Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bob And Doug, Twelve Days Of Christmas!

I was too busy today for much more than a quick post. To get you in the Canadian Christmas spirit, here's Bob and Doug singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas".

Even my 15 year old has noticed that Christmas is becoming too commercialized. Let's keep Merry Christmas and ditch Happy Holidays!


Alberta Girl said...

Merry Christ er Holidays Hunter - hope you have a wonderful Christm...er Holiday (turning on my PC switch).

Thank you for everything you do to help those of us in the hinterlands have a voice. I don't know how you do it; but it is appreciated.

And in the spirit of the season - I sincerely wish ALL those who comment on your blog a Very Merry Chris...er Holiday!!


West Coast Teddi said...

Bonus bonus - Mid Week Funnies

Reminds me that I have to go to the local Grog shop for a little last minute shopping!!

Merry Christmas Everyone

Southern Quebec said...

Happy Kwanza!!!!

West Coast Teddi said...

SQ ... All the best this Kwanzaa to you too.

May the Solstice be a good one for all.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Southern Quebec said...

WCT: Live long and prosper...

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas. May the coming of our Lord Jesus bless every one of you - believer or non-believer. The Son of God shall come and He shall be our Salvation.

To those among us who are Jewish - Happy Hannukah.

Political correctness be darned.

Anonymous said...

For a definition and the correct spelling of Kwanzaa (check it out, SQ), you can visit this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kwanzaa

Southern Quebec said...

Oops! I am usually a better speller.

liberal supporter said...

The way people mumble the greeting these days, they keep saying Murray Christmas. I say Murray has had it long enough, and I want my Christmas back.

We need to take back Christmas!

Alberta Girl said...

"We need to take back Christmas!"

The magic of the season must be working because we are all agreeing here!!

A sincere "Murray" Christmas to you too LS

maryT said...

I wonder if any of those retailers suffering slow sales give any thought to the fact that we do not do holiday shopping, buy holiday clothers, eat holiday food. If that is what they are offering, I am not buying.
Merry Christmas everyone and a huge thank you to Hunter for this blog.

liberal supporter said...

If that is what they are offering, I am not buying.
So in other words you demand political correctness, since you have a speech code others are commanded to follow.

I have always been wished a Merry Christmas in any store. Maybe it is the Santa type toque I always wear. Now there was a time when I had a full beard and wore a very small toque, and did not receive a Christmas greeting. Plus it was between 11-12 on a Sunday morning.

I think this meme, that somehow the PC police are preventing people from giving Christmas wishes, is a bunch of baloney. A manufactured crisis. Being "politically correct" used to be called being "polite". Is there a problem with being polite now? I don't say Merry Christmas to guys in turbans or wearing the kipa. Why? Because I am couth. Because I am polite.

But invariably most people wear something for Christmas, a pin of a Christmas tree, a Santa hat, an antler hat. Then you get all the Christmas cheer you want.

You people should stop dressing like Muslims and instead wear stuff for Christmas. Put on the crucifix so it can be seen and watch every store clerk wish you a Very Merry Christmas!

Southern Quebec said...

MaryT: I think you are slightly delusional if you think that a retailer has lower sales because they don't wish you a Murray Christmas. If your post is correct, when you get to the cash with all your purchases, and the cashier doesn't say MC, you just walk out?