have been playing all through that paean. Is it because I am using firefox?

West Coast Teddi said...

LS ... Firefox or Explorer need to be continually reset to the "right" side of all spectrum - too much left sided browsing will make them inoperable - it's like putting too many zeros into them and not enough ones!!

Merry Christmas Everyone

ScottS said...

I'm always amazed about how much I am angry at PMSH. The MSM keeps telling me I am so it MUST be true. I hope PM Harper is still there when my 10 year old daughter is able to vote.

Southern Quebec said...

"And also remember that it was our PM, PMSH, that was voted the most respected leader at a recent world conference."

When was HRH PMSH voted "most respected"? I call your bull$hit, and raise you pure crap. Back it up, babe...

David said...

NEWSFLASH: Mouth breathing conservative supports Harper! In other news, bears sh*t IN THE WOODS!

Really, we're pretty sure you'd bear his children if you could.

Alberta Girl said...

"When was HRH PMSH voted "most respected"? I call your bull$hit, and raise you pure crap. Back it up, babe..."

See SQ - now that is the whole problem. Harper gets an international award or international recognition and it is NEVER reported by our MSM.

Why do you suppose that is, SQ.

The thing is SQ - Harper has been the recipient of many, many international awards and international recognition - yet here at home all the MSM talks about is how embarassing he is on the international stage. Sad isn't it that they can't even tell the Canadian people how well regarded their prime minister is.

So I now call your crap and challenge you to admit you were wrong.

Alberta Girl said...

Dave - sigh - is that you?

I notice you didn't come back to Joanne's this morning to rebut your dressing down.

hunter said...

SQ, further to Alberta Girl's excellent links, here's one from this blog way back in 2007.

PM Harper voted most admired leader. You better apologize.

David said...

AG: The three (!) examples comprise 2 examples of awards from Jewish groups (likely largely in recognition of the fact that Harper took a strong stance in the Middle East, thereby damaging our reputation as an honest broker), and one from Time magazine in recognition of Canadian newsmaker of the year (what other Canadian would they give it to, honestly?). Both are hardly ringing endorsements of his governments performance, except maybe on a few partisan or ideological issues. In the case of Time, the award is from 2006 and talks about all of the "wonderful" things that he did early on, that had not had time to blow up in our faces. The also praise his style of leading a minority government without any recognition of the opposition, and we've seen where that gets us.

These are not really international recognitions now, are they. Do you even read what you link to? 'Cause it makes you look kinda dumb.

David said...

AG: You've got the wrong Dave there. There are more than one of us...but if the other Dave was getting a 'dressing down', as you say, then I'm sure he's as brilliant as the rest of us.

David said...

Hunter: THAT'S your international recognition? An online interview poll? It looks to me like Harper has benefited greatly from Canada's name, and nothing more.

In all honesty, on the global stage, Harper is pretty irrelevant, and largely impotent, so I imagine that an actual survey would find very little BAD opinion about him, seeing as our country is pretty widely respected by default. It sure seems like Harper is doing everything he can to destroy that, though...except maybe with US neocons.

Alberta Girl said...

Gee Dave - Those are what I found in about two minutes of searching and I assume that you can use google as well as I can.

And how silly of me to not realize that a "Jewish" award doesn't count. Speaking of dumb....

But then - it doesn't benefit you to acknowledge that he has gotten good press and recognition so I am assuming that you will go on slagging him.

My apologies for mistaking you as the other Dave!

David said...

I didn't say they didn't "count", as you say, and I would appreciate if you would refrain from antisemitic implications.

I was simply noting that the awards aren't really 'international' recognition, but really rather limited recognitions that Harper towed a certain ideological line.

maryT said...

Catch the story at JNW this a.m. Seems like our finance minister was right on when he told Ont to cut taxes.
Will the media and libs apologize to him now for all the vile things they wrote when he said that.

Anonymous said...

"Will the media and libs apologize to him now for all the vile things they wrote when he said that."

I hope not.

Why would anyone have to apologize for calling the world's biggest cow tow to the banks or else GOOMBAH the world's biggest GOOMBAH?