Sunday, September 06, 2009

Militants Versus Grassroots!

Something is brewing in America, and it is gaining momentum. First they had the tea party protests, then this summer they had the town hall meetings. The Democrats were caught off guard at this grassroots protest. Conservatives don't usually protest, I know I never have, not even in my more radical university days. So what is motivating Americans to protest now? I remember reading Ayn Rands "We The Living", and now we are hearing the same refrain from the American people. It is "We The People" who elect the politicians.

The Democrats are late starting, but they are revving up the union and Acorn machine, and it is anything but grassroots, it appears pretty militant to me, but what do I know up here in Canada, except what I find on the internet.

Let me compare and contrast once again, but this time with the two types of protests.

First we have the tea parties and town halls, mostly peaceful, but lots of yelling. Most people get emotionally involved about health care, but I think it's more than health care that has people upset, it's not just Republicans joining the tea parties, it's American patriots.

The TeaPartyExpress Bus is stopping at over 30 cities in America with the last stop in Washington on September 12th, 2009. If even people up here in Canada are watching, what must it feel like in the US? Change is brewing, but I'm not sure it's the change Americans expected.

Compare: Obamacare bus comes to Indy.

Contrast: Tea Party Express in Indy.

Now you tell me, who are the real Americans protesting for something they believe in, and who are the phonies?

September 12th should be interesting.


Bec said...

The expectations created over a 2 year economic downturn, were unattainable and yet, he fed the starving masses their sustenance of choice, hope and change.

IT was torture to watch, not because I didn't want him to deliver but because I knew he couldn't.
The Americans, in dire circumstances, (and there are many examples)band together in patriotism, coast to coast, border to border and this would be an unusual, perfect storm example of that phenomenon. Having said that, they wake up fast and band together to fix THEIR mess.

Socialism paranoia, is the reason and they unquestionably had stars in their eyes for Obama but he was a rock star and not a leader. All image and no substance. All verbiage and no action.

He made it sound like their lives would improve the moment they woke up after the election and THAT has been his mistake.

His perfect messiah image, has been tainted by disreputable appointments and scandals. For all the 'O' lovers in Canada, they will hate to hear that the US. is still in fact a God fearing/loving society. Obama was all of that for them.He had been sent and now they are starting to realize that Oprah was dead wrong and 'O', is not, the real deal.

Joshua said...

The Commiecrats(er Democrats) better shape up or ship out.The silent majority is coming out of the woodwork.Watch the real America go!Great vid!

Bec said...

Exactly Joshua.
Very few Left-wing Canadians understand the mindset of the left-wing American, mindset.

Obama, is way far left for the majority of Americans but he is too right wing for our lefties.

He is imo, the US version of Tommy Douglas who was not anywhere near, Jack Layton.
I don't believe that TD, intended our healthcare system to be the disaster it is today. He could not conceive of the mess that Trudeau and Liberals would make of immigration, which has added an element, almost unsolvable.
I'm not so sure Trudeau even intended for what has occurred, to occur. He just was never as smart as everyone thought he was, he was idealistic.

Having said that, that is exactly what the Americans will face if they push through the health care disaster. It has not been costed, analyzed, optioned...yikes the list is endless.

No one should have to live with the same disaster that Canadians call health care or any other socialized pipe dream.

Socialism is the equivalent of quitting and never trying to achieve.
Unfortunately, we NURTURE that in this country. No longer do we give a 'leg up', we give a lifetime of hand outs.

East of Eden said...

Hunter, here is an issue which will inflame your passion for equality and justice:

I have to ask: where is our very own Bob Rae - the guy who stood up for those poor downtrodden Tamil Tigers; you know, the ones who wreaked havoc on the lives of ordinary Canadians instead of actually going to help the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Where are the militant feminists who think that Canada is a cesspit of female subjugation?

I guess the idea of a woman in Sudan being flogged is not sufficiently glamourous. I guess the lefties and feminists really do not care about women being abused.

What about this "we must embrace diversity" BS? If this is diversity, I sure don't want to have any part of it.

It really gets me the way the protesting left and feminists chicken out when REAL abuse and injustice occurs. And it really amazes me that it is usually conservatives and religious right-wingers who are the ones who actually do the work of righting the wrongs in this world while the left just squacks (sp?)...all the while calling us down for believing in God and justice.

As I commented about a year ago: when I come across a person who rails on and on about homelessness, I ask one question: how many of these people have you taken into your home? The answer is a blank look and the departure of said person. Hypocrites, every last one of them.

johndoe124 said...

"For all the 'O' lovers in Canada, they will hate to hear that the US. is still in fact a God fearing/loving society."

Possibly, but I think that Americans also don't take their freedoms for granted like we do in Canada. It is one of the reasons that the American culture has been so successful.

Canada has already been through the Liberal transformation. It's encouraging to see Americans trying to resist it.

West Coast Teddi said...

What I thinks is missing is that American society values the individual and will put up with the "collective" for only so long. We Canadians have a greater tolerance for the great big group hug.

Americans live by the credo that "I will make my own decisions and if I want to join with you I will do so"

Canadians live by the credo that "I'm sure you know best and because I'm doing something else, so you go ahead and make my day"! "Do you accept debit?"

Thanks for the Ayn Rand acknowledgment

Dr. Theo said...

Thanks for the link to The contrast between a union organized Obamacare rally and a true grass roots movement of American patriots is indeed striking. I can't wait to see what happens in Washington, DC next Saturday when the Tea Party Express roll into town. But don't expect government-run media to report it fairly. Unfortunately, I will be unable to atend. - Dr. Theo

hunter said...

You are more than welcome Dr. Theo, keep up the good work! The contrast between the two events you attended is eye opening.

East of Eden said...

John Doe - you are so right - the Americans, unlike us, are very much into their patriotism (sometimes too much so but, still...). Americans fly their flag on their properties. Here, in Ottawa, we recently had a condo board tell a resident to take down his Canadian flag because it wasn't allowed. Imagine - not allowed to fly our flag. If only we boomers had known, back in our youth, that our desire to change the world would wreak such disgrace as this.