Thursday, December 04, 2008

Let's Rock The Nation!

No victory is in sight yet, we have only won a short reprieve. Do not underestimate your foe. They are blinded by hatred and have only one goal in mind, get rid of the Conservative government, no matter who leads it.

Stephen Harper is the biggest threat because he can not be bought, businesses have no hold over him. This has caused them so much frustration that they jumped the gun, thinking all good Liberals would support a coalition to get back into power. This gambit has failed. They have already started the new one...we would support the Conservatives ....if they had a new leader. The only ones wanting a new Conservative leader are the members in opposition. I support Stephen Harper 100%. They want to weaken the Conservatives by pretending that everything will be okay if we get a new leader. BS!!!

Their wallets are empty, they are desperate to fill them, in the only way they know how, gain power, at all cost. Forget about Canada, it does not matter to those who thirst for power, we voters are mere pawns to the power brokers.

Do not make the mistake that we have won anything. Do not make the mistake in thinking that the coalition is dead. Do not think that new polls make everything bright.

We had the snake by the tail, we just forgot that it is the head that bites! This is not over, they have declared war on Conservatives. They might back down to save their own butts, but only temporarily, the fire is ready to be stoked again, and we must be ready.

EDMONTON - About 200 people carrying signs inscribed with slogans such as "Stop the Separatists" and "I Didn't Vote for This" rallied in front of Edmonton-Strathcona MP Linda Duncan's new office Thursday afternoon.

The crowd was protesting an opposition coalition that is pitching to take the reins from the Conservative minority government in Ottawa.

What a great start, on the coldest day we have had so far! A poster on my blog was there:

Blogger Darth Vader said...

I was pleased to attend the rally in front of Linda Duncan's NDP office. CBC was there in full force but I have not seen anything on TV about it yet.

Duncan, of course, refused to take any phone calls from her constituents.

She is toast now.

Thursday, December 04, 2008 4:47:00 PM

Toast, the fake coalition is toast. CBC was there, but didn't report it, why am I not shocked? It sounds like the counter protest FOR the coalition had the same numbers:

EDMONTON - A rousing shout of “Down with the dictator” got a pro-coalition rally started in downtown Edmonton Thursday evening.

An estimated 300 people braved the snow to gather at the steps of City Hall. Many of those assembled, including Zoe Todd, 25, were there to prove to the rest of the country that Alberta is not politically one-dimensional.

Down with the dictator? God help us, these people are just plain stupid! At the NO coalition rally, they sang "Oh Canada", funny how the MSM doesn't report that.

Blogger Darth Vader said...

Armed stormtroopers? Gee I thought I left my rocket launcher at home. There were probably more woman than men there, after all it was during working hours.

Perhaps it was the rabble rousing songs like "Oh Canada" that struck fear into the hearts of her (Duncan NDP MP) supporters and made them stay away.

If you are as disgusted with this whole situation as I am, get off your butts and go out to the Rally for Canada on Saturday. The new location is the Alberta Legislature at noon, and I expect to see Stelmach and all Conservative MLA's out there supporting PM Harper and the Conservative government!

The war has just begun, but they discounted the silent majority. We will not be silent anymore! Rise up! Do what lefties do best, protest. Not by calling anyone a dictator, like the lefties, but by singing "Oh Canada" like we did when the Oilers were in the playoffs. We rocked the house then, we can rock the nation as well!


liberal supporter said...
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hunter said...

LS, you get the boot because you are an idiot, go back to the dark side, leave MY BLOG alone! I warned you on my last post, but you just can't take a well placed hint can you?

Now, if you think you can link to my blog from CC's site and get all the little robots here commenting about nothing, forget it.

This blog is going on comment moderation, because I am tired of trolls posting here. I am sure my regular posters understand.

revanche said...

"Stephen Harper is the biggest threat because he can not be bought, businesses have no hold over him."

I like it. The first real middle class schmoe to occupy 24 Sussex. The first PM not in the pocket of Bay Street.

I read somewhere how Big Oil was astonished to learn, unlike the Chretien years, they didn't have instant access to the PM even though he was supposed to be "one of them."

No, he is one of us. :)

Bec said...

Where does "Liberal supporter" live? Egad!

It will not be Canada, if this "coalition of the ego's" takes place. I suspect that the person behind the label realizes that they are NOT, a LIBERAL supporter any longer. That person has burned their card,their integrity and their soul. Sold out a history with solid statesmen to a pitiful power grab. A hateful and bitter,jealousy of a man that has never done anything to legitimately deserve their disdain.

No you are right,Hunter...they are getting all of the media for their "bought" demonstrations.
Dion, was at the one on Parliament Hill with the Union. Go figure. What a farce!

However, Canadians do not want this remarkably arrogant, movement of disrespect so we will prevail and...OH Canada, my home and native land...

maryT said...

