Saturday, September 05, 2009

We Forget About The Victims!

We read daily about someone shot and killed or raped and killed. It gets numbing. You just shrug it off because it wasn't your family member. So, we forget about the victim. Here is a chilling call for help from a victim of kidnap, and rape. Unfortunately, she was shot in the back of the head and buried in a shallow grave.

Too ghoulish for you? By the way, she is calling from his cell phone, which helped to convict him. There are lots of videos to see, if you can stand it. Don't want to hear this stuff because it's too graphic? What about the victim? How do you think she was feeling? Does political correctness prevent us from hearing about these horrific murders?

SARASOTA, Fla. — A jury has recommended execution for a man who abducted, raped and killed a young southwest Florida mother.

The Sarasota jury voted 12-0 Friday to recommend death for 38-year-old Michael King. The judge must give the advisory opinion great weight when he sentences King later.

DNA evidence and a 911 call Denise Lee made from King's cell phone tied him to the crimes. The same jury convicted him of first-degree murder last week.

Lee's cries for help were heard on one of several 911 calls made about the abduction. One motorist was able to describe the car and its location, but the call was never relayed to patrol officers looking for the 21-year-old mother of two.

This happened in the US, but it could have been up here in Canada. What are our laws? The jury found the guy guilty and recommended the death penalty. In Canada we do not have the death penalty, because we are a more "liberal" society than the Americans. We forget about the victims, and concentrate on the rehabilitation of the criminal. How is that right?

It's funny because the left yells about a bomb in Afghanistan killing innocent victims, in a war. (Yes, you lefties, it is a REAL war, not peacekeeping.) They get all up in arms about that happening, but are surprisingly silent about our own victims, right here at home.

Our laws and judges favour criminals. We forget about the victims! This has to change!


Patsplace said...

Keep posting the truth of the matter. The F'n lefties, in company with the Silent Women's groups should be gang slapped for their complicity in the evils that they refuse to acknowledge are happening.

Keep it up!!

The death penalty is a good and natural thing.

Jerry said...

This comment not on topic. It has to do with a comment you left on another blog back in late 2007, that blog article being about my good friend David Little's refusal to pay for tax-funded abortion. Here is your quote:

"Here's an interesting idea. The Catholic Church tells us not to donate to the United Way, because they send some of the money to Planned Parenthood. At work, they support the United Way, so years ago, I got my form, and instead of just tearing it up, I wrote, "Will not donate, because you fund abortions". They must have had lots of the same comments, because, they changed their form, so that now you can direct your donation to any non-charitable organization you want.

So, here is the idea, do the same thing with our taxes. Have a checklist of where we want the funds to be spent, and if one of the boxes is funding abortions, we just don't check it.

Could be interesting because I suspect many social programs would get very little funding, and only from the lefties. This works for me because then it is the lefties that pay for the programs I do not want, not me."

My comment now is to say that, nearly two years later, i have grabbed onto the same basic idea, being inspired by a line from Pope Benedict's Caritas In Veritate. Please read my posts here and here, and tell me: are we both crazy or merely geniuses?

If you have written more about this concept, i'd love to compare notes.

MariaS said...

Thanks for reminding us Hunter. We need to remember the victims every now and then instead of looking at the hateful faces of killers brought into our homes by the disdainful MSM.

How many people remember the name of the medic who was killed by Khadr? Anyone?

How many people DON'T know the name of the terrorist who killed the medic? Killers are pampered and made into victims by lefty bloggers and the media.

We are being forced to live in a sick leftish society, in their world which is topsy turvy.

maryT said...

What is happening to our families. Another father kills his family then himself, abducted boy found living in a cell, abducted girl found in a compound after 19 yrs, 2o yr old kills 7 members of family.
And to think there are lawyers out there that will make convincing arguments they were misunderstood, abused as a child, were bullied and really should not spend time in jail.
Then we have liberals supporting terrorists, marching with them, trying to bring them back to Canada where they can sue for millions.

hunter said...

Patsplace, I think we as a society have gotten bombarded by so many stories like this one that we just tune out.

Jerry, maybe we are both visionaries!

MariaS, good point, we know the killers not the victims.

MaryT, it is all about families. The left does not respect the family. They support abortions, swingers clubs, legalizing marijuana, same sex marriage, and terrorists (Coderre marching with Hezbollah).

All we can do is raise our children so they understand how important the family is to the continued success of our society. Family is everything.

maryT said...

I have been watching Tucker Carlson's documentary, on Fox, on the text book revolution in the states. No wonder there is no family connection anymore. Kids from K-12 are being brainwashed re samesex marriage, the kids of these couples being bullied, the US history is being rewritten, Columbus doesn't deserve a holiday and so much more.
Second time viewing it, couldn't believe it the first time.
When they get to university it is worse.
Message for Iggy, leave our country alone, we don't need to have our history changed.