Sunday, December 07, 2008

Liberals, Out Of Touch With Their Own Voters!

So, the Liberals are about to crown Iggy as their new leader? Nice. They were willing to crown Dion PM, just last week, now it's going to be the Liberal caucus that crowns their new leader?

Is it only me thinking this is dishonest, or are these guys making up their own rules to suit themselves, without consulting their own grassroots voters.

Liberals should relax, take a breath and understand that they need to rebuild from the ground up, not from the top down. If I was a Liberal supporter (snort), I would be seriously ticked off with them right now.

LeBlanc to drop out of race, support Ignatieff

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is expected to resign this week and Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc has dropped out of the leadership race and will support rival Michael Ignatieff, CTV News has learned.

"Michael Ignatieff pretty much has this leadership race wrapped up," CTV's Chief Political Correspondent Craig Oliver told CTV Newsnet Sunday evening.

The Liberals are about to re-write their own constitution, all the while yelling about how a coalition is constitutional? Too funny.

I've got the beer and popcorn ready, this should to better than Bruce Willis in "Die Hard".

To all those Liberal supporters wanting to see PM Harper replaced because you have no leader, no hope, and no morals, and think Conservatives should be just as unhappy, forget it. Harper is the Man!


Alberta Girl said...

The dumping of Dion and the coronation of King Iggy BEFORE Harper brings down the next budget tells me the Liberals only care about one thing

P O W E R!!!!

I am wondering though, do they still think that the Coalition can be foisted on the Canadian people with a different Liberal leader (I believe they think Dion was the reason Canadians didn't want the Coalition) or do they just want to go into the next election (called when they vote non confidence in the budget because they think Iggy will get their voters back) with a new Leader.

Time will tell.

It will also be interesting to see what grassroots Liberals think about anointing a new leader.

Eskimo said...

Yippee Ki Yeah! Bring on the election!

mystereeoso said...

Re: "To all those Liberal supporters wanting to see PM Harper replaced because you have no leader, no hope, and no morals, and think Conservatives should be just as unhappy, forget it."

Liberals, NDP, Bloc and even some Conservatives want Harper replaced because he's a toxic leader who would rather open a debate on women's pay equity (SNORT!) and sell off crown treasures than put forward a viable economic stimulus package. Both Ignatieff and Rae are wizards. Either of them will make minced meat of Harper and his droogs in parliament. Enjoy your beer and popcorn you'll be eating crow soon enough.

Reid said...

Liberals won't take the time to rebuild their party. They want power now. That rebuilding stuff takes too long.

The funny thing is the damage they're doing themselves is going to keep them in the wilderness much much longer than they would have it they had started the rebuilding process in 2004 with Paul Martin.

Southern Quebec said...

"Falsehoods being a leader's best friend, our Prime Minister rolled out at least a half dozen complete canards, some of which should be candidates for the Hogwash Hall of Fame: He claimed there was no flag at the coalition ceremony, that the opposition would be allowed a confidence vote, that it was forming a separatist coalition, that the Liberal leader was not entitled to form a government, that the Bloc had a veto over the coalition, that the Bloc was promised seats in the Senate."

Lying -- it's a Conservative thingy...

wilson said...

I'm repeating myself, but look at what has happened to the LPC since Dippers were invited to snuggle under the 'big tent' with Libs.

The Liberal leadership revolving door.
2004 out Chretien, in Martin
2006 out Martin in Dion,
2008 Layton & Duceppe join Dion for one spin
2009 out Layton, Duceppe & Dion in Iggy.

How long will Iggy last?

2003 in Harper
2004 Harper
2006 Harper
2008 Harper
2009 Harper

Darth Vader said...

There is a lot of whining coming from the Lib members regarding the appointment of a new leader without a chance to vote for one.

Looks good on them. They expect us to settle for their appointed coup leaders without a chance vote in a federal election.

As for the GG I suspect she was in cahoots with the Three Stooges all along. I don't think the Coalition scheme is dead yet.

Eskimo said...

So SQ, tell me how there was no separitist coalition if the mandate of the B.Q. is separatism?


(crickets chirping)

THAT is why Harper asked for Parliament's early dismissal. Everyone went home a week early and here you are crying in your pi$$y pants (sorry Hunter!)

The origianlly released photos and videos were cropped in tight, not showing the Canada flags located on the periphery. (most likely upon request by Jack Layton - I'm sure he wanted a close up of his porn-stache).

Lying? Far from it. That's what DEFINES the left. (That and an undying fear that somewhere right now someone out there has one more dollar than them and they must take it) That and power at the risk of destroying the country, outright left of the public purse and a longstanding sense of entitlement and snobbery.

You might get your chance in January. Here's hoping the G.G. calls an election and your 'rehoes' (not a typo) are banished to political hinterland, knocked off that high horse once and for all.

Alberta Girl said...

"debate on women's pay equity (SNORT!) "

Myster - What are you talking about. I keep hearing this from the union led takeover crowd. It is a lie. Please link to where he said that he was taking on "women's pay equity"

The lying going on by the cabal and their wishful thinking supporters is astonishing.

hunter said...

Lefties, it's never about them, it's always about the big bad Conservatives.

They make incompetent Dion their leader, then try to make him PM using a coup, then they dump him, and crown a new king, and it's all the fault of Conservatives. Didn't know we were so powerful, we were able to destroy the "natural governing" party of Canada.

Let's go for the NDP/Greens/Bloq next. Oh, wait, we need to dump bully Harper first because he is responsible for all their problems.

I say, let's keep the best PM ever, and let the other parties figure out how to win an election.

mystereeoso said...

Dear Alberta Girl,

Was not the reformation of pay equity listed (in the National Post) as a highlight of Flaherty's fiscal update?