My non political daughter was there, and is she riled over this. Phoned at 7.00a.m. to ask if Newman was always so biased and rude, or was it her imagination. She wanted to know if I had signed the petition. She has faxed and e-mailed every leader, and the GG and even the Queen.
We have to keep a close watch and challenge every stmt by the media or member of the coalition.
Most importantly, we have to get the word out that not one vote was cast in the last election for a coalition, so their spin re 62% is null and void.
And when said member makes such a stmt we must find out how many votes were cast AGAINST him/her and ask, were you elected by a 50% majority of voters in your riding.

Sly said...

You do realize that the coalition is not about separating the country at all right, but rather, vehemently opposes the idea. Why do you think Duceppe has only agreed to support the coalition for 18 months rather than until the 2011 date signed onto by the Libs and NDP? It is because he said, 'we could not agree on issues regarding concrete Quebec interests (separatism).' They have vowed to not vote against any budgets or motions put forth by the Lib-NDP coalition for 18 months - that's it. This in no way entails a separatist influenced coalition. It just means that the coalition will not be brought down by separatists - there is a difference.

Those supporting the 'Rally for Canada' should realize that they stand in opposition to those who support a Canada that follows with regular Parliamentary and constitutional procedure. I, with these Canadians, realize: those in the House of Commons are elected to work with each other; they were elected in October; the majority of them have lost the confidence of Harper's minority government.

Anonymous said...

Hunter, keep your moderation on permanently. Those of us who are serious about having a rational discussion will not mind waiting to see our comments posted. Block the offensive ones - they only detract from the real discussion. It is possible to discuss issues with opposing sides if they are as respectful as we are. I doubt if any of us who are respectful will mind if you moderate comments and boot off the offenders.

Fay said...

I stand with Stephen Harper

Alberta Girl said...

The article in the globe and mail by Jane Taber talks about how Rae is going across the country to sell the coalition.

I think Dion is getting the shaft - I know, I know; but Dion made overtures that Stephen Harper may be able to win the coalition over.

Rae has said No Way - this is Rae's takeover of government - he doesn't even want to try to win as Liberal Leader.

We cannot be lulled into security.

I agree Hunter - this media plot to brainwash Canadians that even Conservatives think Stephen Harper has to go is very scary.

We need to do the same kind of thing we just did for this first wave of the Get Rid of Harper plot.

You do a great job of showing the truth as being different from what is reported.

Thanks for that.

Alberta Girl said...

I was just over at Dr. Roy's and there was a comment (anony) although the name was Marion at the bottom of the comment.

Anyway - she/he said they were embarrassed and ashamed by Harper; that he had to go; time to get Prentice as leader.

This is their new schtick - write letters pretending to be conservatives saying Harper has to go.

It is obvious - every pundit says it, every media person gets around to saying it, and the cabal of losers indicate that if Harper wasn't around they could work with the Tories.

This isn't about displacing the Tories, this is about one man - Harper.

That to me says he is doing a great job and slowly but surely taking votes away from the power brokers in Ottawa. They saw how close he came to a majority last time and cannot risk a third election.

We need to be there to counter these "concerned, embarrassed and ashamed" faux tories and let them know we are on to them.

Alberta Girl said...

"I, with these Canadians, realize: those in the House of Commons are elected to work with each other;"

WHAT - then why the He!! are they not doing it - Harper asked after the election for the opposition to work with him - give him ideas. I understand the Bloc did but the others. Well maybe Iggy's snarling response gives you some more information into how "cooperative" the opposition can be when he said "We will NOT give them any help - Harper can wear this crisis " - now that's the spirit of cooperation.

On Wed night and again yesterday Harper reached out and asked the opposition to help him - give him ideas and yet all we have heard from the cabal is that this is a done deal - Harper is not being "cooperative"

So Suicide - please tell me why you think it is your Harper who is not being cooperative?

maryT said...

I agree with the moderation being kept on. We do not need the pretend conservatives on here to bash PMSH. We allowed them to get rid of Manning, just before an election. He had been thru the trial by media fire, but they won and the media could start all over on the next leader. Not this time.
Buy a liberal membership for LeBlanc so he can be leader on Feb 2. Apparently that is the date membership sales cease and whoever has sold the most will be declared the new liberal leader. (That is what is being said in the media by lib spinners. So far Iggy is ahead.) The coalition can't wait till May to get rid of Dion.
Who knew that changing 2 leaders would bring stability to Canada. LOL. How about getting rid of Layton also.
Monday election results should be interesting.
And, finally, we almost got a majority without lots of seats in Quebec. Give PMSH his majority without Quebec so they can finally face the fact, your blackmailing days are over. Maybe the media should quit the reach out to Quebec crap and start, reach out to the west.

West Coast Teddi said...

Thanks Hunter ... sent my $100 off to the CPC, signed the petition(s), wrote an email to the Right Honorable Prime Minister Stephen Harper, sent information to family and sure tried to keep up with the blogs!!

A little off topic but I sent a congratulatory email to my MP, Gary Lunn, after the election. There was a lot of talk around here about how he had been demoted in Cabinet so I decided to be very positive in my remarks and offered some thoughts on issues in sport. I received a long letter of thanks and I know it wasn't a "form letter" because he addressed some of the issues. This isn't the first time I have written Minister Lunn (or the PM) and I ALWAYS get a reply. Our politicians like to hear from us, they like our suggestions (and criticisms) but we must be positive.

