Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby....

How about we just let anyone who comes to Canada automatically get welfare, daycare, EI, OAS and CPP? Did I miss any benefit that Liberals think they are entitled to? Seriously how vote hungry do you have to be to propose this piece of legislation:

OTTAWA - The minority Conservative government is in full opposition mode over a Liberal MP's private member's bill that would allow immigrant seniors to qualify for Old Age Security after spending only three years in the country.

The minority Conservative government is in full opposition? Really? I wonder why? Okay, okay, I know full well why, but I bet most lefties don't understand why, they tend to be dense in the taxpayers money category.

So, let me see, I work from age 16 to whenever I retire and every pay cheque gets all those tax deductions like CPP, and when I retire, I might get told that all that money in CPP, is gone because people who have paid nothing into the pot, have been taking it out faster than I can put it in. Is that about right?

Kind of like the Liberals taking 40 BILLION out of EI to balance their budgets? Okay, I've got it now, pay my taxes and shut up. By the way people who have contributed nothing to Canada should get money from all these socialist funds too, and we should like it. Great idea Ruby!

Under her proposal, Ms. Dhalla said, immigrant seniors who have lived in the country for three years would qualify only for partial OAS benefits of $38.77 a month -- nowhere near the maximum payment of $516.96 a month collected by native or foreign-born residents who have lived here for 40 years.

Drawing on research conducted by the Library of Parliament, Ms. Dhalla estimates 32,000 immigrant seniors would benefit if her proposal was implemented, for a total cost of $300-million a year (BUT COULD NOT SAY HOW SHE REACHED THE NUMBER?? Nope they only say that about Ms. Finley).

Ms. Finley put the cost at $700 million, but could not say how she reached the number.

A comment at NP made me think about what Ruby was saying:

StewK, Wednesday, Sep 30, 2009

The math in this article is odd. Ms. Dhalla says that the cash outlay is about 38$/month, yet she also says that the cost for 32,000 people is 300Million$. The latter comes out to about 10,000$ per year by her next estimate (a long way from 38$/month). The conservatives have come up with double the liberal estimate. As a senior tax payer, I'm fed up with all these politicians who cannot do basic math.

So let's see, 38.77 a month times 32,000 immigrants = 1,240,640 a month and therefore 14,887,680 a year. So where does the 300 million a year come from Ruby? More gun registry math? 2 million = 2 billion? 14 million = 300 million and the program hasn't even been implemented. Hang on to your wallets folks if this one goes through!

Maybe Ruby should stick to protecting kids. The link leads you to a report from her trip to India, where young kids were beaten for stealing an assistants purse. Watch it to get the full flavour of Ruby.

Next up, have people forgotten about those nannies?

At least the government came up with an explanation of their numbers. How about I Ruby? Crickets.

Ms. Finley's department said later in a statement the $700-million is based on a 2008 estimate by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions that cutting the qualifying period to three years would add 93,421 beneficiaries to the OAS rolls. Of those, 85,449 would qualify for the Guaranteed Income Supplement for Canada's poorest seniors, as well as a top-up for pensioners who do not receive the full OAS pension.

Oh, the media never disputed Ruby's figures, only the government figures, because Ruby is just so very believable! Kind of like Ignegative out in the wrong field with Kennedy who told us all that only 12% of the stimulus has been spent and the Mayor told them they were just plain WRONG, but the MSM forgot to cover that little tidbit.

Ruby is a typical Liberal, make of that what you will. The MSM is not doing their job, maybe that's why they are suffering from a lack of revenues.


L said...

Don't forget that the OAS is means-tested. It is "clawed back" in tax. In other words, Canadians over making 53K have to give it back to help pay for other Canadians with less income! Who will pay for granny from overseas? Is this fair? NO!

Anonymous said...

Saw ruby on TV yesterday . . . she looked awful.

It appears she now uses a trowel to put on her makeup.

This stunt isn't going to work.

jad said...

"So let's see, 38.77 a month times 32,000 immigrants = 1,240,640 a month and therefore 14,887,680 a year"

Actually, Hunter, it would be even more. $38.77/month only applies to immigrants who have been here 3 years. Those who have been here 4, 5, 6 years etc. would get more, so the total would be even higher.

Frances said...

Actually, some immigrants now are not entitled to certain benefits. A person who is brought over or who comes over on a work permit (to do medical research, for instance), and who has a Canadian-born child is NOT entitled to CTTB etc for said child. And this is even though the worker is paying FULL Canadian taxes. Should he be laid off, the family is not entitled to any benefits. I have heard of a destitute trades family in this situation; unable to collect any benefits here, they don't have the cash to return home. At the very least, the government should refund their taxes.

Anonymous said...

The difference is the amount which the LPC would put into brown paper bags and give to their buddies. And, really, what benefit would there be to receiving less than $40 per month? What a silly woman.