Sunday, September 27, 2009

Calling All Seals And Polar Bears!

It's time for the eco-nuts to put up or shut up! I want Al Gore front and center in helping these people. I want all the polar bear and seal wearing guys to jump in to help all these people.

'State of Calamity' as Philippines Flooding Leaves 106 Dead and Missing

MANILA, Philippines — Philippine officials said Sunday the number of dead and missing from Tropical Storm Ketsana has climbed to at least 106 people. The storm set off the worst flooding in the Philippine capital and nearby provinces in more than 42 years.

Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro said that army troops, police and civilian volunteers rescued more than 5,000 people — many of them nervously clinging to each other on roofs and on top of passenger buses after the storm struck the previous day.

The newly reported deaths included 12 villagers who died in a landslide in northern Pampanga province and nine others in Bulacan province, most of whom died by drowning. Also, an army soldier and four militiamen drowned while trying to rescue villagers in southern Laguna province.

Lefties are such hypocrites. They bellow loudly about climate change and when something happens in our world, they are sadly missing. Where are you Suzuki? Gore? HA, thought so. Big mouths selling carbon credits to their own businesses but not able to help the people who are really suffering.

Oh, the irony!

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama took a break from United Nations climate change discussions Tuesday night to call Gov. Sonny Perdue about the Georgia's worst weather-related disaster in recent years.

Did the President bother to tour the area? Nope, he sent VP Biden.

President Barack Obama was closely monitoring the situation from the G-20 economic summit in Pittsburgh, Biden said. After touring the devastation that washed out roads and highways, the vice president visited residents who have been staying at a Red Cross shelter in Cobb County.

Latoya Smith, 28, was in her car when the storms hit, and the mother of five managed to get her children out just before rushing water swept it away.

Smith greeted Biden at the shelter with her 3-year-old daughter Paris and 2-year-old son Lacarlo Clincy in tow. The vice president hugged the family and said help was on the way.

"I'm so glad he came and reassured us that, no matter what the situation is, we're going to be taken care of," Smith said. "I was so concerned but he made me feel like we're blessed, and it's going to be a better day."

Yikes, that lady is seriously clued out. So, where are the eco-nuts in Georgia? Why do we never hear about the environmentalists actually helping people? EVER.

Think about that, they are good at protesting in seal and polar bear suits, they are not so good a doing anything constructive. EVER.

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