Tuesday, September 22, 2009

STOP IT, Enough Already!

I will go head to head with Suzuki and I bet I come out greener then he is. So, when I read about the Kyoto scam that failed miserably and how they now want the new Copenhagen scam...I just have to yell...

STOP IT, Enough Already!

Alberta is set to spend over 3 BILLION on carbon capture technology...it's a scam! I want that money to go toward health care and cancer technology, not some feel good green initiative that does nothing to fight REAL pollution. Clean up our lakes and rivers, our air and our land. Farmers are paying $100 for a bale of hay right now, they can not afford to keep any livestock at those prices. Expect lower beef prices, good for us, not so good for our farmers. Yet we are going to spend 3 Billion on capturing C02, a substance plants love? Has the world gone mad?

STOP IT, Enough Already!

World looks to China at climate summit

The United Nations says China has taken the lead in tackling climate change, but Canadian Environment Minister Jim Prentice says the Chinese government has yet to set firm goals for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Chinese President Hu Jintao pledged at the UN Climate Change Summit in New York that his country would plant enough trees to cover an area the size of Norway, cut its dependence on non-renewable energy, and reduce its carbon pollution.

How many Norways does Canada, with it's thick woods, comprise? We drive for 10 hours between Edmonton Alberta and Kelowna BC seeing only trees, with the occasional small town. But, China is leading the way? Give me a break, the lefties are fawning all over Communist China, for planting a few trees?? Their population is in the BILLIONS, but a few trees should do it!

STOP IT, Enough Already!

Terence Corcoran: Growth first, climate later

In the great public policy battle between global economic growth and global climate change, the G20 is going for growth. And if growth trumps climate at the G20, that spells the end of any hope of a major climate agreement in Copenhagen in December.

Yikes, that isn't going to be very popular. Growth before eco-nuttery? That is just not politically viable, unless you are a lefty. We are told by the ultra lefty UN that we need to send massive amounts of funds to underdeveloped countries so that their dictators can fill their Swiss bank accounts, and climate change is the issue that makes everybody think they are protecting the planet? The people of Africa need those funds...too bad their dictators will never let them see a cent of that money.

STOP IT, Enough Already!

Sending aid to countries has not improved their situations. The UN insists that more aid in the form of global warming money will help them "come out of the dark", too bad, the people who really need the aid do not see it.

I am happy that PM Harper avoided the eco-love fest today. Let Obama carry the weight of environmentalism, he has already stated that energy costs will go up, dramatically, and he doesn't seem to have a problem with that, so go green Obama, lead us. HA!

When all is said and done, it is the worlds politicians who are trying to lead us down the socialist path, and I thank China and India for standing up against the eco-nuts, who want to bring world rule to the west. To PM Harper, thank you for staying away from the "global warming" issue, most Conservatives, especially those who work the land, understand that it is a huge wealth transfer from the productive to the unproductive countries.

So, I say once again, STOP IT, Enough Already!!


maryT said...

I think when pollution first became a topic of conversation, and polling was done, most of us thought of cleaning up the lakes, raw sewage being pumped into rivers, garbage being strewn in parks etc, we were in favor of cleaning it up. Somewhere along the line it took on a whole new meaning, aka Strong, as a money making scheme.
One should go back and read all the dire predictions of years ago, oceans would rise, countries would be flooded etc, temperatures would rise etc, and we had 10 yrs or less to fix it. How many of those have come true, none of them. Same will happen with the scare tactics being thrown out today. But, if we have sheep believing it, and willing to spend millions of our dollars for their own pockets and ruin our standard of living, we are lost. I hope Canada says NO to any schemes re Kyoto or Copenhagen. How much pollution is caused by all these idiots travelling around the world to come up with future scams.
And raw sewage is still being pumped into our oceans.

MariaS said...

Thank you Hunter for always keeping it real.