The Trolls on this blog have been moderated and I for one will try to be positive.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the news about Rae, also. So, this begs the question - who is representing his riding while he's crossing the country with his dog and pony show? What a maroon.

Darth Vader said...

I have noticed the spin coming out of some of the media this morning is that our economy is tanking because Parliment is suspended.

What a stretch that is! If you track the Dow and the TSX they have been moving up and down more or less in tandem with each other. Usually the TSX has been doing better over the last few months.

However when the Three Stooges anounced their coup I noticed that the TSX faltered and did not rise when the Dow rose but followed it down when the Dow dropped.

The media would like the sheeple to think everything was rosy until Harper walked out of the GG's office.

The truth is this is very much a Global economic problem and I suspect it will be at least two years of a recession before we see any improvement.

The TSX has almost lost half it's value and the Dow is in similar shape. It would be silly to change leaders in a time like this.

I have no idea what economic plan Dion has and I am pretty sure he has no idea what his plan is either. After watching his video boondoggle I am sure it would be entertaining if nothing else!

Jack Layton follows the Keynes school of thought when it comes to the economy......print money like crazy and toss it around with little thought to the result.

That approach usually causes inflation at best, eg. Zimbabwe, Weimar Repuplic of Germany ect; or if you are lucky you end up like Japan. Stagnant job growth, the stock market flat for 15 years and a very high cost of living.

Canada, until recently, was held out as the economic model that the G 20 wants to follow. Harper was on a very good track trying to minimize the damage that is sweeping across the world.

It would be madness to rush into any stimulus plan without some sober thought.

Anonymous said...

Darth, you are correct. Prior to the election, Garth Turner was constantly blaming Harper for everything bad - the big three, jobs disappearing, housing name it. In reality, the big three have themselves to blame (and this is not the first time they've been in trouble), we've been outsourcing to India for years and importing from China for years, housing prices were over inflated...etc. The instability caused by the axis of evil did cause some nervousness but once Parliament prorogued, things stabilized. No matter how you slice the cake, our economy is in better shape than most and we're going to weather this storm well.

The axis of evil would ruin us but it is far easier for them to blame Harper than it is to help with the solution. I mean, where do they get off trying to divide the country? What kind of jerks are these guys, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Last night, I listened to excerpts from the rally on Parliament Hill. Dion began by saying that we must all cooperate and work together. So far so good. Then, he launched into a vitriol-filled slanderous diatribe against Harper. This guy has got to go. Lying, weak-kneed, prissy little jerk.

Southern Quebec said...

Very classy Hunter....not

Anonymous said...

Stand by gang, Wornout Kantstandya is about to go on 'Duff.

Speaking of which, I think a good name for the coalition of traitors could be @#$% From Hell.

PS. Thanks Hunter for this site and all of your efforts. It IS appreciated.

maryT said...

All the experts on Newman are saying PMSH is finished as leader. Spin, spin, spin.
Division in the caucus and the general membership.
Will the cbc and these idiots ever pay attention to what is going on. Not one mention of the polls. But, he has not been damaged beyond repair in Que either, as was mentioned. Newman tried to say the outrage was just in the west but was cut short with, NO, there is outrage in Quebec, and Ontario.
Now they are saying the rallies are not necessary, as the issue has been defused. Wish there was one in my area.

Darth Vader said...

There are a few good things that have come out of this mess the Three Stooges have created.....

1. Conservatives have gained in the polls.

2. Canadians are becoming politicaly aware again.

3. The Libs have destroyed what is left of their party.

4. Layton has come to light as an back room dealing snake who grasps for power at any cost.

However, as Hunter pointed out, the threat to democracy is still alive and it is important to attend the anti-coalition rallies.

hunter said...

It's so nice, peace and quiet on my blog for a whole day!

The threat is not dead, it's just been postponed for another day. The good thing is that Canadians are now much wiser, more involved and thinking about what their vote really means to Canada.

Get out to the Rally for Canada in your area, bring flags, and signs.

Alberta Girl said...

Hunter I can't be there so raise a sign for me!! I will be watching on TV - I hope I see you.

maryT said...

Pay attention to the talking heads in the media. They are working overtime to make us think the danger is over. In the next election would you trust your vote to one of these three stooges, knowing they might (probably are) be plotting another coup. Newman was upset at the word coup.
If you hear some attempt to calm us, or make fun of us, let us all know about it. We can't all be everywhere to watch but enough of us are. Take pics and post them of the rallies so we can see the truth. So far everything I have seen is pro coalition rallies.
And we need stats. If only 200 turn out for the stooges, how many votes were cast for them in that area.
And a huge congratulations to that 16 yr old boy who started a facebook page against the stooges.

Anonymous said...

Hunter - it is so much nicer now that you're blocking the abusive ones. Except for the one annoying commenter, this blog post is a pleasure in which to participate. Hopefully, that one annoying commenter will realize his folly and either leave or play nice.