Monday, December 29, 2008

Blogless In Kelowna!

The sun trying to peek through the clouds!

What do you hear when you have no access to the internet?

It's normally easy for me to get up, go to Blogging Tories, and start my day reading what has been posted there before I go to work. My parents have the internet, but it's dial-up and they only have 5 hours a month, so I didn't bother with it. Instead, I watched what they watched. All I can say, is no wonder they are Liberals, they watched CBC, and drank in the pablum they were fed.

I hope Iggy listens to my Dad, he thinks the coalition is the only way the Liberals can go to get back into power. If enough Liberal supporters send emails in support of the coalition, Iggy, being a political newbie, might just think it's a good idea.

I haven't watched CBC in years, but I recommend it to everyone for a week. No cheating and watching any other channel, just watch CBC to get your news. See how quickly your brain atrophies. At least my brother-in-law recognized that all news, is lefty news, but don't tell that to my parents.

They talked about how crime in Kelowna is getting really bad, and that the judges should impose stricter sentences, they don't want marijuana legalized, they think the auto companies should not be bailed out, and that Vancouver's In-Site should be shut down, but they still vote Liberal. They are more Conservative than I am, but they watch CBC and they still believe PM Harper is "scary", that's what they have been told, they even believe in global warming and don't think the BC carbon tax is that bad, plus they like the huge garbage bins they have to roll to the curb, it makes them feel like they are doing something for the environment. Can you say brainwashed?

One week without the internet made me appreciate the Blogging Tories even more than ever. We don't always agree, but we are not automatons, listening 24/7 to CBC and believing the slop they feed viewers. So thanks Stephen and Craig, where would we go without the Blogging Tories site?


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Wow. I'm so happy you survived! It sounds like a nightmare to me. ;)

Fortunately for me, all my immediate family are Conservatives. It makes things ever so much easier at Christmas.

frmgrl said...

Man, sounds like it must have been tough.

Seems like CBC has really gotten to your parents. I feel sorry for them.

Bec said...

It is a form of brainwashing isn't it, Hunter.
Do they discuss it with you?

I remember long before the 2 parties joined, I was conservative and my parents, Reform. PMSH, was their 30 something yr.old, MP and I could not plow through their thinking.The fear mongering was rampant then too!
It was the opposite from what you are describing. I just paid attention and then ZING,I eventually got it.
My Parents,are the lucky ones that watched this brilliant guy from day 1, evolve.....

Pearce Richards said...

It's called exercising your sociological imagination... The process of engaging with opinions and viewpoints that are not congruent with your own closely held beliefs. Using this to introspect on your own life experience and values is a rewarding and beneficial practice.

I engage in this process by reading the Blogging Tories and engaging in discussion with Conservatives.

Hunter, you seem to understand the merit in this process, but only on a superficial level. The difference is you appear to automatically discount or discredit the CBC's message as invalid because it has a "liberal bias". Do you apply the same level of scrutiny to CTV's "conservative bias"?

I applaud your ability to enter into uncomfortable intellectual waters. However, you appear to have done so with your eyes and ears shut, with a foregone conclusion as the motivation.

Bec said...

My goodness Pearce Richards, these are her parents she is discussing. Her visit home.
There is a point but I will let Hunter, explain it to you.

Southern Quebec said...

Pearce, with Hunter, everything is a foregone conclusion. To post crap like this about your parents is an embarassement. My guess is that they (the parents) don't read her blog, and she thinks she is being really cute. She is not capable of having an original thought. The thing that bothers me most, is that she has kids, and probably mouths off all the time like this "Liberal, this Liberal that..blah blah blah." People that can't see both sides of an issue, should really not reproduce. I feel for her parents.

Education -- it's not just for elitists.

hunter said...

But you come back time after time don't you SQ?? You leave comment after comment about how wrongheaded I am, never realizing how wrongheaded we think you are.

What is your obsession with Conservative blogs? What motivates you to post here? Do you think you are going to change me into a Liberal? If my parents couldn't do it through my most impressionable years, you don't have a hope of succeeding.

So, SQ why do you feel the need to comment here, always negatively?

