Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Enduring Love!

Face it, Ignegative is heading downhill at the speed of light, so who cares what the Liberals are up to, it's like watching the galaxy explode, nice light show, but nothing you can do about it except let it happen, and as a Conservative, grin!

I want to turn to a love story that makes my female heart happy, even though we have the classic sad ending. (I know this is old news)

I loved him in Dirty Dancing, but this dance with his wife, is soul shattering, they dance as one, in great love.....grab the Kleenex people.

I don't pay much attention to the Hollywood scene, so I had no idea that Patrick Swayze had been married for 33 years when he died at 57. It is truly a rare love story for Hollywood.

Patrick Swayze on how his marriage to Lisa is Hollywood's strongest

They are, perhaps as a result, completely inseparable. They even acted together in the 1987 sci-fi movie Steel Dawn. Actress Natasha Richardson sums up the attitude of Swayze's fellow stars when she says: "Theirs is a great, enduring love. It's inspiring to all of us. He has a wife who adores him at his side."

And Kelly Lynch, Swayze's co-star in the 1989 film Road House, says: "Like any great marriage, they seem to move together as one person. They're like a single organism. She is a strong, strong woman - very funny, very kind, very smart. They love each other - and it's apparent."

They reaffirmed their vows in 2008.

Swayze first met Lisa when she was just 16 and a pupil at his mother Patsy's ballet studio in Houston, Texas. "I robbed the cradle," joked Swayze, who was then 20. "But I knew she was the smartest chick I'd ever met."

He says now: "I have no greater respect for any other human being on this Earth like I have for her. I am honestly not sure I was born first or married first, but I sure like it.

"Part of me says I couldn't have made it through without her.

"The other part says I could have, but not nearly as elegantly."

His love for Lisa is echoed in his hit ballad She's Like The Wind, which he wrote for the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

"I just felt at that time that I'm very, very lucky to have a woman who thinks I hung the moon when I know I didn't," he recalled.

True love, needs to be trumpeted, respected and enjoyed. I never knew Patrick had a twin brother, but again I am Hollywood ignorant and happy to be so.

We lost another good one. My sympathies to his loving wife, Lisa. Be strong. I wonder is he will come back, as a ghost to comfort her. I hope so.


UsualSuspect said...

Aww, I know what you mean. Road House was one of the best guy movies ever made.

I admit I cried when the Double Douce, after years of doubling as a slaughterhouse, was finally on its feet..

and then...the evil Brad Wesley tried to steal their liquor shipment, trying to force them out of business...

...and then Dalton is jumped by five guys while he selflessly throws himself between them and the precious liquids!!

...Oh the drama!

...roundhouse kicks! knee caps shattering everywhere!

...punching and kicking...

...oh how things looked dark, the whole world hanging in the balance.

And then Wade Garrett shows up! Old and limping but still with some fight in him!

...Just in the nick of time!

It was glorious. Beautiful. (sniff)

MariaS said...

I never get tired of watching "Dirty Dancing". Didn't know much about his private life, but loved his movies. He did a great job acting as a gay guy in "To Wong Foo Thanks for everything". A must see movie.