Saturday, September 26, 2009

And Danny Boy Is Strangely Silent!

I'm puzzled why this dictator would even know where Newfoundland is, let alone want to pitch his tent there for a night. Thankfully he has changed his plans.

Moammar Gadhafi cancels Canada visit

Libyan Leader Moammar Gadhafi has cancelled a trip to Canada that had been scheduled for next week, according to media reports.

Gadhafi had planned the stop-over in St. John's, N.L., on his way home from his speech to the United Nations General Assembly last Wednesday, a wide-ranging rant that lasted more than 90 minutes.

The Canadian Press says the African strongman was planning to stay in the city early next week, and local officials were prepping to put up one of the leader's famed Bedouin tents.

Hey, Gadhafi, come pitch your tent in February, that would be fun.

Why did Gadhafi want to stop over in Newfoundland? Why is Danny, big mouth so silent now? Not one press release from Danny about the visit. No ranting from him about terrorists. Not a single word from the egomaniac who loves to get face time on TV.

Did Danny invite Gadhafi because of oil? Let me be clear, this is only supposition, I have no facts to support my opinion. I would hate for Danny to start an ABHunter campaign against me.

Still, why the silence from loud mouth Danny? OIL? Or has the news media forgotten about Danny now that he doesn't matter on the national level, after all, Newfoundland has no government MP's, so the media doesn't care about them anymore.

Newfoundland and Labrador government officials say no one from the province will welcome Gadhafi.

"We don't have any comment, and no provincial officials will be meeting with him," an official in Premier Danny William's office told CBC News on Thursday.

Come on, where is Danny, I love attention Williams? Why is he hiding? He was vocal enough during the last election, so vocal that Newfoundland has no representation in the current government because of his ABC campaign. Why has Danny gone silent now?


fernstalbert said...

Pam Anderson was unavailable so PETA recruited Gaddafi to observe the seal hunt. Bad news, the seals are busy in the Atlantic Ocean hunting cod. Seriously, why would this African tyrant come to Canada - you maybe onto something with your speculation regarding oil negotiations. Perhaps Newfoundland/Labrador Tourism ads have been playing on Libya's national tv network and he just wants to play tourist, Bedouin tent and all. Cheers.

Fay said...

I said the same thing to my husband last night while watching late national news. This the first time I can remember Danny Williams not appearing in front of a television camera. You are absolutely right about Danny Williams being srangely silent and suprise, suprise the MSM give him a pass!

Bec said...

Good questions, Hunter.
The off shore drilling possibility, tweaked my interest too.
I saw the St John's Mayor interviewed Friday and then heard him interviewed yesterday on Roy Green. He definitely seemed to have
taken on a feistier, more critical position on the Green show.He had some intriguing questions and was certainly directing them in a specific direction. On purpose?

St John's is booming. My youngest daughter, spent 10 days on, "The Rock" at the end of August and was blown away by the changes.
As the Mayor had clearly indicated that hotel reservations had been made and hoteliers were scrambling, that hardly would indicate a fueling stop over, would it?

It appeared to me anyway,(from the public reactions) that all levels of government (can't speak for Danny) were completely caught off guard by this bizarre little visit to NFLD.

When you put 1 and 1 together on this story, it's not really a stretch to get 2.

cantuc said...

He probably thought he'd check it out because he heard Newfoundland had oil and a dictator and thought they'd maybe get together with a few dancing girls and discuss oil prices . Then Danny told somebody to phone Ghadafi and tell him he wasn't really a dictator ,exactly , since they have elections there , sort of like Iran .

maryT said...

Has anyone checked to see when these reservations were made. Maybe the credit card didn't go thru.