Sunday, December 07, 2008

One Or One Hundred, Each One Matters!

As I was making perogies today for Christmas, I was thinking about the political storm that hit last week, and I felt shame. How do we expect the people of Afghanistan to respect democracy, when our own politicians play silly power games. How can we expect our troops fighting for Afghanistan's freedom to sit silent and not comment.

We were so busy fighting amongst ourselves, that we forgot about those who are fighting for us in other countries. Many will be far away from their families for Christmas, and three brave souls are returning to us tomorrow. May the Canadians lining the Highway of Heroes give some comfort to the families and friends of these 3 fallen soldiers.

In this busy time, just before Christmas, let us remember all our troops, and what they fight for, our freedom. A Different Christmas Poem:

Our troops are not political pawns, they are sons and daughters, Mom's and Dad's, they are Canadians doing what our government has asked them to do, let them do it, with our support and blessings.


Reid said...

I have just 1 question for you:

Boiled or fried?

Ontario Girl said...

CBC RADIO has a call in show on right now with Rex Murphy. Lots of Harper Bashing bulls$$$ going on. The guest was Jim Travesty. Conservatives need to call in and set the mis information right.

Sean McAllister said...


hunter said...

Reid, you boil them first, pig out, and if there are any left, you fry them up for breakfast. So, both!!

liberal supporter said...

The Afghans would be impressed that while we have a major government crisis going on, in which a minority party is trying to cling to power from a majority working together, nobody is being killed in the process.

They would do anything to have a country where the only tin pot dictators are blog operators like yourself. Only in places like this is freedom of speech so viciously curtailed. There, it happens all over the place.

I think they would be surprised that most of the blog censorship is by the supporters of our current ruling party, which they believe wants to help them to be free.

West Coast Teddi said...

Hunter ... you are about to take over for the food channel ... how about:

Friday Night Funnies and Foodies

(for the politically distraught)

God Bless all of our Soldiers

Merry Christmas Everyone

Jeff Davidson said...

With your noble sentiment in mind, you may ask yourself, why did PM Harper choose this time to introduce partisan measures into an economic update? You may ask yourself, were Harper's motives the best for Canada or the best for his own political gains? You might ask yourself but I doubt it.

Btw, it's time you and every other conservative who thinks they have ownership on patriotism to wake up.
Our troops come from families, Canadian families. The OVERWHELMING
majority of Canadains DO NOT vote conservative. They're our troops too. WE support our troops and their families with the same passion you do. The difference is, we don't use patriotism as a partisan tool to manipulate people.

David said...

The same sentiment goes out to doctors, firemen, teachers, nurses, engineers, professors, contractors, policemen, plumbers, shop workers, linesmen, hockey players, auto glass repairmen, etc, etc.

Being a soldier is a job that was chosen. It is more violent, but no more important than the work that everyday people do - every day - in this country. Give me a break.

Happy holidays to everyone.

hunter said...

I released the comments of various liberal/lefties to show everyone that they can't help themselves. Even when I post about our troops and a very beautiful poem written by a US soldier, they have to spoil for a political fight.

I laid no blame on one particular party in this post, I was careful not to so that it would be about the troops, but some just have to make it all about their politics and not our troops. Shame.

West Coast Teddi said...

Jeff ... not sure where you draw the conclusion the "conservatives" own the "soldiers" (by inference). We conservatives by and large respect our military and I'm sure that you on the "left" do as well. hunters post does not as far as I can tell distinguish between right and left. My comment that "god bless ALL of our soldiers" doesn't either- it is all inclusive all be it with a (mine) religious connotation. Not sure where you are coming from on this one.

Also please point out the "partisan" shot that Harper took. Do you mean saving the tax payers of the country $30 million in political subsidies. We do lead by example and little or big savings are required to get us through an economic "crisis". Oh and well over 60% of Canadians said they agree on the elimination of the subsidy.

Merry Christmas Everyone

maryT said...

With all the spin going on how about this. A huge majority of canadians did not vote Oct 14, so let us assume they were very happy with the conservative government.
But, many of them will vote next time, for PMSH.

Bec said...

Hi Hunter,

What a lovely tribute and the quiet and solitude of it made me reflect on how fortunate we are,thank you, so much.

Now as for the perogies, when can I expect my express post? HMMMM, yummy!

Merry Christmas back, to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Perogies? Oh man, I am so homesick right now. I haven't made them in years. If it were Saturday, I'd run out and buy some potatoes and get cracking.

I used to love Ukrainian new years eve parties - make, boil, eat perogies - and perhaps quaff a glass or two along the way.

Anonymous said...

You know what is hilarious? The way the Libs come here and criticize Hunter for not accepting dissenting opinions (cleverly disguised as abuse and ignorant cracks). For a prime example of stifling contrary opinions. one need only go to Try asking Garth a tough or revealing question or giving an opposing point of view. Nothing on this blog of Hunter's compares to the snarkiness and abuse a dissenter receives on that other blog. At least no woman is accused of being a prostitute on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Potato and cottage cheese perogies, FRIED to a crisp, topped with fried onions, butter and Ukrainian ice cream (sour cream)


Can't wait for Christmas dinner!

Kristos Razdayetsya one and all!

If you're taking orders Hunter, I'll take 6 dozen. heh heh!