Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Are The Conservatives Chicken?

Will they kill section 13? Under threat of an election, will they find their balls? Oops, I mean moral imperative.

I have been disappointed that the Conservatives have been too chicken to tackle the Human Rights Commissions, we accuse Liberals of being socialists, but why are the Conservatives cowering? They are hiding behind their voters hoping that nobody will rock the boat.

Well I say rock that boat!!! Shout it from the roof tops that "Freedom of Speech" is the most important component of our democracy. Without freedom of speech, Canada is doomed. Go to Ezra Levant blog, and read what he says. Here is just one example.

Sadly some MP's are more interested in getting elected than actually supporting "Freedom of Speech". They are more interested in their "image" than they are the people who vote for them. They have no clue what a blog is and what impact it might have in their ridings. They are neanderthals.

Time to show ALL MP's that blogs count and people are listening. If your MP is a neanderthal, phone him/her because email is beyond them.

Will the Conservatives finally grow some... and get rid of section 13(1)? My vote depends on it. To date my MP has given support for the idea of getting rid of section 13(1), I hope more MP's of all parties will understand the importance of getting rid of this discriminatory section of the HRC's.

Are the Conservatives Chicken? YES.


Mutton Chops said...

I don't think it is wise to make an election issue of it. I would like to see them scrap it (or attempt to scrap it) after the coming election. If you make an election issue of it and then subsequently lose we will be stuck with it forever.

Anonymous said...

Can't happen until there is a CPC majority in the Senate. So no point in wasting political capital on this issue now. This issue does NOT matter to the mainstream, only us in the blogging community.

The next question is why won't Alberta and Saskatchewan remove their section 13's in their provincial CHRC's, they have the legislative ability to do some, and 'Conservative' legislatures.

L said...

I agree totally. Some of us though are stuck with the likes of Hedy Fry for an MP. She would probably want to beef-up 13(1) and add transvestite rights. I wish my fellow constituents would vote her out, but she got through in a 4-way battle. I think the CPC just did not have time to go there to fix 13(1) - bigger fishes to fry like real sentences for criminals. As well, we have the Senate holding up anything that looks or smells libertarian or tough.

maryT said...

The main reason for an election, IMHO, is libs are afraid of losing their majority in the senate, to hold up any legislation that is good for canadians.
Just imagine what the PM could have done if he had got his majority last time-

Swift said...

The motion to repeal section 13 passed at the Winnipeg convention. There were only half a dozen votes cast to retain the section. The Justice Minister voted to repeal. I think it is safe to say it is high on the to do list, at least once it is also on the can be done list.

liberal supporter said...

Just imagine what the PM could have done if he had got his majority last time-
Yes, maryt. In fact, that is the campaign theme. We could have had Governor Harper, and we might even have risen to the same status as Guam by now. Not quite a US state, but no longer a country. That is what the CPC stands for. Harper says we are a second rate country. I beg to differ with you traitors.

Moaning about free speech, while denying the same to anyone who disagrees. That is the CPC plan.

Are the Conservatives Chicken? YES.
You should be. Your numerous hidden agendas are not wanted by Canadians. Go for your "7000 votes away from a majority". See how far you get. Now that you don't have someone like Dion to bash and misrepresent, the 800,000 liberals who stayed home last time will be out to send the lying Harper neofascists packing.


Anonymous said...

I think you're on to something maryT.

Did anyone hear Boob Rae on Rutherford? That guy is slimey. I couldn't beleive how he lied through his teeth during the whole interview. I felt like I needed a shower after hearing him.

If you want to hear the show, go into the audio vault at either QR77 or 630 CHED. The CPC should be using audio snipets from this interview for election advertising.

Anonymous said...

Say, Hunter. What do you think of a Troll Day once per month? I kind of miss the idiocy of SQ, LS and that Quadrophonic character.

maryT said...

I heard a replay on Adler, one should read the comments by guess who at Angry, trying to split hairs on his stmts. She says there were 2 pieces of paper, one forming the coalition, signed by Dion, not Iggy, and another letter to the GG, which Iggy did sign. And remember Iggy making a stmt in BC, (I think) that he gave up the opportunity to be PM.
Wasn't that also where he condemned the asbestos industry. Changed his mind when someone told him it was an important industry in Quebec, where he said it is not dangerous.
How can those liberal MPs go on tv and lie with such straight faces, and be encouraged by the anchors. John McCallum re the reno tax credit would not be affected, nor would stimulus stop flowing.
Lying must be in their dna.

L said...

Yah - and he insulted forestry workers as a "basement industry" in Squamish. They took off his muzzle.

Anonymous said...

maryT, apparantly some high ranking official with Revenue Canada said that the home reno credit program would definitely end if the government were to fall.

The liberal are doing what the Obamabots have doen in the US, which is lie through their teeth while promising rainbows and ponies for the ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo - today is Troll Day. I see that LS made his appearance. How nice. How refreshing. NOT.


Anonymous said...

I love how the term "hidden agenda" defies all logic. If it was hidden, nobody would know about it apart from the person who hid it. And, if somebody claims to know about a hidden agenda, then that person should know the details and divulge them so that we could all see them and judge for themselves. Otherwise, those who talk about a "hidden agenda" should shut up.

There is the old saying: put up or shut up. I think it would be very appropriate in the case of those who trumpet the "hidden agenda".