Monday, September 28, 2009

Looks Like Another Good Week For PM Harper!

As promised, PM Harper gave an economic update today (go to videos at right). All the Liberals could do was cry about him not being in Parliament to do it. Seriously? That's it? That's their big complaint?

Well, I guess you can forgive them because they are busy building bridges in Quebec. Remember those rickety wooden covered bridges built for the horse and carriage days but now used by cars? How safe are they for a big Mac truck to cross? Seems the Liberals have found out. The bridge will crumble and the resulting damage will cause shock waves all the way to Liberal Toronto.

If the Conservatives got slammed in Quebec for shifting arts funding to different organizations, NOT cutting money, and supporting stronger jail times for repeat criminal offenses of juveniles, what can the Liberals expect?

Still Ignegative plugs along, bringing in a no confidence motion, that the NDP will not support. Does either opposition party actually think they are fooling anyone? Seems not:

Alysha Ont
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Judging by these posts, the Liberals are hard at it attacking the Report and Mr Harper before the Report has been given. Even attacking the place the P.M has chosen to given the report.! Well Iggy went out to an empty field to talk about a non issue which the Mayor of Hamilton had to correct the info to the media And Iggy had people believing that he posed in a forest when he probably used a backdrop at Walmart for his 'ad campaign ' to the public! What do the Liberals say to this?Get a life folks!

Fred - Brandon MB
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Typical Liberal supporters. Attacking the PM even before he says anything. No different than Ignatieff who says that the update doesn't matter, he will introduce a motion of non-confidence anyway. These are the updates he (Iggy) asked for, and he doesn't have the decency to even listen to them.I hope we get an election so Iggy and his stooges can lose badly, and he can run off to retire in his villa in France.

Think about how outstanding it is that the Conservatives are still leading the polls, through a recession! Meanwhile the Liberals are fighting out in the open in Quebec, and Toronto, their only two remaining strongholds. Can you smell the desperation of not only the Liberals but the NDP, who are now forced to support the Conservatives in fear of an election. How very weak the opposition is, and it's not going to get better for them anytime soon.

PM Harper was very relaxed today, even joking about not wanting an election, he knows that he can now rule like he has a majority. He can start to let people see that he is actually a very warm and funny person. You do not keep your MP's from revolting by being a dictator, as Ignegative has found out the hard way. So why are the Conservatives so united and the Liberals falling apart? Might it be something called real leadership by PM Harper? I think so. If the opposition votes against the government, I don't think the Conservatives are too worried about an election. HA!

So, sit back with your beer and popcorn and watch the opposition eat their own. Or a bear eating Ignegative! Great job on going green Ignegative!


L said...

News flash from Narnia:

FINALLY, Scar Tissue II: The Sequel
by Michael Ignegative

In his newest book, the Count of Canada describes a tale of broken visions. He compares them to shattered crystals of leaves turned to ice on the windows of Stornoway that obstructed the view of the Castle Sussex. Dreams of high speed poutine trains are shelved, as Canadians fail to share the vision of utopian living in the eternal spring forests of Narnia. Replete with personal notes and pithy observations, the Count reveals the intrigues and inner workings of the world's most mundane and boringly sensible government. Read about his insights during Christmas readings to his wife, his solitary musings in his garden room during the Ottawa summer rains, his travels to obscure native communities in western Canada where they actually eat pancakes. Savour his tale of being chased by REAL bears in his beloved Algonquin park before reaching Narnia, only to be attacked later by the cynical Canadian public and ungrateful politicians and thrown to the wolves. A chilling tale, not to be missed.

GRM said...

Oh that Harper is so impersonal he never speaks to ordinary Canadians. Oh that Harper he should be in Ottawa speaking to Parliament where he,hoo,hoo. Once again the MSM and loony leftys showcase what a bunch of pathological whiners they are.
Of course CTV only showed about 5 seconds of our PM's speech, followed by 2-3 minutes of whining and sniveling by Layon and Ignegative. Brilliant plan by PM Harper to go to NB thus shutting out the biased MSM and Opposition Parties.

wilson said...

'So why are the Conservatives so united and the Liberals falling apart?'

Leadership is important, but
power, or the lack of it, is the key.
The LPC has not been united for a decade. Being in opposition just magnifies the problem.

The Libs would have been more united under Rae, because 2/3 of the caucus are lefties.
Rae would not have hesitated to lead the coalition of losers into government.
But that's because he is a Dipper that wants to unite the left,
which means the LPC would be no more.

maryT said...

Wonder how the voters in NB liked getting dissed today in QP,
I have never seen such angry MPs, as the libs were today.
But, it was fun watching the cbc gals laughing at the libs and asking, wonder why all the questions were about Quebec. Ignegative has decided at the last minute to go to a fund raiser in Quebec, tonight, but another fund raiser in Toronto, that was to bring in thousands of dollars has been cancelled.