Monday, September 14, 2009

Polls, Polls, Polls!

I love watching the polls, there is lots of fun stuff to look at and analyze. First a comment left at CTV:

I've asked around and every woman I have spoken to agrees: Ignatief creeps us out.
Maybe we need to take a close look at this guys past, there's got to be a reason for this.

I actually think that she is on to something. Looking at the latest Nanos poll, it appears that not only is support from women strong for PM Harper, but a surprising support from young people is starting to show up as well.

Conservative 38% +6
Liberal 33% -1
NDP 15% -4
BQ 10% +1
Green 5% -2

Funny how this CTV interview only mentions the Conservatives are "slightly" ahead of the Liberals.

Another Nanos poll on leadership has PM Harper at 99 and Iggy at 54 with Layton closing in on Iggy at 40.

On the question of most trustworthy leader:

............Iggy .....Harper
Males 15.2 .....35.1
Female 12.9 .....27.6
18 to 29 7.1 .....25.4
30 to 39 11.1 .....26.7

Those are startling numbers. Is it because Iggy is older that his support is down with both females and younger people? His numbers are no better with the older generation. It appears that Canadians of all age groups and genders are supporting PM Harper. Must suck to be Iggy right now. Even my husband, who refuses to talk politics with me, mentioned tonight that Iggy is an old guy who should go back to the US.

Also Ipsos released a new poll as well:

The Conservatives have the support of 39 per cent of decided voters, according to the Ipsos Reid survey, commissioned by Canwest News Service and Global National. The Tory support level is unchanged from the last Ipsos national poll on Aug. 21.

The Liberals have 30 per cent support, up two percentage points from Aug. 21. The NDP dropped two points to 12 per cent, while the Green party fell two points to eight per cent. The NDP received 18 per cent support in the last federal election in October 2008, but have fallen to 12 per cent in four separate Ipsos polls since then.

Who will you vote for if an election is called?
Conservatives 57%
Liberals 21%
NDP 8%
Bloc Québécois 1%
Not Sure 13%
29588 responses, not scientifically valid, results updated every minute.

What does this all mean? NO ELECTION anytime soon.

H/T to Jad and Ed over at Blue Like You


revanche said...

With numbers likr that, Harper will engineer his own defeat, a win-win for both the Tories and Canada.

Reid said...

While I know polls are a snapshot in time, the trend lately is clear. The Conservatives are gaining and the Libs & Dippers are lagging. And I must confess a certain amount of glee with each new poll confirming this trend how the Libloggers go into convulsions trying to spin them as "meaningless" or "outliers."

L said...

BCGirl's antennae and those of her friends are totally correct. I am happy that she and her friends picked up the scary and creepy aspects of his personality, as I have. Iggy's life, as per his own books, reveals a not-so-subtle disdain for his own family and for Canada.

He betrayed and was mean to his brother (who now forgives him), wrote about his family's lives without their permission, sort of took credit for caring for his mom in old age (when it was his brother who did so), betrayed friends and ditched the first wife, as he moved on (never talks about his children, except to say his son has a learning problem - how totally embarrassing for the 20 something son!).

Some women may like "bad boys", but he does not even fit that profile well any more, if he ever did! He may have been charming, but now, the female antennae pick up only aged arrogance.

Like his father, he is a backward-looking critic of Canada (trains to "save Canada"??). He lectures and points fingers, unlike a loving father/grandfather figure. He would like to be a diplomat now like daddy, but has not "done the time", unlike his father.

Women DO tune into men who appreciate strong women and demonstrate caring for their family and Canada in their personal lives. Fake background trees do not cut it! This story does!

No one should be surprised that Harper and Obama share some values, even if they do not share all of the same political objectives.

wilson said...

When the female antenna goes 'this guy is creepy',
it's that you don't have a sense of safety in his presence.

Iffy has betrayed everyone who has stood in his path.
What is there to trust about this guy?

And the Iffy attack ads did nothing to bring this out in the women vote,
he did it all himself by word and gesture.

jad said...

Thanks for the h/t, Hunter.

Anonymous said...

I have always got a kick out of the LPC sockpuppets' "Harper hates women" lie. Let me see - he is married to an intelligent, strong, sophisticated, and quite attractive woman. Duh, would such a woman stay married to a woman-hater? No.

Harper hates gays - uh, take a good look at his party, why dontcha.

Smart women would identify with Mr. Harper. Ignatieff - I just don't see him as a modern man who respects women all that much.