Monday, September 07, 2009


Photo: Beijing China

Okay, let's just kill our economy. Really, why go down slowly being suffocated by all those green bags, let's just agree with the eco-nuts, slit our wrists and bleed our economy to death.

Photo: The badly polluting oil sands....see that blue sky? Hummmm, are we being lied to?

Hey, that's another compare and contrast! China or Alberta? Who is polluting more, you decide.

The Canadian government, long criticized by environmentalists for not doing its fair share to fight against catastrophic climate change, has said its top priority at the Copenhagen negotiations is to ensure there are "commitments from all major economies" - a reference to countries such as India and China that have said it's unfair for them to stem their economic growth to deal with climate change caused largely by western economies.
(bolding is mine)

Yikes, catastrophic climate change....that's enough to scare me into.....wait a minute, where is the proof? I know a little bit about modeling, and I know that no reputable scientist can predict anything beyond the range of the data. In other words, if your data is weekly, you can predict the next week pretty accurately, but not what will happen next year.

In a submission to the UN earlier this year the Harper government declared more specifically that "all parties" at Copenhagen must agree to "establish, regularly update and submit in writing . . . a long-term national greenhouse gas emissions limitation or reduction pathway for regular review by the Conference of the Parties."

But Levi said major developed economies such as Canada should avoid demanding specific emission commitments and instead work toward a "bottom up" strategy that seeks clear agreements that allow countries like China, India, Brazil and Indonesia to obtain western assistance to adapt their economies in a more environment-friendly way.

Double yikes! Levi is all for a wealth transfer from developed nations to his friends bank accounts. That is what this is, a wealth transfer scheme, notice that Levi never uses any actual DATA to support his assumptions.

"It is controversial enough to suggest that a country like India, with about 5% the per capita emissions of Canada, should take binding targets - especially given that Canada is openly walking away from its own commitments," Saul wrote in an e-mail.

"But to suggest that India should accept absolute emission targets is in another world. It leads one to think that this government is actively trying to undermine the negotiations."

Triple yikes! Notice how the eco-nuts use PER CAPITA, as a justification for India and China to continue polluting? They have billions of people so PER CAPITA, they do not pollute as much as Canada. Do they really think we are idiots?

Look at the two pictures, who is polluting the most? In the age of the internet, we get to call the "experts" out. Show us your data, not your rhetoric. We want facts, not some journalist who only talks to his/her eco-friends.

The eco-nuts want to REDRUM our economy. I want the environmentalists to start talking land mass, and trees, not this PER CAPITA garbage. It actually let's China and India pollute more, because they have more people. It makes Canada the bad guy because we have more trees than any one in the world (hint: trees love CO2) but only have 30 million people. It's a total farce.


bertie said...

Well what about the polar bear on the ice flow.And i saw a picture of ice melting in the arctic.And what about that day in August when it was so hot i was sweating just putting tar on my lane way.And i don't think there is anything wrong with Gore getting all this money after all he won an oscar for best fiction movie and i am sure he shares his wealth with the poor in Africa.What proof do you have that we get summer fall winter spring every year.Were you there? LOL this Global Warming BS is so stupid ,you just have to laugh at it.I,ll take the Tar Sands any day over wearing a mask to walk outside in China.

sor said...

It is interesting how fixated enviro nuts are on the oil sands.

The open pit process is not pretty but reclamation is occurring. The rest of the oil is not available for open pit mining so the subsequent phases will be underground extraction. Enviro nuts would have you believe that we are going to srip mine half of Alberta.

Bottom line is Canada only is responsible for 2% og GHG's so whatever we do is irrelevant anyway. China and India on the other hand, well that a totally different kettle of fish. Cheers.

johndoe124 said...

I wonder if the Copenhagen summit isn't another reason for the Liberals to want an election. It would give them a perfect opportunity to display their "internationalist" credentials. While hobnobbing with his fellow socialists Iggy could negotiate an agreement to enslave Canadians to developing nations. Billions would be siphoned out of taxpayers pockets for a cause which the Liberals have so far justified by using manipulation (climate change as opposed to man-made global warming), ad hominem ("denier"), faulty logic (the "consensus" argument), and referring to discredited documents from Statist organizations (IPCC). The only "internationalist" we need at this conference is a representative of the CPC government who looks out for the best interests of Canada, not some a statist slimeball who takes his marching orders from red environmentalists and the ol' boys socialist club.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Bertie, you almost had me going, there. I'm sure that Al Gore believes in global warming as much as he believes that he invented the internet. The latter is quite amusing because he would have been quite young when the original internet was in use. As for global warming, as I had the heat on in my car this weekend, I was just amazed by how warm the earth has become. Imagine - needing a sweater and heat in the car at this time of year. So much for global warming.

As for cooling and warming - these are all natural occurences and cycles. As for pollution - the Dions of the world would tax good nations to death and give bad nations a pass. China and India pollute on a scale which is shocking but the Dions of the world want to tax us Canadians to death and...what...give credits to the polluters? What a load of codswallop.

Dodoforever said...

Hunter - excellent piece. The proof of how good it is will come with the lefties going after you with their hammers and sickles. The teapoys, enrons, shaggy dogs, cesspool residents and the residents of Toronto wishing they were residents of SQ, are all in a twitter because their god Obama is going down, down, down. Fun to watch.

maryT said...

Questions I have for the econuts. How many jobs have you stopped in order save some frog, how many forests have you ruined by banning spraying for beetles, clearing dead brush, cutting dead trees. How many fires are you responsible for, by stopping the above. How many homes have been lost because of these fires. How many died of malaria because of your actions. What has been the cost to our economy because of your actions.