Saturday, December 06, 2008

CTV Biased Much?

It appears that CTV thinks Dion spoke at the anti-coalition rally in Ottawa. Stupidity or bias? I tried to upload the video to Youtube over 6 times, it wasn't accepted, so I am trying Google video for the first time. Not sure if it will work, but I will keep on trying to get the message out. CTV mislead people into thinking that Dion was speaking at the Rally for Canada rally, not the Toronto pro-coalition rally organized by the unions.

Here is a real live video at a rally, something we did not see by the MSM.

Look at the online news, nothing about the Ottawa rally, nothing about the HUGE numbers of people who came out FOR Canada, and against the coalition. All I saw was Dion/Layton spouting off to about 200 union supporters in Toronto, nothing on the Ottawa rally of over 5000 people, nothing reported from Calgary, over 2500, silence.

The media is not reporting the whole truth, they are trying to distort the truth. They are clearly trying to distort and bias our opinions. Did they not have cameras at the Parliament rally?

This was such a disgusting distortion of the truth by the media that we need to rise up, on blogs and show the people the truth, that the MSM has tried to hid.

If the goggle blogger video doesn't show up, watch a short version here:

You get the point right? CTV did not cover the Ottawa rally, all they showed was the Dion/Layton rally to shove unions down our throats, to shove a coalition down our throats, and to pretend that this is what we want.

Well, it's time to fight back, with the most potent weapon known to businesses, our pocket books. If the unions think that they should get money for life without compromise, don't buy their cars. If public workers want to strike, let them, they get way less when they strike than when they work. Saves us money!

Email advertisers telling them why you will not buy anything from them until they stop advertising on biased news channels....oops that doesn't leave them many options.

If a store won't say "Merry Christmas", they are not getting my "Christmas" money. It's simple, and it's effective. Unions want power over us with a coalition government, let's show them the money.....disappearing. Until the everyday union members smarten up and realize that their union masters are milking them dry, and causing hard feelings amongst Canadians the NDP will have more power than they should.

When average Canadians speak out loud and clear, but the MSM refuses to cover it, when they only cover it from a biased angle, we are no better than Indonesia, or Venezuela. That is the issue with a coalition government, we the people understand the slippery slope, and we are pulling hard to rescue our country from the quicksand.


John said...

What is interesting to me is that whoever uploaded this video has disabled the comments. Discussion is for chumps anyway.

Bec said...

Someone.....lets say, like a cool kid that can set up a facebook site to enrage 300,000 of his new best friends, to help save this country?..... hire HIM!

That's what we need but frankly Hunter, I think that all of the mentally challenged, come to BT sites for their ideas. These 3 stooges, are pathetically void of "freshness" or "ideas"....power grabs, they can do....

wilson said...

Seeing Layton and Dion giddy with each other at the podium must make real Liberal's skin crawl!!

So maybe the bias helps the Conservative movement...

hunter said...

Well John, if you have intelligent comments that stay on topic, your comment will be posted.

If you want to be a chump, likely your comment will not make it onto the comment page. My readers and I have finally had it with grade 5 type comments that add nothing to the discussion.

So, if you have something intelligent to offer, go ahead and offer it to us, it will get posted. If you think calling me, and my posters names is okay, your post will be lost in delete land!

Reid said...

You mixed up the numbers. The 5000 was in Calgary. I know there's animosity between Edmonton and Calgary, but come on. Give us our due! :p

hunter said...

Reid, Calgary did great! Edmonton attendance wasn't anywhere near your numbers. That's why we are stuck with a NDP MP who won't talk to her constituents.

I want to hear from Ralph, I miss the guy. He would have taken Danny Boy to task last election and he would be chewing up the Liberals right now. Those were the good old days!

Rick M. said...

CTV is biased TOWARDS Stephane Dion!?
I must be watching a different CTV.

On CTV in Toronto all I heard about was how even Dion's own party wants him to step down and how he refused to answer questions at the Toronto rally (which was attended by around 2000 people, not "200 union supporters" as you stated.)

This was the 6:00 news I was talking about, I think the 11:00 was different.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bec. What is a BT site?

Hunter - good for you. Comment moderation, it appears, is necessary in light of the juvenile and idiotic comments one receives from detractors.

I really miss Ralph. Say what you like about the guy, but his lack of political correctness was so refreshing.

His best line was the one about Belinda Stronach - although it was a bit on the smutty side - but I laughed so hard I nearly choked.

Brian said...

