Thursday, September 10, 2009

Parachuted Into A Riding?

Short post tonight because I was tied up talking to my youngest about girls. It was a fun discussion. The kid is really level headed. One female living with 3 males can get challenging...for the males. HA!

I love this cartoon about Green Lizzy:


Seeing as I mentioned kids, be on the lookout for H1N1, known as swine flu, if your kid looks like this in the morning:


It's not even Friday yet, but I couldn't help myself. (Lefties, this is a joke!)

As far as the big scoop that the Liberals got by secretly video taping PM Harper's speech? We need more of those secret tapes. Seriously, CBC is so Liberal friendly that they don't even realize that they broadcast the Conservative message across Canada today...good work CBC, for once. Keep those secret tapes coming.


Patsplace said...

Brilliant!!! Just bloody brilliant!! There I was, sucked in by the spin that "This exposes PMSH" and I had failed to see that it's exactly as you said. They spread the Conservative message right across the country.

Thanks for the wake up call.

Best regards,

maryT said...

And it didn't cost us anything, the cbc did it for free.

West Coast Teddi said...

Thanks a bunch Hunter ... now I have to continually be looking up for that parachute!! Instead of looking at the most beautiful place on earth (we are already green) ... Sidney by the Sea, I'll be on the look out for Lizzy "in the sky with diamonds"!!

The interest in helping Gary Lunn with the CPC campaign has been growing since miss May announced.

Anonymous said...

So which of the two pictures is supposed to depict Elizabeth May?