Sunday, September 27, 2009

CTV Biased? Wow, I'm shocked!

Really does CTV think it is being fair and balanced? Do they think we are stupid? Can they afford to tick off 38% of it's viewing audience? Do they do any actual research or do they just believe what the Liberals spew out of their mouths. Are they so petty that they think PM Harper should only announce things in Ottawa, so they don't have to get off their fat butts and actually work? Craig Oliver is a great reason for Conservatives to turn off their TV's and go for a walk.

First watch this great video that ChuckerCanuck found, it's Ignegative being slammed by the Mayor for misrepresenting a park that will be built 7 years earlier than planned because of the federal stimulus money.

Now, watch Owl Oliver whining and complaining about PM Harper.

PM Harper to deliver economic update on Monday in N.B.

The guy is so biased against anything the Conservatives do, he has to complain about the Prime Minister being in N.B. to deliver the message. Oliver supports anything the Liberals blow out of their a$$es, and think it smells like lilies. Also notice the thumbs up/down on the site. You can vote more than once just by leaving the article and coming back in if you use firefox. Obviously the lefties have figured this out and are spending their day giving thumbs down to any comment that supports Conservatives. Here is a perfect example of someone playing the game:

Larry I Ontario 27 48
What ever they report is lies anyway. They will twist and turn the numbers to make them look good

mike 617 33
The idea of Harper delivering his own report card is akin to the self-regulation of the financial industry and we all know how that turned out. In my opinion the lib-con deal for these reports usurped the mandate of various independent non-partisan bodies who have the legal and ethical responsibility to parliamentarians for performing this function.

tk in bc 28 43
Odds on this forecast being especially bad and much worse than previously predicted?

Seriously, folks. This is the same government that last year at this time was saying "everything's solid, good economic foundations, no need for deficit spending."

That led to a coalition against them, a break in government and this tenuous day-to-day management. Time for change!

Notice how Mike has 617 votes for his comment, while Larry and tk only have votes in the 40's? Someone is pumping mike's votes up by going back in to re-vote, I suspect it's probably mike himself. Just shows you how juvenile lefties really are.

Lefties, they even cheat on their comments, no wonder they don't mind voting for a party that has no values.


ian said...

I am not sure if it is true or not but I read on another blog that they did the filming in front of the wrong location

ian said...

It was the wrong park
Hat Tip

L said...

Actually, the figure of 38% is a low estimate. The number of ticked off CTV viewers would be closer to 48%, as one has to eliminate those who do not watch English-language CTV. Gilles Duceppe's leaders/support ratings are a bit irrelevant for most English-language speakers, so it you take him out, the numbers change. Just playing with EXCEL