Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trudeau, Dead And Gone, But....

His senators live on, and on, and on. One guy has been there for 31 YEARS!

If anyone doubts the uselessness of the Senate, just look at the present lineup of appointments:

Senators by Province:

Yikes, Tommy Banks still has 3 years to go here in Alberta! Does anyone even know who he is anymore?

Take a look at your Senators, how many do you know anything about, how often have you emailed them or even met them? Do they come out to rallies, or protests? Was Grant Mitchell at the Legislature in support of Albertans who do not want a coalition government?

This is a gravy train, no public appearances, no public accountability, no having to justify why you should remain in your position, nothing. This is not a chamber of sober second thought, this is a golden appointment into the do nothing world of politics. This is where all the appointed Lords and Ladies congregate to plot against the current government. These are the true bottom suckers that every fisherman throws back because they serve no purpose. These are the leeches, stuck onto the taxpayers teat, that refuse to let go because they need us to survive.

So, if PM Harper can't get provinces to elect these suckers, then he should appoint 18 good and true Conservatives, then if the lefties howl, he can make them understand that this is democracy. Isn't that what they are claiming, that they have the democratic RIGHT to take over the government?

So PM Harper has the democratic right to appoint 18 Senators, let the whining begin.

Trudeau, not quite dead enough.


Bec said...

I support this move despite not supporting an unelected senate.

I think that PMSH is listening to his caucus and supporters.

"Please, have us represented somewhere in this country, apparently we cannnot depend on our vote meaning anything"

I have e-mailed my provincial senators. One Lib, ironically was a musician with my Dad.

Living in the West, means that they die with the west.
Seriously, I cannot believe that they support the coalition.

What say you?

PeterLT said...

I count 38 Senators appointed by Chretien. If there is any whining by the Libs, perhaps it can be pointed out to them by the MSM? I doubt they will...

maryT said...

I do know one Alberta Senator, Joyce Fairburn. First met her when she at the UofC and was my sister-in-laws roommate. They have been friends all these years, and Joyce always talks to us when she is at some local event, or even on the same plane. We do not talk politics.

Jeff Davidson said...

Trudeau, not quite dead enough.

channeling SDA? how innovative.

West Coast Teddi said...

Thanks for the list Hunter ... as old as I am I did recognize quite a few names - couple of hockey players, musicians, failed Liberal provincial politicians some federal too.

PEI has 1 vacancy to bring it up to 4 with a population of 120000+or- and Alberta has 6 with a population of 3 million and our Liberal senators just didn't think Harper's reforms were justified. So Sad

maryT said...

PMSH just on cbc explaining why he is doing this. I hope he fills every position available before Jan 2009.

maryT said...

Was Peter Mandbridge serious or joking when he suggested the AT ISSUE panel, or some of them might be on the list.