Monday, November 29, 2010

Climate Loonies Baying At The Moon....

When it is the sun that really matters! Why are all these climate conferences in warm climates for two weeks? Could it be that eco-nuts are living the high life while telling us lowly taxpayers we need to accept higher energy bills to save the planet (it's the only one we have, don't you know!)? Does Suzuki really have two houses (and 5 kids), and can anyone count how many houses Al Gore has? Did all those fake environmentalists swim to Mexico, or did they fly? The only ice that is melting is in their exotic drinks at the beach!

CANCUN, Mexico - Familiar battle lines emerged on Sunday on the eve of a conference to restore the credibility of the UN’s talks on climate change after last year’s near-disaster in Copenhagen.
Near disaster? It was a disaster. Period. The world took a deep breath and sighed in relief when nothing  was accomplished in Copenhagen. I don't see much chance of anything important coming out of Cancun either. How can it, when the world is in financial turmoil and the lefties at Cancun want us to transfer massive amounts of money to dictators, all in the name of......WHAT?
“They want to show the world that this process can deliver, it can move the international climate agenda forward.”
Mr. Runge-Metzger warned: “If we are not able to do that, then we would really have to reconsider if this process is a process that can address this very important question for humanity in this century.”
The EU looked to China and the United States -- the world’s No. 1 and 2 carbon emitters -- as well as India to make “firm commitments to do their fair share of reducing global emissions,” he said.
So their reputations are on the line, wow that makes me want to see my tax dollars go to Africa so the despots can increase their Swiss bank accounts, while keeping their subjects in poverty. Leftism really is a mental disease if they think CO2 emissions are going to be reduced by a money transfer. 

The European Union’s chief negotiator, Artur Runge-Metzger, said there was “no guarantee” the talks under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) would follow this new, pragmatic, incremental path.
Anyone else notice that just like they changed "global warming" to "climate change" they have now also change the discredited "IPCC" to the "UNFCCC"? 

Face it, the eco-nuts are going on a two week vacation to Cancun Mexico on donors and taxpayers dimes, all the time howling about Mother Earth and the damage us peons are doing to it. When I see them paddling a canoe to get to the next conference in January at Churchill Manitoba, celebrating the lack of ice in Hudson's Bay, I might listen to them. Until then, shove your elitist eco-terrorism where the sun don't shine. Speaking of the sun, how can it be 20 below and the sun is still causing ice to melt? Maybe one of you eco-nuts, basking in the Mexican sun watching your ice melt in your drink, can get some taxpayer funding to study the problem.


johndoe124 said...

Parasites, liars and snake oil salesmen, and that includes Baird.

And Climate Change is just code for wealth redistribution. Whose wealth are they redistributing? Certainly not their own. These parasites are negotiating the redistribution of wealth that doesn't even belong to them. These people are fundamentally corrupt.

maryT said...

Did you read where some Mexican woman has claimed ownership of the sun and wants to charge us for using it. The had the story.
Time to increase the economy by mfging pins that say,
I am Canadian, proud to be a fossil.
We know we will get those fossil of the day awards.

Southern Quebec said...

maryT, maryT, por favor... She was some Spanish women, not some Mexican women... *sigh* I know, brown people...they all look alike...

If you want to wear a pin, please don't admit to being Canadian. Merci.

Joe said...

We here at Americans for Prosperity are taking our Hot Air Tour to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 16) in Cancun, Mexico to remind Americans that energy regulations handed down by the UN would mean: Lost Jobs, Higher Taxes and Less Freedom. You can watch our live online broadcast of the Hot Air Tour Live from Cancun event on your computer at 7PM CST on December 2nd.

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AFP Team

caz said...

Southern Quebec...what's wrong..are your wittle feelings hurt? Give it a rest. You're only embarrassing yourself.