If one has any doubts about the bias of CTV here is a list of Liberal affiliations from no other than the great Warren Kinsella !

source Warren Kinsella
• the head of CTV, Ivan Fecan, headed a major fundraiser for Jean Chrétien
• one of his senior Vice Presidents, Paul Sparkes, was Chrétien’s Director of Operations
• the network’s pollster, Peter Donolo, was Chrétien’s Director of Communications
• Craig Oliver was one of the closest people to Pierre Trudeau, and used to go on annual canoe trips with him
• Jane Taber used to be regularly mocked by Frank magazine for being a Liberal shill
• Roger Smith’s wife was a senior aide to Trudeau
• Jim Munson, a Liberal Senator, became a Chrétien aide after leaving a senior spot at CTV
• Mike Duffy is a creampuff, and has loyal friends in every party
• Seamus O’Regan hangs out with Justin Trudeau and Dalton McGuinty’s former Principal Secretary
• Rosemary Thompson is a sweetheart, and used to date Liberals at Carleton (the shame!)
• Bob Fife would take down anyone, if they deserved it, regardless of party affiliation


Southern Quebec said...

John: Hunter only posts comments from her Conservative sycophants. Right, Hunter?

robins111 said...

I can see that Jack Layton and the CAW still have a Rent-A-Rally program in place.

It's hilarious however that the CTV and CBC have to go to a Anti-coalition rally to get the sound effects.

I suspect the MSM has looked at the polls, the numbers at the rally and the number of events and started to sh#t their pants.

I believe that by the time this is over, we'll have a majority tory government, either by election or floor crossing.

Southern Quebec said...

Should a person who is not a Christian wish you Merry Xmas?

Anonymous said...

Southern Quebec said...
John: Hunter only posts comments from her Conservative sycophants. Right, Hunter?
Sunday, December 07, 2008 8:43:00 AM

She also posts comments from impotent little jerk-offs whose thoughts are so limited that they can contribute nothing constructive. SQ, you are an idiot, you're small-minded and petty.

Why don't you create your own blog instead of coming here? You've convinced us that you are a cretin so there's no more need to come and prove it over and over.

In the words of the great one on the Hypocrite's blog: moron.

Now to back to Mrs. Thumb and her five daughters and let us big folks do our thing.

Hunter - my apologies, but this guy is an total jerk. There is no reason that you should be subjected to his inane and offensive crap. This is your blog and, for that, a measure of respect is in order.

Anonymous said...

"Now to back to Mrs. Thumb and her five daughters and let us big folks do our thing."

Made a couple of errors. It should have read: "now GO back to Mrs. Thumb and her FOUR daughters...".

Say, SQ, are you a lefty or a righty? LMAO. You jerk. You have no business coming here and slagging Hunter. It's her blog so show some respect. At least she puts some sweat equity into the thing. Given that you can't be bothered - or perhaps you're too intellectually limited to know how - to host your own blog, you have no right to abuse another blog host.

So, make like a bird and flock off; like a tree and leaf; have some sex and travel. Catch my drift, you ignorant cretin.

Brian said...

As well as the Liberals , I believe the MSM will also take a significant "hit" from the Coalition fiasco.

The long term implications of this disastrous move by Dion and Layton to grab power may result in ways no one can really foresee.

I would hate to see the Liberal party vanish , not because I have any respect for the Liberals , but if the Liberals vanished from the political scene , the left would become taken over by the fanatics running the NDP.

liberal supporter said...

East of Eden sure sounds tough, mouthing off here where no comments are allowed that do not toe the party line.

Meanwhile, East of Eden does not have any posts on his blog so one can't even go there to tell him off.

Typical CPCs, stifle all dissent. The Taliban would be proud of you hunter.

Darth Vader said...

Hello LS

I take it you must have had personal relations with the Taliban to be able to form an opinion as to who they would, or would not like.

Think of some of the things the Taliban have done lately....throw acid in the faces of young girls because they went to school...set a school bus on fire filled with little kids.

I could go on but you could care less. Your precious coalition leaders want to enter "negotiations" with the Taliban.

Anonymous said...

Ah, LS, you're hilarious. I don't have a blog so I visit other blogs. I simply don't have the time to maintain one. So, given this, when I visit somebody else's blog, I show respect for the host - even when the host is a sleaze bag. I figure that it is his or her blog and, as a visitor, it is incumbent upon me to be respectful.

Yup - typical CPC. As for dissenting opinions - those are no problem on CPC blogs. Ignorance and abuse is a problem. Unfortunately, LPC supporters cannot see the difference between dissenting views and abuse. We CPCers can see the difference.