Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I Agree With Iggy!

It's time for an election. All my lefty trolls have finally convinced me that it's time for the Harper government to fall. They present such compelling arguments like:

HAHAHAHAHAHA, that I have finally fallen under their spell, or is that spiel?

I agree with Iggy!

Liberals will move to topple Harper government

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he will no longer support Stephen Harper's minority government.

In a speech Tuesday to the Liberal caucus, Ignatieff said Harper's time as prime minister, "is over."

"I cannot support this government any further," Ignatieff said to cheers and wild applause, following a meeting with his Liberal caucus, which is on retreat in Sudbury, Ont.

"We will hold Stephen Harper to account and we will oppose his government in Parliament.

This is music to my Conservative ears. Instead of having to wait another year or so for a Conservative majority, we now have Iggy giving it to us on a golden platter. Now this could be my own bias, but remember this post of mine?

Vancouver South 22
Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca 68
Brampton West 231
Welland 300
Edmonton-Strathcona 463
Western Arctic 523
Vancouver Kingsway 745
Brampton-Springdale 773
Burnaby-Douglas 798
Sault Ste. Marie 1111
New Westminster-Coquitlam 1488

Add them up, you get 6522. Less than 7000 votes. The 11 ridings we needed were less than 7000 votes away.

So, what makes the Liberals think they are any closer to winning today than they were with Dion? The only thing that has changed is their leader, now we have 62 year old American Iggy (reminds me of 70+ McCain) on his last quest for some meaning to his life attempting to take power. I say go for it!

Look at how supportive his own people are:

Yikes even Dion appears confused!

Do you see how glassy eyed Liberal Senator Smith looks? Obviously he is in full support. HAHAHAHAHAHA, as my trolls would say.

So, once again, I wholeheartedly support Iggy, he should definitely cause an election this fall. I am behind him every step of the way....to a Conservative majority.

Oh dang, maybe I should keep my mouth shut and let Iggy fail all on his own.

Go Iggy GO!!!!!! Ignore the fact that only 7000 votes are needed by the Conservatives for a majority, and you can bet that Edmonton Strathcona is coming back to the Conservatives from greeny and liberal supported NDP ditsy Linda Duncan.

If Conservatives can't beat these guys, in Strathcona, we are doomed! HA!


revanche said...

Since the economy will be the election issue, it's going to be much harder for the Libs to get their supporters off the couch than it will be for the CPC.

The fact is Canadians know this government is on the right track and things are starting to turn for the good. The polls show this.

Under such conditions I highly doubt as many voters will be rushing toward the Iggy-Layton ticket as will for Steady Stephen.

I say bring it on!

maryT said...

The applause for Iggy's stmt was not very enthusiastic.
I wonder if he hopes the GG would not dissolve the govt if the 3 coalition leaders do vote no confidence and beg him to form a govt instead of an election no one wants. Oh, and he can forget being the big cheese at the Olympic opening, that job goes to the GG.
Just think, Duceppe with veto power over everything, unless it is his idea.

Anonymous said...

Hunter, I think a healthy dose of caution might be well served when it comes to talking about a majority government. If its only a minority, you might find yourself eating a little crow.

L said...

Yah, that high speed Calgary-Edmonton train will be a big sales pitch in Edm-Strathcona - NOT. People may be reminded that the first one through in 1883 might not have been the best idea, since the money has flowed east ever since. I am not sure Albertans will be persuaded that the Liberal party of Toronto will foster Alberta growth. Tar sands if neccesary, but not necessarily tar sands. The green shaft (now undercover) might be more of a concern now in the riding.

sor said...

Hunter- Don't go singing the hallaluia chorus just yet. There is another scenario.

Libs vote non confidence supported by the NDP and the BQ. Iggy goes to the GG and says he has the confidence of Jack and Gilles and wants a chance to show he can do better.

He points out that the numbers show there will be no majority so why have the expense of an election only to have the three opposition party's form a coalition anyway.

She sees the wisdom and 'Bob's your uncle' Iggy becomes PM without an election. We all know how much he likes those things.

Trust me this has a certain strategists fingerprints all over it. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

If Conservatives can't beat these guys, in Strathcona, we are doomed! HA!

Yeah, but which one is Gayle? Wasn't she a volunteer?

Anonymous said...

I think that if the Conservative are returned to power, be it a minority or majority, the G.G. should be replaced. I vote for Deb Grey. Cue the lefty exploding heads....

I don't think a coalition government is good for the country. If a party can't form government (minority or majority) on thier own laurels, they shouldn't be forming government.

kursk said...

The GG will never allow a coalition that includes separtists...

West Coast Teddi said...

It is SOOOOO good to have the HAHAHAHAs back!! Miss the little beggars ... NOT.

The CPC are ready and raising money and organizing and looking for a "political battle" ... May the best PM win (and there is only one)