Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh Canada, What A Great Day You Had!

Today, Canada caught the attention of the world, without PM Harper needing to be in the spotlight. As a matter of fact, Canada snubbed not only Iran, but the UN (Iggy doesn't understand that because he LOVES the UN).

First PM Harper stayed away from the UN speeches, instead he promoted a Canadian company right here in Canada, go Timmies!

Secondly our UN delegation pointedly left when President I'madirtbag of Iran was speaking. Funny how our news media failed to report that actual news. Not to worry Fox news covered the Canadians leaving the UN in protest. Thank you Fox News!

If that doesn't work try here.

So, I go to CTV to see coverage on the UN protest, and they have their own reporters spouting their view points, and some "experts" and Ignegative on video but strangely no video of the PM speaking from Tim Horton's. Could it be that PM Harper gave a very strong response to I'mgoingtokillyouwesteners? Too bad CTV still doesn't realize that youtube exists. Their bias makes me sick! They give Ignegative over 4 minutes of time but not one minute of coverage of our Prime Minister, not even a second of his speech. If you are as disgusted with CTV as I am, write down their sponsors, and send them a message, email them, and tell them you are boycotting them.

No Canadian citizen should be subjected to I'mreadytotakeovertheworld. The guy is a nut job. Funny how I'materrorist and Ignegative get air time on CTV, but not our own PM, he gets zero time. Bias? Personally I think Ignegative looks like a fool now that the US also walked out in protest, along with France and England.

Even Americans were envious of us Canadians having such a strong Prime Minister. Go over to Blue Like You to see the reaction.
She's got an army of researchers who give you better information than our biased media.

CTV, major fail! They even cleared all the thumbs up/down on the article hoping somehow real Canadians would change their minds and think the walking out protest was a bad idea. Too bad Canadians know better. Let's close down the UN in New York and move it to Guantanamo, that's where these dictators should be.


maryT said...

With all the great press and media coverage, and blog coverage, and supporting comments for our PM, Ignegatives speech last week was sure out to lunch.

revanche said...

Canada led the world today and both CTV and the Liberals were catching farts for Ahmadouchebag.

I am very proud of my country today and thankful we have a Prime Minister who knows what's right and is not afraid to say it.

Best line of the day (from the comments at American Thinker)

"Aside from possibly Netanyahu, PM Harper is the ONLY free world leader with balls. I wish more Americans would realize that. He's stood up like this before on numerous occasions, fully aware that there are a LOT of Islamo votes in Cda he will not be getting. I've seen him and people from his cabinet up close. In matters like this, they walk the walk. He doesn't give a damn about photo-ops with 'celebrities' either."

Joanne (True Blue) said...

That was a terrific Fox interview with Lawrence Cannon!

Martin said...

The statement by PM Harper was carried on the PP program, I didn't see the regular CTV newscast. Negative commentary was supplied by Fife and Taber, but the speech was so forceful that their comments just looked childish. It is not a bad idea politically to speak in Oakville while the UN is dominated by the likes of Admadinejad and Gadhafi.All said, a very good day for Harper and for Canada.

Bec said...

I waited for CTV to report on the walkout as well and all I saw was them continue their coverage of the dinner jacket, speech.

This AM I have just watched a very dull presser 30 min(I am not kidding) on CTV of Ignegative and Kennedy rant on and on about the stimulus $'s being in more conservative riding's.

The coverage of this must have been at coffee time at CTV because there was no other reason to give this bitch-fest 30 minutes.
Oh.....other than partisan reporting of course.

MariaS said...

Hunter - I used to send furious emails to both CTV and CBC when I used to watch them. Now, I probably catch 5/10 minutes of either in an entire week.
It is frustrating to see the idiots on both these stations grovelling before Obama (a man who is destroying his country brick by brick) and paying flowery tribute to Iggy (who will destroy Canada if given a chance).
Michelle Malkin wrote about Canada walking out and US the commentors to that article are praising Canada to the skies.
Yes, our PM makes us proud.