Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Craig Oliver, Come On Down.....

Or Not! PM Harper to fill 18 senate seats by Christmas.

PM filling 18 senate seats by Christmas

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper will fill up to 18 vacant seats in the Senate before Christmas, Sun Media has learned.

A senior Conservative official said the government remains committed to advancing the cause of Senate reform, but said it has made little progress since the Tories took power in 2006. With the threat of a Liberal-NDP coalition supported by the Bloc Quebecois toppling the government early in the new year, Harper will appoint a slate of Senators who must promise to step down if and when Canada moves to an elected selection process.

So, I guess Lizzy May will have to go back to the drawing board.

The senior Conservative said while Harper has signalled his intention to fill the Senate seats if legislation was stalled or blocked, recent speculation about putting appointees like Green Party Leader Elizabeth May or separatist selections from Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe into the red chamber have triggered the urgency.

“It would be even more undemocratic to have an unelected coalition government fill Senate vacancies so we will proceed prior to Christmas,” the official said.

Good move by the PM, appoint those senators only until an elected senator takes their place. What can the opposition say now? Watch them whine!


maryT said...

This is the best news of the day.
Poor Lizzie, Poor Craig, Newman, Julie, Lloyd and Peter. All that a** kissing for years and still no Senate Seat. Quebec has 4 vacancies so who should they be. Perhaps he could appoint the elected and not appointed senators from AB to represent NFLD, sarc off. Who on the opposition benches would take the job, how about Casey.
Get some names out there, we will be wrong but what else is new.
Just make sure they are around 40 so they will be there 30 years or more. All those libs are getting pretty old and will retire soon.

Skuleman said...

They need to get young senators, so if we don't get senate reform they are there for 30-40 years.

Joe said...

Tories are entitled to their entitlements!

West Coast Teddi said...

Oh the spin if he does fill the seats, I can hardly wait. Eighteen opportunities to settle patronage across the country.

Does anyone know the vacancy numbers from the various provinces?

West Coast Teddi said...

Flash ... is Ezra Levant on the list? Does Alberta have a vacancy? Where is Link Byfield?

Bec said...

When I agree to disagree, can I still disagree to agree?

Iggy does it and gets prime time!

This is a passionate position of mine as a Conservative but when I heard that I may be governed by an unelected coalition, I said "take the gloves off, and fill the senate with appointed senators"....Phew!!

hunter said...

As far as I know both Link and Ezra are on the elected senators in waiting list, unfortunately, Martin filled our seats with Liberal appointments like failed Liberal leader of Alberta, Grant Mitchell who is only slightly less arrogant than Iggy and we can't get rid of him until 2022.

maryT said...

If Alberta has an opening I would like it to be Ted Morton, he was elected, and so was Link Byfield.
joyce fairburn is soon to retire.
Ezra can do much more as an MP in a coming election. I wonder how many know that he had been the candidate, had campaigned hard and gave it up so a young man named Stephen Harper could have it. He was not pressured or paid off to do it.

Bec said...

Hunter, ya but...if push comes to shove, Grant Mitchell is an "old" Albertan, first. He is not a threat. I can't believe that he is not intensely against a coalition.

Another e-mail? Good idea!

ps will it not be nice when we actually end a sentence with a period instead of the, !!!

maryT said...

Someone over at SDA suggested Senator Ralph Klein to represent NFLD. After all Danny doesn't want any conservatives in NFLD so we have to get them from somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

MaryT - I'm not sure if Lizzie is capable of kissing anything. Bite, maybe, but not kiss. LOL.