Wednesday, September 09, 2009

20 Minutes of Iggy Uncut And Raw.

The Youtube videos about Iggy, are coming out so fast it's hard to keep up with them. But first, we need to talk about this article:

Harper's fate tied up with Karzai's

With a federal election increasingly likely, Tuesday's confirmation of widespread fraud in the Afghanistan presidential election from a United Nations-backed election monitoring team is politically dangerous news for the Conservative Prime Minister, putting at even greater risk the Conservatives' embattled redoubt in Quebec and handing the NDP fresh ammunition in battleground ridings, especially in British Columbia.

Is this guy for real??? Election fraud in Afghanistan reflects on our PM? Did he get into the poppy fields?

The Afghan President is, after all, the Canadian Prime Minister's guy. The Conservative government has backed the Karzai administration despite widespread allegations that the regime is a corrupt kleptocracy, funnelling vast sums of aid and local revenues to friends and relations while sustaining unsavoury former warlords neck-deep in the drug trade.

Oh, I get it, the left can't bash Bush anymore, and they love socialist Obama, so that leaves, Karzai. They wouldn't dare condemn China, Cuba or dare I say Saudi Arabia, for their human rights crimes, that's just not the "in" thing to do. This "journalist" should be on some NDP blogroll, not published in a national paper, but that's your lefty press, which is on CO2. Anyways, let's go with that support for war thingy.

Maybe the Globe and Mail should look at this video of Iggy and ask questions about how he talked about torture if necessary but not necessarily torture.

I was reading comments on the Globe and Mail when someone (I can't find that comment again) gave a link to a video from back in 2004, with Charlie Rose. My challenge to you, is to count all the times Iggy said "we", referring to himself and other Americans.

A Conversation with Michael Ignatieff

20 Minutes, of Iggy uncut and raw!

There is so much there, it needs to be broken down, maybe by fellow bloggers.


Ardvark said...

How did this guy ever get to become the leader of the Liberal Party with the ideas that he expressed in that clip?


Dodoforever said...

Globe and Mail did you say? Ugh.
Here's my opinion about that rag:

If you ever have to read the Globe and Mail;
Always keep handy a pail;
Hacks there think they regale;
readers with views great;

In Toronto, Globe and Mail and the other rag Toronto Star or something, they give away free newspapers in the malls and supermarkets where they think new immigrants are to be found and indoctrinated.
I am just waiting for the day when these two rags will go under as they surely will.

Anonymous said...

He's a pompous windbag.

I wonder which MSM outlet provided the studio green screen for his phoney Algonquin Park video.

On another blog this morning someone called the CBC the Liberal party 'war room'.

revanche said...

I like the real Michael Ignatieff much better than the paper cut-out the Liberals are flogging, that's for sure.

It's a good clip.

maryT said...

Who is he referring to when he says We, Our etc. More proof he is just visiting.

maryT said...

For another great video of Iggy calling us disgusting, see Christain Conservative. This is from 2005, when Martin was PM.