Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sorry Liberals, We Already Have THE Leader!

I must admit that Iggy was the only choice left to the Liberals, because they want a guy just like PM Harper! Unfortunately for them, we already have THE leader Canada needs and a fake imitation just won't cut it.

Now, if Iggy can hide his ego with the Puffins for awhile, and get down to rebuilding the Liberal party, he might have a chance in 5 or 6 years. I suspect he will not wait that long for power, so what is the quick, cheap route to power? You guessed it, coalition! Now that the monster has been let out of it's cage, there will be no going back.

Sure, we might fend it off during the next few elections, but it will keep rearing it's ugly head until the lefties win a minority again. Then they will form a coalition without having to join forces in an election. It's now a waiting game.

Think about what happened in Edmonton, during the election. I heard rumours that the Liberals and NDP had formed an "agreement" that Linda Duncan could win and that Liberals should vote for her, it worked, she got elected. This is how it can happen in other ridings. Run two candidates, but only vote for one. I suspect that if the voters in Edmonton had been told what was happening in that riding, the results would have been different.

Make no mistake the Liberals and NDP have realized the advantage of teaming up without appearing to have done so. They are busy right now thinking about how to make this work across the country.

I have no problem with a coalition as long as they, up front, tell voters what is going on. So, next election, they should only run Linda Duncan, Coalition candidate in that riding, and every other riding in Canada, including Quebec. No more of this sneaky behind the scenes scheming.

Will Iggy go for this type of scheming, you bet, he's a Liberal after all.

How do you think they are going to fill their empty coffers? Lefties will fight hard to stop PM Harper and the Conservatives, because they know that with a majority, the purse strings slam shut and they will have to stand on their own for all to see.

The MSM spin is that PM Harper caused this crisis. NO, the opposition did, and they are smelling a way to win without honestly going to the people. Too bad they woke up the silent majority. Too bad the people now understand the damage that the left wants to do to our country.

Understand that cheap imitations are just that, cheap imitations. The only ones being fooled are the fools themselves. Canadians are on to the whole scheme now, and will not allow our country to suffer these fools next election.


Anonymous said...

Good post Hunter...particularly about Linda Duncan... Keep Blogging On !!!

Anonymous said...

The sweetheart deal syndrome seems to have reared its head in this past election. How many other deals did Dion make with the other parties? Elizabeth May, Linda Duncan...what other deals or influences were at play, here? What other HIDDEN AGENDA was there?

Anonymous said...

It's only a matter of time before Iggy is declared 'Canada's Obama', promissing hope, change and other empty platitudes for the ignorant. Jane and Craig will be his biggest cheerleaders. A certain segment of the population will undoubtedly feast on this pap, not unlike our neighbours to the south.

This whole party funding issue is not unlike funding for the arts. In both cases it is the opinion of many that if you have such a bitchen' idea, be it some turd sculpture or a radiacal left wing political party, then go to 'the people' not the public purse and market it. If the public won't buy it, don't expect the taxpayer to pick up the frieght.

Funny how so many claim to 'know' that Stephen Harper is a mean spirited control freak. I don't know where they get this crap from. It's simply dilusional. The so-called 'inclusive' and 'tolerant' left are nothing but hate filled crybabies, devoid of any policy or ideals, only a drive for power and control at any cost (to the taxpayer).

I absolutely loved Linda Duncan's claim that the negative reation to the coalistion of treasonists was nothing at all, no more than the CPC directive. Very reminiscent of Monty Python's dead parrot sketch, where she is the shopkeeper.

On another related note, I think there should be far more news coverage of our armed forces and thier efforts. Not just the reports of those killed in action. I imagine the MSM was just waiting to pounce on the 100th dead soldier story for months now. I'm sure the stories were written way back then, only a matter of filling in the names and handing the script to Kevin, Lloyd and Peter. Quick, get Eric Margolis on the phone, run old footage of candlelight vigils, tie the deaths to Stephen Harper, you know the drill. Last weeks political events took the wind out of the sails a bit because the MSM is only capable of running with one big story at a time.

end of mid-week rant.....

GrantK1 said...

Honestly I don't know why the Liberals, NDP, and Greens just don't merge. It was obvious at the leaders debates you had 4 lefty parties ganging up on 1 right-center party. Don't they realize they're splitting their vote at least 3 ways. They might actually be able to defeat Mr. Harper, the country (majority) is socialist after all. The problem might just be that the Liberal Parties tent just isn't that big.

West Coast Teddi said...

The CPC needs to form a coalition with those "right minded liberals" and the "well paid independent unionists" who both support fiscal conservative principles. Reform tapped into this market in BC when they were winning many ridings in the early 2000's.

Iggy, it is said, will pull the Liberals back to the center after their disastrous left wing slide over the last couple of year. This will be bad news for Layton/Rae as they fight to keep the that movement alive.

A 2 party system will ensure that the "left' governs in this country for a long time, so we must look towards solidifying our base and attracting as many from the center as possible. Having a right/left split with only 2 parties (not counting fringe NDP/Bloc) sure scares me.

The Obama factor in the USA will "blow" that country out of the water if he governs from the "left".

wilson said...

I wonder if Liberals will figure out that their decline in support directly relates to all the Dippers they welcomed aboard, just to hold power.

Coalition with the dipper's,
and they are in the history books as a party that governed for 80 out of 100 year.
And are now extinct, at the hand of their lust for power.
Ed Broadbents dream come true.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what PMFORSOMEBUTNOTALL will do with this little thingie.

Darth Vader said...

Incredable as it seems, I watched on TV last night a reporter saying that it was PMSH's fault that the Libs had to do a fast leader switch without a membership vote.

A lot of the Lib membership is bitter about not having any say who their leader is going to be.

But now they can blame Harper? How stupid do they think they are?

Could you imagine the kind of damage these idiots could do if they ever managed to form a government.

Anonymous said...

Too bad they woke up the silent majority.

What the heck is the silent majority?Is it the 40.9 % that did not vote and could be seen as saying 'none of the above'in the last election ,and the next.The majority of people I talk to want to 'fire them all',therefore nothing has changed out here in whosville.

maryT said...

A caller to Rutherford today said that Iggy will take all Alberta seats in the next election.
Wonder what he was on. Dave was stunned into silence, but disagreed with him.
It is now obvious that unless our PM does that muslim thing and flog himself, in public, naked, in -30 weather, he will get no co-operation from Iggy or anyone else.

maryT said...

The silent majority are the ones who are very happy with the way PMSH was running the country, and decided to save the treasury 1.95/vote by staying home. We should thank them. Not voting is csting a vote for the government, mayor, counillor, Premier or whoever. If they were upset they would get out and vote. Non voters are PMSH's silent supporters.