Pearce Richards, if you think CTV is conservative, you are just as biased as you accuse me of being. CTV is worse than CBC because at least CBC is open about it's lefty bias, CTV pretends to be neutral, yet just watch Question Period with Jane Taber and Craig Oliver, they are as lefty as anyone on CBC. That's why blogs are becoming more popular, you choose to go to a blog site like Blogging Tories knowing what to expect, it's your choice, watching TV you have no choice because they present the story with whatever slant they want, without having to be open about what they are doing. Look at how the media treated Palin vs Obama, totally biased reporting. That's why I missed the Blogging Tories during my visit home, I had no choice but to rely on what was being said on CBC, getting only the Liberal side of any political story, there was no balance!

Southern Quebec said...

Hunter, I return here for a couple of reasons:
(1) To see if when you climb out of the dark, you see the light (not yet);
(2) It's like watching a train wreck -- you know what's going to happen, but you have to watch anyway; and
(3) Deep down, I think that this is a satirical site, like The Onion. I keep waiting for the punch line but it never comes.

As to the post about your parents, it takes a real small person to slag someone who cannot defend themselves. As a religious person, you should know that one of the commandments is to Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother, not trash them on the internet. Or is your motto Who Would Jesus Slag?

Pearce Richards said...

"if you think CTV is conservative, you are just as biased as you accuse me of being."

First, of course I'm biased. Everyone has bias. The issue is not being closed towards introspecting on that bias, or engaging with people with other biases.

Second, media bias differs depending on the issue being reported on. Political reporting is highly context dependent. For your anecdotal evidence of CTV's liberal bias I have my own for CTV's conservative bias. Dion ATV interview? Any media coverage of crime issues? The media is more conservative than you think. Particularly CanWest.

West Coast Teddi said...

Welcome Back Hunter ... super pictures of the most beautiful drive in the world (at least what I have seen)(or is that "scene").

I only watch the 6pm CTV local news (CBC has been deleted from my remote - even hockey) which happens to be out of Vancouver, otherwise it is Fox News for me - best $7.95 per month I spend on my TV viewing. Fair and Balanced.

Please continue to Blog the Conservative way and you will find that SQ and others will slowly "climb out of the dark".

Happy New Year Everyone

Anonymous said...

"As to the post about your parents, it takes a real small person to slag someone who cannot defend themselves. As a religious person, you should know that one of the commandments is to Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother, not trash them on the internet. Or is your motto Who Would Jesus Slag?"

Get real, SQ. That is the biggest pile of bullshit I've ever seen. Do you think any of us is so stupid as to interpret her comment as a slag on her parents. I guess you are that stupid. Either that, or you're trying to make a mountain out of a molehill and accuse Hunter of something she did not.

Are you exactly what your parents told you to be? Did you always listen and obey? If you say "yes" then you are a liar. If you are not a liar then you were the biggest suck-hole of a child ever conceived.

Face it, SQ, you come here because it makes you feel so good to rag on Hunter. Gives you a sense of manliness to come down on Hunter. Oh, you are such a role model for other men - dysfunctional men, that is.

Grow up and stop being such an idiot. Get this through your stupid thick skull - Hunter did not slag her parents. And do not even presume to use God's word against another person - that is so low.

Bec said...

Slag her parents? What the hell did you read or did you read? Can you read? Interpretation that is another skill.
Hunter, and her parents agree on many if not most things. They support different political parties.That is a HUGE point..
Many people get set in their routines and find change disruptive. CBC, is their routine, access to the Internet is Hunters.

We are all parents and most parents know that their little quirks drive their kids crazy at times. This would be no exception and to talk and laugh about it would be perfectly normal for most parents.Shheesh, but please don't let being an presumptuous jerk stop you!

liberal supporter said...

Happy New Year, East of Eden. I hope you had a Merry Christmas.

liberal supporter said...

And you too, Bec. Happy New Year, and hoping you had a Merry Christmas.

Bec said...

Hey, liberal supporter, back at you!

Belated Merry Christmas and all of the best to you and yours in 2009.
(except an election or

Anonymous said...

Bec - right on. I love the part about parents' quirks driving their kids nuts. I thought that was simply payback for all the sleepless nights, labour pains...etc. LOL. I think the greatest thing about being grandparents (unfortunately, I don't know first-hand) is being able to watch your kids suffer at the hands of their kids and being able to smile and say "hah - payback". I love listening to parents complain about what their kids are doing and forgetting that they did the same thing to their parents. Of course, it freaked me out when, one day, I said something that I vowed I'd never say when I became older - I sounded exactly like my father. LOL.

Have a wonderful new year. And keep on driving your kids crazy with your quirks.